‘Fantasy Kidnap Role-Play’ Anywhere in the World by London Mistresses, London BDSM

London BDSM

London BDSM ‘ Fantasy Kidnap’ by London Mistresses

Imagine disappearing for a few hours or a few days from your everyday life and waking up in an unknown place with two powerful and seductive London Mistresses.

Kidnapping brings to life the magical realm of total and absolute domination!

Yes that’s right — I will arrange a real life hands-on kidnapping scenario.You will be captured and taken into this magical fantasy world for a few hours, for a whole day or even for a whole week — if you dare!

I can arrange mind-blowing Kidnap scenarios in London at short notice. However, the world is my playground, and if you wish to be adventurous I will kidnap you anywhere in the world.

The ultimate thrill is awaiting you, an adventure beyond your wildest dreams,
do it in this lifetime because life is too short to wait, isn’t it?

Call me RIGHT NOW on +44 7912179672
or email me at HERE for more details.

Watch the clip London BDSM kidnap role-play

London BDSM – Session with Goddess Alexia

Goddess Alexia - Premier London Dominatris

Goddess Alexia – Premier London Dominatrix

London Mistresses meet up to talk about their experiences and I like to share mine with you.

I love having sessions on a  regular basis in my excellent venue in London where I create a mind-blowing experience that one really has to live through to appreciate, as it is difficult to describe.

Here is a testimonial from one of my worshippers who has managed to put something of what he experienced into words.

“I had been meaning to visit Mistress Alexia for some time simply because her pictures were, IMHO, fantastic! But I needed to save my pennies first as she is not the cheapest by a long way . . . still, you do get what you pay for! :-)

The Juicy Details

I turned up to be greeted by Alexia in a stunning figure-hugging leather outfit. Her dungeon is in a very upmarket apartment and is very well equipped.

London Mistress Alexia in the flesh is as her pictures on her web-site – stunning! She has a definite accent (she told me where she was from but the next two hours wiped that from my memory!).

LeatherCatsuitAfter a brief discussion about what I wanted from the session (a light general introductory session) she got down to business. We started with some mild fem/dom and body worship (although I wasn’t allowed to worship quite as high as I would have liked!) and this was followed by some forced CD. Then I was placed in Mistress Alexia’s suspension bondage rig to endure some mild CBT and NT and the threat of her strap-on. We then switched to the flogging bench. Now I have tried mild CP before, but it has always just hurt and never really worked for me. This however was very different, with Mistress Alexia taking her time to warm me up before introducing me to various instruments which I had to rate (strangely, the painful-sounding flogger is not really painful at all and actually quite fun in Alexia’s hands!)

After this we moved to the bed and I was introduced to Electro-stim and Electro-sensory deprivation – a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, quite unlike anything I have tried before – if you haven’t tried it then Alexia’s is the place to give it a go. Shortly after this we finished off with me commanded to wank for her pleasure whilst she clapped her leather bound thighs around my face and buried my nose in her crotch – heavenly!”

I remember this session and it was wonderful to find it on an independent review website.

It is really great to know that my sessions make such an impact and make people happy and inspired! As one of the Premier London Mistresses, I am  completely focused on keeping the quality and creativity of what I do as high as possible!


Sexy Fishnet Catsuit Photos

I’ve just put 36 super-sexy new photos up on my members’ site. I’m in my dungeon, wearing a fishnet catsuit and cincher over black latex, with leather gloves and Jimmy Choo stiletto-heeled sandals. Go and look — and if you haven’t joined yet, go here! Then, if you like, I’ll wear exactly what you see in the photos for your own private session with me …


Your sexy Mistress
Goddess Alexia!


Watch Out – London Mistress Akella and Goddess Alexia Will Kidnap You!

Tall01In my 10 years as a pro-Domme London Mistress I have many times arranged fantasy role-plays involving the surprise capture, restraint and brief or longer-term imprisonment of my clients, and they have always been intense, exciting and fulfilling for everyone involved.

I have now teamed up with London Mistress Akella to make all you kinky fantasy-lovers aware that you too can experience the special thrill of KIDNAP role-play, now with two of the most beautiful and experienced London BDSM Mistresses, and we have made a video to tell you about it. You can see it here.

We had a lot of fun making the video, and you will soon see a photoset about it on my members’ website. In the meantime, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Your kinky and inventive

Goddess Alexia





London Mistress in Amsterdam: Goddess Alexia at the Dominatrix Fetish Fashion Show

London Mistresses - Goddess Alexia in Latex

London Mistresses – Goddess Alexia in Latex

I can honestly say that I have attended one of the best fetish events I have ever been to  —  the Dominatrix International Fetish Fashion Show, and I should know since I have now been a pro London Mistress and fetish model for over 10 years.

Congratulations to the organizers and the designers!

I modeled for an exciting label DD Mistress.  For the first time ever I wore a sexy open-cup latex dress as you can see in this post.

I loved it!

I am coming back to Amsterdam in November to compete in Miss Fetish Europe 2013.

I  met some of the best fetish models in Europe and I will be shooting with some of them.They are very excited about the idea of visiting me here in London. We will shoot sexy & kinky videos and photos especially for you my faithful worshippers and latex lovers.

Photographers who would like to book me for an exciting fetish photo session for a joint project contact me here

London Mistresses Goddess Alexia in Latex

London Mistresses Goddess Alexia in Latex