A Quick Trip to Germany

In the studio

Last week I had a sudden chance to go to Düsseldorf again to shoot with my favourite fetish photographer Peter Czernich. I’m very glad I did because he took some great photos which you will soon see on my new website. My 24/7 chauffeur/servant/worshipper took me to Gatwick for the earliest flight and we were in Solingen near Düsseldorf all ready to start the shoot by 9:30 German time! We did seven different sets, and I now have nearly 500 new photos to choose from.

As you can see from the little picture, some of them are with my favourite female sub, who loves latex and looks great in it as well. She is very beautiful but also private, so I cannot show you her face in my website photos. She has an amazing collection of Atsuko Kudo dresses, corsets and catsuits which you can see some of in the picture. Now I think of it, I’m dressed entirely in Atsuko Kudo as well! (In case you didn’t know, AK is a top latex designer and makes all the things that Lady Gaga loves to wow her public with).

After the shoot there was still plenty of time to enjoy the rest of our day in Germany. We had to go to Köln for the late flight back. The weather was warm and sunny, unlike London, and we walked about the old centre of the city. We looked at the shops (my worshipper adores seeing me in new things and I always have to stop him from spending too much) and walked by the river. Finally we had an excellent champagne supper sitting outside in a spacious and quiet square next to the cathedral, before going to the airport for the very last flight of the day. Here is where we were – you can see the restaurant on the left of the picture:

However, I don’t suppose you are reading this blog to look at pictures of Gothic cathedrals, so here is a nice big picture of me! For this set, Peter Czernich lent me one of his own Marquis catsuits, and my worshipper loved it so much that I allowed him to buy one for me – made to measure, of course:


The Story of London Goddess Alexia (continued)

At that first ever fetish party which I went to with the fetish designer and his crew, I discovered something which amazed and amused me – lots of men I had never seen before were all standing patiently in line, waiting their turn to greet me!

They knelt before me, asked humbly to kiss my feet and begged me to let them serve me in any way that I wished.Scene at Club Pedestal

I already knew about the effect I had on men and the way I could captivate and dominate them, but I did not yet know that I could fascinate so many men so quickly at once, before I had even met them!

I learned later that night that it was a FEMDOM club and those men had all been told that I was the newest Goddess/Dominatrix to join the London scene. The people with me told me I was a natural in the role and that I was playing it to perfection.

I didn’t bother to tell them that I wasn’t playing a role at all – it was just what I am for real, day in and day out – or rather, night out (LOL)!

Even so, I still had a lot to discover …

That same night (due to my popularity I think), I was invited by a well-established internationally famous Dominatrix to join a session with one of her clients. At first I thought she meant a private fetish party in her house and I gladly accepted her invitation, since I was very curious about this huge London scene which was so new to me.

When I arrived the next day at her grand central London premises, I was surprised to find no-one there but her and her client – as she called him. I thought “client” was just a name for some interesting role-play which would take place at our little private party – LOL!

She took me aside, explained the scenario and told me the details of what was going to happen and what we would do with him. Only then did I understand that this was a profession – and a LUCRATIVE profession – certainly it was for her!

Needless to say, I greatly enjoyed that session. The dungeon, the equipment and the toys we used, the fantastic effect we had on her client and the way he adored and worshipped us as we played with him – it all seemed absolutely right and exactly what I wanted for myself and knew I could do supremely well.

I had discovered my calling as well as my profession. As soon as I could, I started working as a professional Dominatrix and became a life-style Goddess.

That was 10 years ago and I am still excited when I meet new clients and learn about them, find out what brings them to me and start to make their deepest erotic fantasies come true. I know I’m exceptional – most of my clients have become regulars, and some of them have been with me since the very beginning. And here’s why – when they come to me for the first time, I turn them into my worshippers and then they can’t help themselves! I love it – and I wonder how many BDSM Mistresses can say the same?


Welcome to my Official Goddess Alexia Blog

I absolutely love my life as an inspiring Goddess and I particularly love to mesmerize and empower my worshippers with my amazing energy and my intriguing mind.

I have started this blog to share with you my marvellous Goddess life, which I have the joy and pleasure to live and experience every single day!

The Story of London Goddess Alexia

Many of my worshippers and friends ask me about how I started this life and how I became a Goddess.

The truth is that I have never been anything else. Ever since I can remember I have intrigued and dominated the men around me by using my mind, especially by using the unique insights and understanding of the female mind.

Somehow I always knew how I should talk to them, knew how I could positively overwhelm them, get what I wanted and make them feel good about being with me. They seemed to know that I was a true Goddess (and I am!), even though back then I was not fully aware of it. After all I was just a teenager when I started, not yet knowing much about the world out there.

I understood human psychology intuitively and was always interested in exploring it further and learning more, so I studied psychology and human behaviour at school. This is still my deep passion and it is what increases my understanding of the world and the people in it every single day. Of course, doing what I do brings me into continuous close contact with an enormous range of feelings and behaviours.

When I started dating I soon realized that men loved being with me not only for my looks but also for my mind and the way I used it to challenge their own, making them worship me, connect with me and be there for me – in short, submit to me. This made me very confident and inspired me to learn even more about the psychology behind it.

I was involved with a few modelling projects back in my own country – and then I got a project in England. It turned out to be a fetish photo shoot, which I had never done before.

Photo shootWhen I saw the super-sexy leather and latex outfits and the high-heeled shoes and boots, everything in me said yes to them! I wanted to put all of them on and see myself wearing them. There was another model there and we had a great time together looking super-sexy and dominant. After the photo shoot we were invited to a fetish party by the designer and my ADVENTURE started right there and then!!!!!!!!!!!!

As they say, ‘the rest is history’ LOL.

However I know that my worshippers are interested in that history, as so far this has been only 10 years of my life, and I am really still getting started. After all, I have the whole of the rest of my life before me.