What is Domination? Who is a Goddess? Why are so many people drawn to it?

London Mistresses

London Mistresses

First of all I don’t perceive Domination as something abnormal, vulgar or deviant, as the mainstream media so often presents it to us. I perceive it as an expression of sensuality, desire, emotions and feelings. One should not and need not be ashamed of expressing these things.

The core of real Domination is Feminity in all its forms — it is a beautiful and special way of discovering and treasuring it. It is far from domination in the usual crude sense of the word — it is a form of submission in which the Goddess shows how and why she can subdue: softly, delicately, charmingly, mysteriously, she reveals her power. It’s not a coercive or brutal power, but something much more subtle that seduces you and introduces you to this fascinating world in which she rules.

Moreover, I think it is a very natural way to experience true Femininity — as a form of art and psychology.  When you have submitted to the Goddess, you can express your real self and your true personality; you can live in the moment of here and now. You also reveal your real self to me, which helps us both to create a deeper relationship.

The psychological aspect is equally important: beyond the sensual surface of my sort of Domination, your mind is also slowly immersed in the game, and this is the most important aspect of all!

Mind release — Mind Real Ease — and the sense of freedom!

Your Goddess is like a doctor who can see and touch your innermost parts; she will guide you gently and explore all your inner universe of feeling.

London Mistresses

London Mistresses

I believe that Domination establishes a deep connection, a flow in both directions: the Goddess does what she enjoys most while discovering how she and her worshipper can connect with each other, instead of playing a predefined role with predefined steps. Her worshipper feels himself being drawn more and more into her special world. Then every session will have its own unique chemistry and result in new discoveries of her worshippers’ own inner world as well. The relationship should be one of mutual give and take; both should enjoy it without having to play artificial roles with fake scenarios of physical domination and submission.

Now, for the practical side of it, I don’t like anything that’s rude, violent or simply negative. It’s all about femininity and that’s what I adore. I can make it impossible for you to resist me — the more you see of me the less you will be able to — of course in a positive way, in a way that allows you to express yourself as you have always wanted to and be the real you.

I’m absolutely crazy about high heels, stockings, sexy latex, transparent lingerie, and more importantly, intuition, mind connection and mutual confidence. All these things are what make a woman a true Goddess — her feminine power and her amazing intuition and ability to make you feel special and free.

So far I’ve said nothing about my dungeon and the marvellous things that I can do with you in our play together — but believe me, everything that happens inside or outside the dungeon will be transformed by the relationship we can create with each other.

Kinky regards,

Goddess Alexia



10 thoughts on “What is Domination? Who is a Goddess? Why are so many people drawn to it?

  1. Goddess alexia , or should i calll you doctor?? I honestly beleive that you can read your worshiper’s mind and know what makes him tick, each and every word you spoke made me realise how classy and sophisticated you are. You knew exactly what one’s wants needs and desire and its my privilege and honor to call you ” MY GODDESS” .. I love you

  2. Once Your Worshipper, always Your Worshipper, forever Your Worshipper for the reasons you describe so perfectly in this blog. I have always been drawn to the world of domination. It started with a curiosity towards the unknown , tabu has always had my attention. It wasn’t until I found out that the picture that is painted in the public arena is but a small fraction of the fetish world. True domination is exactly what you say it is, it is a never ending mind release carefully guided by the divine power of femininity. My Goddess you have opened up that world for me and I want you to know that if there is such a thing as a divine presence, your femininity is part of that presence.

  3. Goddess:
    You have explained with great clarity what it is that sets you apart from every other Dominatrix that I know of. David ends his comment with “I love you”. I would write that too if he hadn’t already! Because love is part of the secret of your power – you love your worshippers! You give them a very special love which they can sense even if they cannot name it, and they respond to you with their own love, as I have ever since I have known you. Your special love is palpable even in the dungeon – as I lie in strict bondage on your stretching rack and your play becomes increasingly severe, what I feel is not more and more pain, but more and more love.

  4. Indeed this domination is one of the most refined forms of art. Perhaps it shouldn’t even be called domination, but a manifestation of Femininity’s superiority: the ineffable, overwhelming power of it. You only get a glimpse of its mystery and enchanting enigma that can never be named or touched. It takes a special structure of the mind and consciousness for a woman to surface this natural born gift and to share it with the world . And the Goddess can understand you without words; you are under Her spell that heals and cleans the mind and soul. It’s so evident that this is art just like music for example: it starts like a sensorial experience which turns into bliss and pleasure of the mind without knowing why. You enjoy it because it resonates with the innermost you. Same for domination, but your soul vibrates together with the marvels of Femininity, with its warm waves of love and understanding. You are then in rapture in front of this breathtaking, magnificent landscape like a nightsky full of fantastic stars.

  5. “It’s all about femininity and that’s what I adore. I can make it impossible for you to resist me – the more you see of me the weaker you will become” Goddess Alexia said. This is the most passionate sensual submissive sentence I’ve ever heard, you really do get out whats best in me, I think thats why you’ve been my Goddess for almost 12 years now and counting. I could never ever think of a Goddess like you. You touch the very bottom of my soul and thats why I am enslaved by you.

    Your forever ever worshipper from Dubai,
    Ayman :)

      • Thank you @Atze for your compliment it was great to see you last week and catch up. My looks are thanks to my healthy lifestyle and my fantastic worshippers who pamper me and look after me so well. Thank you all :) big kiss and
        Kinky regards
        Goddess Alexia

  6. How I see domination (necessarily by a young, beautiful, sensual Goddess like you) is an opportunity to completely relax in the complete and absolute control of someone you have total trust in. It’s a bit like someone else carrying the load for you for a little while when you are used to, and always expected to, carry it yourself!
    It is based on the mutual trust and respect to grow, has allowed me to open up much more and truly be myself when I am with you.
    Thank you Goddess for being who you are!

  7. Goddess you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Your face, your voice, your amazing body, your sweet gorgeous feet. WHAT A QUEEN !!
    3 days after our session I’m still shivering thinking of you, and the smell of your perfume still echoes in my head ….

  8. I read your Fetlife profile and this blog, Goddess, and loved it and your attitude. So often Dominatrix come across as simply wanting to punish men, which seems to me to be a negative and defensive force. But you make it clear that you prefer a far more positive approach in which you seek men who worship you for your femininity and beauty. Worship takes many forms, including looking for ways to make the woman’s life easier and for her to feel good about herself. There is a very strong sense of reciprocity, of sharing, of partnership in the persona you project, and that surely is the basis for the long term relationships that are so apparent from this post and its earlier comments. Thank you for sharing your philosophy, it is an inspiration Peter x

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