A Sexy Session With a Sassy Client

My worshipper thought he could make fun of me just before our session. That’s not the way to behave with your Goddess! Here’s what he wrote afterwards:

I'm a Goddess

I’m your Goddess and don’t you ever forget it!


I knew at once I’d made a mistake when just before the session I spoke sarcastically to my Mistress. “I see I’m going to have to whip you into shape” she said as she gagged me and strapped me tightly onto her spanking bench. This bench has a special head restraint which she doesn’t normally use, but this time she put it on me so that I could neither move my head nor see. I was completely immobilized. And then she did whip me into shape, seriously, using both crop and cane! And I couldn’t move in any way, let alone protest…

“You took that pretty well”, she said when she was done, “and now I’m going to reward you”. I wondered how, since she did not release me in the slightest from my tight bondage. Soon, however, I felt a coolness in my ass and I realised she was preparing me for my favourite thing. “When I was in Sydney, an Australian worshipper gave me a fantastic strap-on”, she said “and now I’m going to use it on you!” And when she began I knew what she meant – it felt like it was part of her, not just something she was wearing, and it seemed as if we were sharing some of the same sensations. It was also amazing and thrilling to be fucked so hard while in such strict bondage.

When that was over I thought the session was over as well, but it wasn’t. She whipped me again for good measure – I think she enjoyed it too much not to do it again. Then I felt my ass being prepared once more. It was different this time – something was slowly filling me up and up until I felt I could take no more. It was oddly satisfying just lying there, staying as relaxed as I could, knowing there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, both wanting and fearing what was happening to me. When it was all in, she gave it a few hard slaps to make sure it was firmly in position, then left me alone for a few minutes so we could both enjoy my predicament in our very different ways …

It was only later that I saw what she had used. I’m glad I didn’t see it before – I would have been terrified!




Peter W. Czernich has just published his Fetish Photography book and I am featured in it!

I have amazing NEWS for you!
My favourite photographer Peter W. Czernich has just published his Fetish Photography book. It is a big happening as he is the ONE from all fetish photographers. I have been shooting with him every year since 2006 and he has put 5 of my photos in the book so I occupy 5 pages.

I am both a leading London Mistress and a great fetish Model and I like it that way!

It’s a big honour to be featured in such a  publication because everybody knows that being in his book means that you are out there in the scene !

Buy his book here http://www.marquis.de/picpool/newsflash/2012_40/newsletter.html

Here is one of the pics which you will find in it:

                                 Goddess Alexia by Peter W. Czernich


It is happening MY KINKY LIVE WEBINAR on 22nd of November at 8PM UK time

London Mistresses life

London Mistress will give you insights into life of London Mistresses during this KINKY LIVE WEBINAR on 22nd of November at 8PM UK time ( 9PM European time, and rest of the world accordingly)

I have received many requests from my worshippers and fetish people to organize a live webinar where I will answer questions in a field where I am expert and put some light on my expertise in some aspects of BDSM, Fetish, Domination etc…

Ask me your most burning questions here and a registration link will be emailed to you.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.
Kinky regards,
Goddess Alexia

London Mistresses: Goddess Alexia is partying and photoshooting in Sydney!

Yes as always when I travel I make sure that I get involved in the local scene of BDSM & DOMINATION. I also make sure that new and well established worshippers get to see me in their home country.

It was certainly a big surprise and fulfilment for some of my amazing worshippers in Sydney, who can usually never see me in person because they live so far away. Very unlike my European worshippers who can see me on a weekly basis, as it takes only 2 hours to get to London from any European country. Sydney is a bit further away!

Therefore I made sure I saw as many worshippers as I could and sessioned with them — making them kinkier, more excited about me and of course more fulfilled in their fantasy life.

Last weekend I partied every day and it was definitely my way of partying. After a session at my place with one of my worshippers we went out for dinner. He was tightly bound up down there and I had a remote control that worked an electrified ring on his prick. What an exciting evening that was!

Yesterday I was partying with my worshippers in Sydney’s night clubs all night long!!! I can assure you that I really fulfilled my exhibitionist kink — we played on the dance floor with full on tease, NT, CBT and sexy mystery going on … we made some vanilla party people aware that there is more to life than they think and that they have a lot to discover …

They certainly enjoyed my outfit — my stunning Atsuko Kudo red latex minidress, boots and long latex gloves — and they were keen to join us, but I said that it was a private happening!

I also met Lucas, an amazing fetish photographer at www.soulfocusstudio.net, who showed us around the Sydney night life after we had put together a plan for our fetish photo session on Tuesday at his studio.

Yes — I am going to shoot boot fetish, trampling, latex, tie & tease sets tomorrow! Especially for you from Sydney. I am looking forward to that.

I will be back in London from 26th October.

Kinky regards
Goddess Alexia


My Sexy Sydney Session Life

Hi my worshippers and clients!

My fantastic fetish life in Australia continues. In Sydney they really know how to do kinky. First of all, one of my clients brought this strap-on to his session with me. It’s the best made and most comfortable I’ve ever had – and did you know that a good strap-on is a real turn-on and feels just as sexy for the Mistress as it does for her clients? :) :) .

Then I had a really fun session with another client. After we had played for a few hours in my apartment I went again to the Ivy – this time with a difference. I wore my red leopard-spot latex minidress, long gloves and my new Jimmy Choo’s (given to me by another client – but that’s another story). Wow! What commotion and excitement there was when I went in – which as you know I adore and love getting all that attention.

As for my client! During the session I found out that he was a bit of a pain-slut, so I made him wear my most severe nipple clamps with a weight, and used my remote-control electrics on his prick in training mode. That little Erostek box can pack a huge punch. Of course, I only do this sort of thing to my clients when I know they really want it — and he did — so I made him squirm in his seat for the whole of the rest of the evening. By the end he was completely overcome — he told me that looking into my eyes while I pressed the buttons on the control box was the most erotic BDSM experience he had ever had. I liked it too! :)

Your fired-up
Goddess Alexia

I am in Australia and I am loving it!!!

I have been here over a week now and I am in awe of the possibilities this city provides!

I have been sessioning in my apartment using some equipment, latex and toys and also outdoors having discreet and sexy sessions in this fantastic venue called Merivale where Sydney people like to hang out.

Yesterday for instance I sessioned at my place using my equipment, then we went to the trendy and discreet IVY bar — perfect for tease and denial and mind control sessions! I was exercising all the above on him making him wear a full on ‘prick’ harness while chatting with me and trying to keep a straight face. Luckily for him I wasn’t using my remote control electrics on his prick, which I also have with me!

I love sessioning here and people here are simply special — very open and welcoming.
I still have a few sessions available: contact me here to book or call me on my new AU number 0481155271

Kinky regards

Goddess Alexia

Sydney here I come!

Hello my amazing worshipper and friends who live down under!

I am amazed with this wonderful city and the people who welcome me here so warmly.

I have checked in to my beautiful apartment in Cremorne Point overlooking the harbour and the opera house, apparently one of the best places to be in Sydney. I am so excited as I  will have plenty of opportunities to fulfil and explore my exhibitionist nature.

For example yesterday I had a wonderful Goddess Worship session and I took my worshipper to serve me in the garden fully dressed in latex and collar. First of all the weather encourages you to be outside,  second everything goes here, my neighbour said “Are’t you having fun, let me know when you organize a party and  I will join with pleasure” . Isn’t it great?!!!!       Yesterday as I was asking one passing woman how to get somewhere a lady, instead of telling me where to go, just drove me there! I tell you, people here are different. I am going to explore the beaches next week as this week I am doing kinky shopping for my house playroom and getting more sexy shoes.

I am getting very busy here, to arrange a session with me email me here:

alexia@mistressalexia.com or call or text   0481 155271.

I will post some photos soon.

Kinky regards

Goddess Alexia