London Mistresses & Goddess Alexia : My Professional Life


London Mistresses & Goddess Alexia: My Professional Life

London Mistresses & Goddess Alexia: My Professional Life

London Mistresses & Goddess Alexia

Wow what a fabulous life!!! My Goddess Life is indeed fulfilling  and no day is the same.

I am very definitely living it, and it is both my profession and my life-style.

One of the most frequent questions that you ask me, my worshippers and kinky friends, is  “What does your day look like?

Well – how about this? “Like most London Mistresses I am worshipped day and night, sleep on silk sheets, have 24/7 servants, worshippers, chauffeurs and a chef or two, and don’t need to move a finger to have it all.”   Ha ha – LOL.

I have had quite a number of clients who thought at first that this is exactly what it is like, and that my life is all about being worshipped and served, and that they are only there for me. In fact it is quite the opposite. What always concerns me first and foremost is the wellbeing of my worshippers and those who I see regularly or occasionally. This includes a wide international audience who I see online when I do Skype sessions.

Most of my worshippers and couples who come to see me do so because they are looking for something that is missing from their life, such as:

– Fulfilment of their dreams and desires. They want to experience something different, something deeper, something which is just for them and which their partner either cannot or will not provide.

– Mind release. This is true especially of busy dominant males who in their ordinary life are always in charge. They need to be mentally released from the inevitable strain and stress, so as to maintain life balance and be 100% effective again.

– Excitement and increased zest for life. This applies to everyone: singles and couples, men and women, we all want to be satisfied and have our kinkiest, sexiest desires fulfilled.

– Reinvention of their sex life, and often their life in general. This applies particularly to couples where their relationship is lacking something. I teach the women how to dominate their men and be their Goddess, and also how they can switch roles.

Most men hope to find a perfect partner and soul mate. When they realize that what they have actually got is not exactly what they were hoping for, especially in their sex and fantasy life, they will often start to look for their perfect London Mistress, and they keep on looking until they find her.

I am happy to say that once they have found me, most of my worshippers stop looking  —  I think because they have found what they were looking for! And the best part of it is that we are there for each other and there is no hidden agenda. Everything is straightforward — only the mystery of the unattainable Goddess remains unexplained …


Kinky regards

Goddess Alexia




Now I’m coming to New York too!

To all my clients and worshippers – a special hi!

As the Olympics get near, the special arrangements are starting to interfere with my usual life. I love to run in Hyde Park, and many of my favourite paths are now shut for building works. I rely on my chauffeur/worshipper to drive me to my outcall sessions and take me for shopping – but he can’t avoid the traffic as he usually does, since so many of his special routes have been closed, or soon will be. And so on.

Anyway, I’ve decided to get away from London when the Olympics start and go to New York for a week or so from the 25th July. I’ll session with some of my special clients, and I’m looking for new worshippers too! If you want to be one of them, let me know as soon as you can so we can arrange it. You can email at first, and we will also Skype or talk on the phone. I won’t be taking bookings while I’m there – only before I come. I won’t have many free slots, and I don’t often come to NY professionally – so hurry! I want to dazzle and dominate you!

Your always kinky Goddess Alexia :)

More About My Sydney Trip

What excitement! I have been overwhelmed by the number of messages and emails I have had about the trip – lots of you have said you want to see me, and some of you are even planning to come to Sydney especially for a session. It’s great to know that I’m so well-known and popular, but the downside is that I may not be able to fit you all in. Don’t leave it so late that I am fully booked-up. I’m only going to session in the evenings and I like to have the time to get to know you and make it special, so there won’t be that many slots.

I’m going to Cairns first and staying for a week – then I’ll be in Sydney from 3rd October for the rest of the month. I want to have an outline schedule for those weeks quite soon, and if you want to be on it you should let me know as soon as you can. It doesn’t have to be the day and the hour (yet!) but if you’re serious about seeing me I need to know pretty quickly!



Relationships and Domination, London Mistresses


I have been in the London scene for many years (in fact since I was a teenager) and as I became more experienced, couples started to come to me for professional sessions in which I mentored the women, showing them how to dominate their partner, become a Goddess for him and make him worship her.

Each and every time they (especially the men) have thanked me for saving their relationship, saying that not only did it intensify or revive it, but that it is now better than ever before and has brought them a new amazing zest for life & excitement.

What is your own experience? Do you think that it could help you in your own relationship with your life partner?

I have some other questions – if you are a professional dominatrix, how do you maintain the balance between your relationships with your clients and your love partner? Is it difficult? Do you always manage to keep them apart?

I find these questions interesting since they are the most common questions asked by my clients & friends.

I look forward to your comments!

Kinky regards
Goddess Alexia

NEWS, NEWS, NEWS — Goddess Alexia is coming to Australia — to Sydney

Hello my worshippers and friends,
Yes you’ve heard me right, I am coming to Sydney in October 2012, and I will stay there for the whole month.

And who knows – maybe I will stay to the end of the year, depending on how much I like it.

I am very fond of travelling and I often travel with my clients & worshippers. This month, for instance, I am going to the French Alps with one of my faithful worshippers, where we will do a lot of real rock climbing, as well as enjoying some serious domination in our exclusive hotel – wicked!!!

So it is not surprising that I am choosing a faraway destination like Australia to explore and enjoy. I have never been that far – the furthest I have ever been is Thailand or maybe Las Vegas.

I feel like I want a change, a change of environment, weather, scenery; and  I want to meet new open-minded people.

Living on the coast where I will have access to the sea and the beach, where I am close to nature but still close to the city and civilisation, is what tempts me the most. As you can imagine, no matter what she is doing a natural Goddess like me must still have access to all the pampering and luxury that only a city can provide.

Of course my worshippers will play a big part during my stay in Sydney. I know that Australians are lovely and very warm-hearted: all my worshippers from Down Under are like that.

This is your first update about my plans for the second half of the year. All of you potential worshippers in Sydney can start to email me your enquiries now! So far this year has been eventful for me and summer is yet to come in…… when it does it will be in a BIG way!

Kinky regards

Goddess Alexia

A Very Special Week-End

When you session with me for the first time you will come as my client, attracted maybe by my pictures and videos on The Platinum Cage, or my advertisements, my London Mistress website, or maybe simply by chance – perhaps I was conveniently nearby and available when you wanted.

But if our session is successful – and I usually succeed :) – you will find yourself returning again and again, and before long you will have become not just my client but also my worshipper. This has many advantages for us both. Our sessions will get better and better and we will establish a strong relationship outside the dungeon (restaurants, theatres & shows, shopping, foreign travel – since as you know, I am a 24/7 BDSM Goddess).

Even so, there are some things that only a very few of my worshippers are allowed to enjoy with me. One of them is to join me on my luxury motor-yacht for the week-end. I keep it at an exclusive marina on the south coast of England – not for me an anonymous harbour with hundreds and hundreds of moorings far from anywhere worth staying at, but a berth in the centre of the city right by good shops, fine restaurants and a lively nightlife.

The week-end before last, my patient 24/7 servant & chauffeur drove me and a very lucky worshipper down to the marina on Friday evening and we stayed on the boat until Monday. The weather was amazing – it was warm and sunny with just enough wind to make the sailing exciting. The boat is neither too big nor too small – there’s plenty of room for everyone, but it’s small enough to be handled easily by one person.

I do the exciting bits, like driving at speed through the choppy wake of a ferry or ocean liner, while my servant does the boring and difficult bits like dealing with the engines and getting back to our berth in the marina.

My worshipper was in seventh heaven for the whole week-end. He saw me all day in a sexy dress or one of the 5 super-sexy bikinis I had brought with me, watched and admired me in the evening dancing at the disco in even sexier discowear, and also had the amazing experience and pleasure of worshipping and sessioning with me at sea, moored far from the shore, while my servant kept guard on deck above and the boat rocked gently at anchor in the waves – except when we felt the wash of some huge ship passing close by!

He won’t forget this special week-end, you can be sure :). Nor will you, if I ever grant you the privilege of coming with me as he did!

Your sexy, sensual, powerful

Goddess Alexia!