My Calendar: Trip to Denmark in September, London Mistress

My beloved worshippers and kinky friends

I am exploring Scandinavian BDSM and bringing some Domination from London.

Goddess starts traveling once again to see beautiful places and some of you my

International fans and worshippers 😉

I am off to Copenhagen in September just for a quick visit to see my worshippers


Yes I want to check it out as always.

I am going to visit

Where I will take a couple of my worshippers with me.

I will wear my sexy red latex dress with black hearts and golden spiky


Goddess in Latex eating lunch


My Danish worshippers who want to see me apply, right now, as time is limited.

My time is almost fully booked and I will have also something special going on.


I am going to have a full on two days session outdoors!


I am such an exhibitionist! I will be sessioning with my worshipper outdoors.

He will have a collar on and will serve me in public. I am looking forward to that!

I am also going to do a couple of collaring initiations there too. It will be special.


For more elaborate sessions I will use this venue


I will update you with the pics 😉


New Updates are in my member site, pics from Germany with my beloved

Worshipper who is my new collared worshipper; it was a very intimate game in front

Of the camera. Check it out…. join and see the whole thing .

FemDom & Latex, Foot Fetish

Until after Denmark…
Post me about your adventures!