Goddess Alexia & Her London Mistress Friends Wish You a Merry Xmas

Scene at Club PedestalA Merry Xmas from Goddess Alexia.
For the first time I have invited a couple of London Mistresses to join me for a special Festive Season party at my apartment in central London with their worshippers and mine.

It was amazing as the theme of this party was Goddess Worship, Foot Worship, Nylon Fetish and the dress code was all red.

Guess what I was wearing? Yes my sexy polka dot dress and black stiletto heels.

My guests were just as feminine and sexy.

We had quite a bash especially since our worshippers each had tasks assigned to them accordingly.

All of them were our butlers dressed in black bow ties, white double cuffs and black latex shorts all looking fab and fit.

They prepared our dinner, served it and cleaned up afterwards and of course we had fantastic Goddess Worship, Foot Worship, Nylon Fetish role-plays all evening long.

I am wondering what sort of fantasy role-play you would like to have in the New Year 2015 and how would you like me to be dressed for that occasion?

Tell me about it and we will see what I can do as your Xmas wish!!!

A perfect present for a Goddess?!
What do you think that would be?


Kinky Christmas Wishes
from your Goddess


Foot fetish, Nylon Fetish, Foot Worship

Foot fetish, Nylon Fetish, Foot Worship