Dream or Reality and can it happen…?

Goddess WorshipHave you ever had a dream and then woken up one day and said OMG I cannot believe it … it is actually happening, right now!!! That was actually what happened to one of my worshippers who wanted to disappear from his life for a while … and be taken away by his Goddess and her sexy assistants.

Everything was pre-arranged: destination, five-star hotel, room, keys, even my chauffeur was waiting for me at the airport. One of my assistants flew with me while the other was already there, a local Berlin Dominatrix. Yes it was Destination Berlin! It’s one of my favourite European cities.

I had given him very clear instructions: ‘Come to this hotel, to this room, at this time for your interview!’. And there he was, right on time … The door opened, I was standing there wearing my business suit, nylon stockings and super high stilettos, holding a glass of … champagne … that I had fixed for him beforehand … he had to drink it … while I slowly but firmly locked a pair of golden handcuffs on his wrists. He couldn’t resist my piercing eyes and didn’t move an inch, didn’t say anything, almost didn’t breathe, he was just staring … and then my assistants walked in.

He didn’t even have time to finish his champagne when the lights went out and he found himself surrounded not by one or two, but by five of my assistants, who also had clear instructions from me! It was definitely an intense action that he had dreamed about for years … and Goddess has a magic wand, or rather a magic mind, and loves making people’s dreams come true …

He found himself completely controlled, fixed in a mental bondage. When he woke up the next day he wasn’t even tied up, but he knew that make one wrong move and I would switch on my special button … he had to obey, serve, pleasure, be taken into different fantasies on & off, in & out, all week long …

When he was leaving to catch his flight, he told me:

Gooddess Worship‘It was the best present I could ever have given to myself, it liberated me, energized me, and lifted my spirits like nothing I have ever experienced before. I still cannot believe that it happened – I will be back for more …’

I absolutely love making people so happy and inspired, I love energising and empowering my worshippers and it comes so easily for me that it’s a pure pleasure and empowerment for me too!

If you ever had a dream that you thought was impossible, email me and I will use my magic wand …

Kinky regards,

Goddess Alexia