Goddess Alexia In Berlin – continued

The Brandenburg Gate - Symbol of the City

The Brandenburg Gate – Symbol of the City

My Berlin adventure was fantastic!!!

There were new surprises for us every day. As I wrote in my earlier blog I have just spent a few days in Berlin with a worshipper, to indulge myself with some serious German-style Domination and check out the Berlin BDSM scene.

Your Goddess To Be Pampered and Worshipped

Your Goddess To Be Pampered And Worshipped

Goddess was pampered all the way. Every day started with a Goddess Worship session in the hotel suite, followed by super massage in the Spa, then some adventurous sightseeing with full-on remote electrics play for my worshipper ;). Let no-one underestimate what can be done with the Erostek ET302R!

It’s such great fun to play outdoors where nobody suspects what is going on – only I and my worshipper are aware of what is happening, while everyone else just walks by. This creates a very special, intimate mind-bond between the worshipper and his Goddess.

We visited Studio Avalon every day and were joined by a different Domme from the studio each time. I was particularly fond of Lady Xara; she is such an expert in this field, with superb English and a great sense of humour. Her kinky mind and wit made for a phenomenal experience.

During our last session we focused on heavy latex fetish, electrics and totally giving up control. It was a great scene to watch and simply amazing to experience!!!

I am so going back there with my worshippers to double-dominate them … Think about it – you could be one of them! Imagine as you are reading this how it would be to be completely owned, played with and controlled by two beautiful, expert and super-confident dominatrices. It would be the experience of a lifetime, opening up new possibilities and horizons for you, and making your life very very exciting and super-sexy.

To join me in my world where everything is possible and to have every kind of exciting erotic experience contact me here.


Berlin Welcomes Goddess Alexia again!

Domination Berlin

Domination Berlin

Yes I am in Berlin again this year and it is a fantastic trip. I am here for one week enjoying this amazing open-minded and welcoming city.

As always I am visiting Studio Avalon every day with my worshipper who is experiencing its highly professional and unique ambience.

Every day I invite a different dominatrix to join us to add to the experience. Imagine what it’s like to have two dominatrixes sessioning with you every day all week long!!!!

We have had two sessions so far — one in the Klinik and one in the Rubber Room.

This is what he says about his experience:

‘The facilities are fascinating and my Goddess and her Mistress colleague were truly amazing. I have experienced a number of things for the first time in my life, such as a machine with a special pleasure function, and a super vacuum bed that made me drift away and really let go. Of course it was my Goddess who made it all possible and arranged it for us yesterday. Today is another day and another adventure — I cannot wait!’

Yes we are having an eventful week and we are just about to start to really explore it.

Off we go  —  breakfast and the dungeon are waiting ….


Domination Berlin

Domination Berlin