Part 2 What is Domination? Who is a Goddess? Why are so many people drawn to it?

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London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses

London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses

It is fascinating that there are so many London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses and yet there is something about Goddess Alexia that gives a whole new meaning to the world of Domination & BDSM:

My Special Long-Distance Worshipper: his testimonial

“I would like to start my article by introducing myself. I am just an ordinary guy who discovered his inferiority to women, or some people might call it foot fetish, but I’d rather define it as inferiority to women, in his early teen age.

When I first opened my eyes to this world, I saw Goddess Alexia in all her glory. That was almost 13 years ago. I didn’t know what was special about my Goddess, but I knew that there was something about her that I couldn’t resist. After a couple of years I knew that I belonged to this world and more importantly I belonged to Goddess Alexia, even without talking to her. She was like an angel sent from heaven to me.

For most of my daily hours night and day I kept staring at her photos, and I was tortured by her beauty, dominance, sexuality and superiority. Just one look into her eyes and you will know that you are her worshipper.

PC_RubberHearts-027smI tried to fulfill my desire of being owned with another Mistress from the country I live in, but still I couldn’t get Goddess Alexia out of my mind. Till I found one day that she’s coming to where I live. And it was like my dream is finally becoming a reality.

I got the chance to meet her, and all my expectations were not in their place at all. Goddess Alexia smashed all my expectations and showed me a whole new level of superiority and dominance.

When I say that I was in heaven in this session, it wouldn’t describe 10% of what I felt with her.

Goddess Alexia was able to control my mind, soul and body just by her look. I will not describe my session in detail but all I can say that her moves, looks and attitude make you want to throw yourself with all that you have under her precious shoes. She really defined what is meant by Femdom to me. With her I feel my inferiority, and she can touch the very inside of me like no one has done before.

Thank you my Goddess for all that you have made me experience in the last 12 years even if I only met you once,  you still have had a big influence on my life, and for that I would love to thank you and be your worshipper till my last breath.

Your worshipper,


9 thoughts on “Part 2 What is Domination? Who is a Goddess? Why are so many people drawn to it?

  1. Thank you my worshipper Ayman for what you wrote & all those years of faithful worshipping and servitude, it is truly an amazing journey for me too and I am grateful for every day. It was fabulous to see you yesterday on Skype and finally connect again after so many years! I will visit you soon I promise !!!!!!!!

    Kinky regards
    Goddess Alexia

  2. Well spoken Ayman, you have so beautifully described the true meaning of worship. Alexia my Goddess you are the apparition of divinity. Divinity to me is your seductive and heart-numbing way of expressing your femininity. I don’t mean to insult religion when I say they are all God forsaken, I say that because they have never really made me feel like there is a presence so strong, so moving and so divine that it can make my blood-flow feel like I’m vibrating with love, life and fulfilment. My Goddess when I’m in your presence, worshipping becomes reality, there is no way I cannot humbly kneel down and truly acknowledge my servitude to all of your being. When I think of you, I can’t help but smile and feel like there really is a paradise on earth. When I hear your voice, it is like the heavens opening to a quire of Angels humming the most hypnotic song in the universe. When I smell your scent, the scent of a woman takes on a whole new meaning, I’m mesmerised beyond belief. When I’m in your presence, I stop breathing for a moment, and then when you touch me, I’m in your world completely, I’m in a trancelike state that sometimes lasts for days on end.

    I’m yours forever,


    • Mistress Alexia is a very unique person. I was drawn to her by the open, honest and well written nature of her blogs. From the moment I spoke to her on the phone i was drawn into a new and powerful journey. To me she represents beauty, respect and power inside a very true to herself spirit. She has been able to read my mind and control both it and my body in a very short period. When my mind has wavered she is there to correct it. To belong to Goddess Alexia is a special privilege and a liberating experience.

  3. Dear Goddess Alexia

    In life you can seek lots of different experiences and sometimes the ones you experience so many years ago come back to being the most memorable and true.

    I have been worshipping you on and off for many years, seeking other Mistresses along the way … some experiences have been truly amazing, while others have terrified me and left me empty inside.

    I was visiting sites again today, looking for new adventures and new Mistresses to worship when I came across your site … For old times I had a look … really to remember your perfect beauty and remember our past encounters.

    I checked your blog to see what you have been up to and came to this posting.

    At first I quickly read and nearly dismissed what one of your true subs had written, but I stopped and realised that I actually found myself feeling the same way.

    Goddess, you are truly my one and only … I have come back to worship at your feet so many times … our encounters may be years apart, but I always find my way back to you.

    I have now come to realise that what really makes me go away is seeking something new … but actually I can have all that with you! You can take me on those new journeys!

    So, what I am trying to say Goddess, is that I now submit to you and you alone … that is if you will have me.

    While I can’t promise to be able to see you regularly, I can promise to be yours and yours only … coming to only you and worshipping only you.

    Your fervent worshipper

  4. I’m not sure what domination is. Every individual will probably have a different definition depending on their own personality and fantasy. But I have to say that I agree with Ayman, Goddess Alexia will control you just by her look, it’s like an irresistible force taking control of your mind and body, leaving you with no choice but to surrender.

    Your eternal slave

  5. Reading this post and the comments made about it and the previous post, I am deeply impressed both by the obvious sincerity of the writers and the strength, even extravagance, with which they express their feelings. Let me say that I completely share those feelings, but wish to make a different point.

    I first sessioned with Goddess Alexia nearly 10 years ago and was completely smitten. She turned my world upside-down. Since then I have been both privileged and lucky enough to be able to session with her nearly every week – hundreds and hundreds of sessions which I still approach with a thrilling mixture of anticipation and trepidation. I wonder about how many professional Dommes you could write this …

    But during that time I have also been able to learn something about her, and I soon learned that I was by no means the only client who had been bowled over by her. In fact it was what usually happens. So how is it that she is still modest, open to others, considerate, warm-hearted, even loving, after all this time? An ordinary girl would have had her head turned years ago by all the praise and adulation that is heaped upon her.

    The answer must be that it’s another of her Goddess-like attributes. When you submit to her you not only submit to a supremely beautiful, powerful and sexy fantasy figure, but also to a supremely caring, sensitive and perceptive woman, who embodies all that is best and most consoling about the Feminine that we all long for, whether we know it or not.

  6. To me, seduction to surrender to your fetishes is at the very core of domination. Being tempted to act out your fantasies and being offered to break the rules of morality in a way you cannot resist. Being lured into a play where surrender is your only option. And the only option that makes you happy, grateful, and whole.

    And how could one withstand an individual who plays this game so perfectly? Alexia, even a single session with you captivates the mind. What distinguishes a goddess from a fairy godmother is that she not just fulfills the wishes she is told, but goes deeper into exploring not so much what you want, but what you need. I certainly needed everything you did to me. And you most likely find that I need more – that together we need more – and who am I to disagree with my Göttin.

    – Chris

  7. Perhaps domination is not even the right word to describe the magic that happens when you enter Goddess’ world: it’s self discovery and inner journey with the careful and delicate guidance of the Feminine spirit.
    Because every man craves one way or another the endless facets of Femininity: beauty, affection, compassion, sensuality, eroticism, mystery, love; all that’s missing to feel fulfilled inside and to make it worthwhile.
    Some woman have more of them, others have fewer and social conventions and fear try to suppress some and promote fake ones.
    But the Goddess is the sum of all these mirror shards, the whole mirror that pervades your mind with a blinding, almost unbearable, light of happiness.

    It’s not just the person, it’s all Her radiance, the healing spiritual energy and the compassion and understanding She has for human beings. She is the epitome of ineffable Femininity from poets’ dreams: the summer breeze touch in your hair, the queen of the fantastic cloud castles, the breath of night, the fairy of woods and mountains, the embodiment of grace, perfection of body and mind. She will release all your fears like a supernova explodes in your mind.

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