London Mistress Goddess Alexia opens BDSM Retreat for couples and singles


Goddess Worship & Mind Control

Goddess Worship & Mind Control

I am a Lady Citizen of OWK, the famous Other World Kingdom which I used to visit with my special worshippers. It was a fantastic place to get a real BDSM experience. Going there was like landing in a completely different planet where women are superior.

As they used to say ‘Woman over man!!!’.

Unfortunately the OWK has shut down and I still have many willing worshippers who want to experience living in a realm of Femdom where nothing matters except their Goddess.

Goddess Alexia Enthroned In the Dungeon at OWK

Goddess Alexia Enthroned In the Dungeon at OWK

So I have decided to open a BDSM Retreat where I will recreate OWK, with similar rules and ambience, and also with an extra twist of seduction and beauty.

Like OWK, it will be in Eastern Europe in the EU, in a place which we can get to quickly and enjoy the full-on experience right away.

I will take you away for a day or several days and make you submit to me with your mind and body, make you completely mine and create an experience which you will never forget.

As well as having an exciting time indoors, I will challenge those of you with willing minds to undergo unusual and sexy outdoor activities. The opportunities are endless and I have an endlessly creative imagination!

Longer Fantasy Kidnap role-plays will also take place in my BDSM Retreat. I will fly there with you and my London Mistress assistant Mistress Akella, and maybe other London Mistresses. Wherever you are, I will fly you straight to the BDSM Retreat. You will experience something a little different from the OWK Other World Kingdom – as well as living in a realm of total female control, you will experience seduction, fantasy, total Mind Control and the overwhelming Feminine Power of Goddess Alexia, the premier London Mistress.

I am taking early-bird sign-ups NOW – early worshippers and couples will have a special offer with exciting extras. Email me with your request and we will get rolling … /index.php?p=m&idg=mg,7,19

Outdoors at OWK

Kinky Outdoor Activities at OWK


Why I Am Unique – A Testimonial From a Long-Term Worshipper

A few days ago I received this testimonial from a client and worshipper who has been coming to see me for several years. I think it explains very well one of the reasons why so many of my clients keep coming back to me — the mind connection he describes is real and I often feel it too, just as he says:


“I session with Goddess Alexia fairly regularly and it’s always amazing — she never fails to find new ways to tease me, torment me, arouse me and keep me on the edge of uncontrollable erotic excitement during those magical hours. Even so, sometimes the session is even more amazing than usual and it is one of those that I want to describe. The session was quite long — almost two hours — and I will not describe all of it, but there were three moments in particular that I shall always remember.

“The first moment came when she was standing and I was kneeling before her. She had made me grovel at her feet and caress and kiss her elegant stiletto-heeled boots. Now she allowed me to touch and hold the back of her legs while she put on some short black leather gloves, which with a sudden shock I realized were her vampire gloves — the ones Glove-222x300that have short sharp spikes embedded in the palms and fingers. We were very close and I could smell the delicate scent she was wearing, warmed by her body. Knowing how sensitive my nipples are, she took hold of them with her gloved hands and started to play very gently, twisting and rolling both nipples with the tips of her fingers. Gentle though she was, vampire gloves have needle-sharp spikes and the exquisite sensations she was creating were intensified by my knowing that at any moment she could convert them into pure pain. She squeezed them slightly harder.

“I stole a glance at her face, wondering whether I could guess her intentions from her expression. Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open; she was breathing quietly, her face was contemplative, almost as if she was meditating. I suddenly KNEW that she was sharing my sensations, feeling every sharp prick on my nipples, sensing every frisson of my body as my excitement grew, and that this was giving her great pleasure as well. Her play was extraordinarily precise, judging my reactions to perfection, and as it became more intense, our shared pleasure also increased, and I was more certain than ever that she felt my pleasure as well as her own. She stopped what had by now turned into quite severe NT at precisely the moment I was about to be completely overwhelmed by that mixture of pleasure and pain that the masochist in me is always seeking. After all, the session had far to go …

OnTable“The second long moment could hardly have been more different. She had strapped me firmly to her whipping bench, but whipping was not what she had in mind. Before she put it on, she showed me and made me suck an enormous strap-on which I could scarcely fit into my mouth — its size scared me. After a minute or two of this she strapped it on, eased it carefully inside me and started to move rhythmically to the heavy-pounding music she sometimes enjoys. This was by no means the first time she had used a strap-on with me, but it was the first time she had behaved with such abandon, thrusting hard and fast, apparently oblivious to my warning cries and groans of mixed pleasure and apprehension. Soon I realized why — this was for her, not at all for me, and I had become nothing more than her sex-toy. But I could sense her increasing pleasure, even to the point where I knew when it had climaxed and was over, and I found this deeply arousing. I was far from coming, yet it felt throughout as if I was on the verge of an enormous climax myself. Again, we seemed to sharing and exchanging our sensations.

“After this I assumed that as usual when she had used her strap-on, the session was over, but it wasn’t. She soon had me on my back on her bondage rack, firmly gagged, with my hands and feet cuffed to the tight ropes. Unable to move or speak and with my nipples and prick fully exposed, I have never felt more vulnerable. But she did not seem inclined to be very severe. She sat down at my side and, almost absent-mindedly, tried out several nipple clamps and ran her Wartenburg wheel over my prick and balls, all the while smiling slightly and looking closely at me with her fabulous eyes.

Eyes4Then I was aware for the third time that something very special was happening between us — I knew exactly what she was thinking — it was almost as if she was speaking aloud: “You are entirely mine; I possess you utterly; you will never escape me; I am your Goddess and you cannot help but adore and worship me!” And she knew exactly what I was thinking: “Yes! You are my Goddess; Yes! I do adore and worship you; no I cannot escape you but I do not want to; I have never seen anything more perfect and desirable than your eyes, mouth and face, nor anything more beautiful than your almost tender smile …”.


BDSM ACADEMY: International Academy of Domination – For COUPLES who want to discover & take BDSM to the next level & GIRLS who want to become professional Dominatrix Mistresses.



Couples Domination for an exciting relationship & Girls Domination for girls who want to become a professional Mistress Dominatrix !

Imagine becoming your man’s  Mistress, his Goddess, his heart’s desire, having him at your feet and making him worship you! Imagine the day when you come back home and your woman is waiting for you there as your Dominatrix, your seductive Mistress to dominate you and make you worship her.

Do you want to deepen your relationship, make it more fun and really exciting?

Or maybe you want to become a professional Dominatrix Mistress and enjoy a fantastic life-style?

Either way, I am here to guide you, take you into my BDSM world where you can really experience, see and hear how it is done and become one of the best.

I am a very successful Premier London BDSM Dominatrix Mistress. This is because I LOVE what I do and I am very good at it:  these qualities show in all my sessions, testimonials and independent reviews from clients and in every aspect of my life-style. Domination is my whole way of life as much as it is my business, and perhaps that’s why I have such a great passion for it.

Couples and single girls have both approached me, wanting to master the art of Domination and live the amazing life-style it makes possible.

Others ask me to teach them these powerful skills because they want to become professional Mistresses themselves and start to live the life of their dreams.

So I have decided to go ahead and open my unique Academy of BDSM. It caters both for domination for couples who want to live the life-style, bond more strongly together and bring more fun and excitement into their lives, and also for those who want to become successful professional BDSM Mistresses.

I have designed an exciting and clear program for couples, and an exclusive apprenticeship program for the girls.

Black_SilkWhen I see couples, I introduce them to the whole world of Domination and BDSM. I explore with them their fantasies and their boundaries, discover the motivations that have brought them to me and teach them how to realize their deep desires. Ultimately, it is all about the arts of fascination, seduction and captivation, involving Mind Control at every stage, since every aspect of BDSM originates in the mind and the imagination.

I already have a few London couples who are just getting started. I have made a customised program for each of them, with special extras based on my own ideas and their specific tendencies towards one aspect or another of the world of BDSM.

I also travel internationally and am teaching couples and girls in major cities around the world. So far I have called my courses Domination Berlin, Domination Denver (US), Domination Florida (US), Domination Sydney (Australia). Naturally, I will go elsewhere where there is demand.

When I am dealing with a couple, I first interview them together. We discuss their range of interests, what they want to gain from the course and whether they would prefer a short intensive program or a more extended one. If I travel to your city it usually makes more sense to arrange intensive training, whereas if you live within easy reach of London or can come there on a regular basis, it can be more relaxed. We also agree fees, terms and conditions.

Each subject requires a session on its own. For couples I have prepared an exciting and hands-on experience program consisting of 5 First Level Sessions, 5 Advanced Level Sessions and 5 Platinum Level Sessions.
Apply here

When girls who want to turn professional apply to me, I first interview them to establish their prior experience, their levels of skill and knowledge, and to make sure they know what they are getting into.

DeskBoth programs cover the major areas of Domination & BDSM. These areas include Foot Worship, Tie & Tease, Bondage, The Art of Seduction, Goddess Worship, Objectification, Tools & Toys, Fantasy Role-Plays, with some more advanced sessions customised according to individual progress. I emphasize throughout the crucial importance of Mind Control & Seduction, without which in my opinion every BDSM experience soon becomes shallow, repetitive and dull.

For girls, I have prepared an exclusive apprenticeship program consisting of:
12 Meetings – Graduate Level
6 Meetings – Master Level
6 Meetings – Professional Level.
Apply here

Girls in training will take part in my own professional sessions and successful graduates will be offered the chance of joining me in my team.

Girls who reach Master Level will come to my BDSM RETREAT with hands-on experience and ample rewards.

Girls who reach Professional Level will have priority access to my BDSM RETREATS and International BDSM Travel.

I look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to this new and exciting life-style.

Kinky Regards,
Goddess Alexia of London