My ‘Exclusive Inner Circle 2015’, London Mistresses, London Domination

London MistressesGoddess Alexia is now back in London from her travels!

Yes I am back in the amazing BDSM London scene and catching up with London Mistresses and the London Domination scene.

The German Fetish Ball 2015 was a great happening;  even so I had the best fun in my hotel suite!  We had a great weekend full of sexy fetish photo sessions with just my favourite American model and me. She is so gorgeous that I could hardly keep my hands off her and yessss all the pix are private just for us, so I cannot share them with you (maybe I will give a sneak peek to the very few of you who I see personally here in London and who belong to my Inner Circle 😉 )

I can just say that we were both dressed entirely in latex, with full make-up, red nails pedicure & manicure, high-heeled boots & sandals, and we were shooting on this huge balcony at my hotel suite while the sun was setting, so – perfect lighting, perfect models, skilful photographers.

Now about the ‘Exclusive Inner Circle’ 2015: ever since I mentioned it in my last blog I have received masses of your emails. So just to make it clear, the last place was taken on the same day I announced it and the only way to get in is to join my inner circle waiting list. Just email me here to be added.

For my ‘Exclusive Inner Circle’ Worshippers, there are a number of private VIP events I will be attending. Some of them are fetish and some are vanilla high rollers’ happenings. Email me which you prefer to attend so I know how to arrange them.

Also my private BDSM retreat near London is now FULLY BOOKED all summer by ‘Exclusive Inner Circle’ members. If you want to go and you are not a member, email me and I will keep you on a waiting list in case something becomes available.

I have still a few spaces available at my place in the EU, various dates – email me or call me for details.


Kinky two-day Weekend with the Goddess of your Dreams:

I have decided to attend the Fetish Weekend in Paris: Nuit Demonia, Paris, June 12th-13th  2015 . If you would like to accompany me there and be my faithful worshipper all weekend long, email me here.

A whole week, available now: Kinky holiday with the Goddess of your wildest dreams:  Montreal Fetish Weekend: Montreal, September 2nd-7th 2015

This is a very special event. You will get to serve me all week long at this amazing, exciting and very kinky happening.

Email me here to apply NOW, as this is a hot event which will go fast.

Kinky regards,

Goddess Alexia, your exclusive London Dominatrix 😉

ps I like this girl in her hat!
Fetish Party Motreal


3 thoughts on “My ‘Exclusive Inner Circle 2015’, London Mistresses, London Domination

  1. What a delightfull and classy ways you take goddess , i already left you hundreds of emails and im beging you to pick me, because i honestly beleive that the whole purpose of my life is to be at your feet where my home is… I love you and worship you and u own me for all eternity my supreme goddess

  2. There is something about you my worshipper that makes me think that you deserve to be allowed to enter my ‘Exclusive Inner Circle’ I will email you.
    Your Goddess Alexia

  3. I would like to start my article, by introducing myself. I am just an ordinary guy who discovered his inferiority to women, or some people might call it foot fetish, but I’d rather define it as inferiority to women in his early teen age.
    When I first opened my eyes to this world, I saw Goddess Alexia in her all glory. That was almost 13 years ago, I didn’t know what was special about my Goddess, but I knew that there is something about her that I can’t resist. After a couple of years I knew that i belong to this world and more importantly I belong to Goddess Alexia even without talking to her. She was like an angel sent from heaven to me.
    I kept starring at her photos for most of my daily hours night and day, and I was tortured by her beauty, dominance, sexuality and superiority. Just one look into her eyes and you will know that you are her worshipper.
    I tried to fulfill my desire of being owned to another mistress from the country I live in. but still I can’t get Goddess Alexia out of my mind. Till I found one day that she’s coming to where I live. And it was like my dream is finally becoming a reality.
    I got the chance to meet her, and all my expectations was not in its place at all. Goddess Alexia smashed all my expectations and showed me a whole new level of superiority and dominance.
    I only had the chance for one session because of the idiot I am, but when I say, I was in heaven in this session wouldn’t describe 10% of what I felt with her.
    Goddess Alexia was able to control my mind, soul, and body by just her look. I will not describe my session in detail but all I can say that her moves, looks and attitude makes you want to throw yourself with all what you got under her precious shoes. She really defined what is meant as femdom to me. With her I feel my inferiority and she can touch the very inner side of me like no one has done before.
    Thank you my goddess for all what you made me experience the last 12 years even if I only met you once but you still had a big influence on my life, and for that I would love to thank you and be your worshipper till my last breath.
    Your worshipper,

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