Domination in London, London Mistresses

London Dominatrix Goddess Alexia is back to check on her cats LOL!

As I do every summer I went away; this time however I went away with one of my amazing worshippers to visit my BDSM Retreat in a beautiful historical European town just a 2-hour flight from London.

The place was all set up and ready — I even had a beautiful painting hanging on the wall waiting for me as a gift from my worshipper. It was a portrait of my favourite actress Audrey Hepburn, how thoughtful and sexy    :) .

Goddess, BDSM Retreat

Goddess, Audrey Hepburn

We started with an intense session in the dungeon that occupies one of the rooms. We didn’t use even half of the equipment I’ve put there so far — that’s how many toys, bondage straps and bars, electrics and other things are available for me and you to play with at the new place. To cap it all, we had rather intensive and very exciting sessions outdoors every day while sightseeing at the same time!!!

My worshipper’s best friend (he’s called ‘Prick’) was tied up tight with electrified leather straps which were connected to a small box which he kept in his pocket. Guess what — this box has a remote control and who do you think had it?

Erostek_302You bet, it was me!!! It’s an odd box – it can only be turned off by me …

We also did some sexy lingerie shopping and I got some extremely enticing James-Bond-girl underwear which I wore for one of our indoor role-plays.

We even managed to go to a classical concert in a church where I used the remote control rather a lot … he said that it was an unforgettable experience which he is looking forward to repeating soon LOL!!!

We had so much fun indoors and outdoors that I am going back there soon with another worshipper who also wants to live the lifestyle for a while.


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