In a constant search for this special Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, Someone…!

goddessHave you ever been searching and searching for your Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, this Someone who could really understand you, your fantasies & desires and help you understand yourself? The one who senses your feelings and knows what it is that you truly need, want and desire? The one who can take you further, deeper and fulfill that something that is burning in you so strongly ever since you remember?

You have been searching for a long time. Sometimes you encouraged yourself to go and visit a Dominatrix but it wasn’t really what you were looking for, it might have been good but not really fulfilling and left you a bit empty or maybe even very disappointed. After all who are you kidding, such a Goddess who knows you better than you know yourself and can take you above & beyond your dreams and desires doesn’t exist for real … she is only a fantasy … but you have been hoping, that maybe one day … maybe one day you will find this woman … this Being that you have been dreaming about and seeing in your dreams … and (if you are lucky, if you are very lucky) one day you did book a session, hoping for the best, after all the photos looked, as the English say ‘not too bad’… and the website looked  promising … like many of them in the cyber world! So you decided to give it a try.

The door opened … and you were greeted by her, you couldn’t see clearly as you were very nervous and not sure what you were doing there but your desire was stronger and you kept yourself cool to make a good impression. From the moment you walked in it felt somehow different, you felt it inside and you knew that you had found your Goddess. That session had a big impact on you and your life has been never the same since then…

Share with me your most amazing experience that you have had with the one Goddess Dominatrix, who made or maybe still makes an amazing impact on your life … Share just the experience, things that really matter to you during a session and you don’t have to write any names –  make it anonymous.

If you have not yet met your one and only Goddess, describe a session you would like to have that would give you the most fulfilling & life changing experiences.

I will be very interested what my worshippers dream about and also those who I don’t know because you simply live in the Antarctic and cannot visit London to see me lol 😉

Saying that, I don’t live in lululand and I am well aware that I am not a Goddess for everyone. I may be a dream for one but not for the other. As I am not a heavy-duty Goth-like, black domination, scary BDSM Domme, nor am I a sadist. To me it is all about femininity, the art of seduction and Mind Domination. Novelty and constant discovery of new lands of never-ending new experiences are very important elements of my domination. I have even created a new trend in the BDSM world that many Dommes contact me about, and that is Goddess Worship and lifestyle Domination where I take YOU into my world and we experience it equally, even though you are beneath me and I am on a pedestal, your Goddess to be worshipped, adored, admired, served and pampered!

I have successfully brought together many worshippers and Goddesses from different parts of the world and they are together, happy ever after 😉 … sessioning and otherwise, so you never know, I might be able to find one for you, if you cannot come to Europe. 😉

Now off you go… reply below  describing your most awesome session that had a big impact and focus on the most important elements and what you felt inside.

Dream or Reality and can it happen…?

Goddess WorshipHave you ever had a dream and then woken up one day and said OMG I cannot believe it … it is actually happening, right now!!! That was actually what happened to one of my worshippers who wanted to disappear from his life for a while … and be taken away by his Goddess and her sexy assistants.

Everything was pre-arranged: destination, five-star hotel, room, keys, even my chauffeur was waiting for me at the airport. One of my assistants flew with me while the other was already there, a local Berlin Dominatrix. Yes it was Destination Berlin! It’s one of my favourite European cities.

I had given him very clear instructions: ‘Come to this hotel, to this room, at this time for your interview!’. And there he was, right on time … The door opened, I was standing there wearing my business suit, nylon stockings and super high stilettos, holding a glass of … champagne … that I had fixed for him beforehand … he had to drink it … while I slowly but firmly locked a pair of golden handcuffs on his wrists. He couldn’t resist my piercing eyes and didn’t move an inch, didn’t say anything, almost didn’t breathe, he was just staring … and then my assistants walked in.

He didn’t even have time to finish his champagne when the lights went out and he found himself surrounded not by one or two, but by five of my assistants, who also had clear instructions from me! It was definitely an intense action that he had dreamed about for years … and Goddess has a magic wand, or rather a magic mind, and loves making people’s dreams come true …

He found himself completely controlled, fixed in a mental bondage. When he woke up the next day he wasn’t even tied up, but he knew that make one wrong move and I would switch on my special button … he had to obey, serve, pleasure, be taken into different fantasies on & off, in & out, all week long …

When he was leaving to catch his flight, he told me:

Gooddess Worship‘It was the best present I could ever have given to myself, it liberated me, energized me, and lifted my spirits like nothing I have ever experienced before. I still cannot believe that it happened – I will be back for more …’

I absolutely love making people so happy and inspired, I love energising and empowering my worshippers and it comes so easily for me that it’s a pure pleasure and empowerment for me too!

If you ever had a dream that you thought was impossible, email me and I will use my magic wand …

Kinky regards,

Goddess Alexia

Part 2 What is Domination? Who is a Goddess? Why are so many people drawn to it?

London Domination & London BDSM

London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses

London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses

It is fascinating that there are so many London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses and yet there is something about Goddess Alexia that gives a whole new meaning to the world of Domination & BDSM:

My Special Long-Distance Worshipper: his testimonial

“I would like to start my article by introducing myself. I am just an ordinary guy who discovered his inferiority to women, or some people might call it foot fetish, but I’d rather define it as inferiority to women, in his early teen age.

When I first opened my eyes to this world, I saw Goddess Alexia in all her glory. That was almost 13 years ago. I didn’t know what was special about my Goddess, but I knew that there was something about her that I couldn’t resist. After a couple of years I knew that I belonged to this world and more importantly I belonged to Goddess Alexia, even without talking to her. She was like an angel sent from heaven to me.

For most of my daily hours night and day I kept staring at her photos, and I was tortured by her beauty, dominance, sexuality and superiority. Just one look into her eyes and you will know that you are her worshipper.

PC_RubberHearts-027smI tried to fulfill my desire of being owned with another Mistress from the country I live in, but still I couldn’t get Goddess Alexia out of my mind. Till I found one day that she’s coming to where I live. And it was like my dream is finally becoming a reality.

I got the chance to meet her, and all my expectations were not in their place at all. Goddess Alexia smashed all my expectations and showed me a whole new level of superiority and dominance.

When I say that I was in heaven in this session, it wouldn’t describe 10% of what I felt with her.

Goddess Alexia was able to control my mind, soul and body just by her look. I will not describe my session in detail but all I can say that her moves, looks and attitude make you want to throw yourself with all that you have under her precious shoes. She really defined what is meant by Femdom to me. With her I feel my inferiority, and she can touch the very inside of me like no one has done before.

Thank you my Goddess for all that you have made me experience in the last 12 years even if I only met you once,  you still have had a big influence on my life, and for that I would love to thank you and be your worshipper till my last breath.

Your worshipper,


My ‘Exclusive Inner Circle 2015’, London Mistresses, London Domination

London MistressesGoddess Alexia is now back in London from her travels!

Yes I am back in the amazing BDSM London scene and catching up with London Mistresses and the London Domination scene.

The German Fetish Ball 2015 was a great happening;  even so I had the best fun in my hotel suite!  We had a great weekend full of sexy fetish photo sessions with just my favourite American model and me. She is so gorgeous that I could hardly keep my hands off her and yessss all the pix are private just for us, so I cannot share them with you (maybe I will give a sneak peek to the very few of you who I see personally here in London and who belong to my Inner Circle 😉 )

I can just say that we were both dressed entirely in latex, with full make-up, red nails pedicure & manicure, high-heeled boots & sandals, and we were shooting on this huge balcony at my hotel suite while the sun was setting, so – perfect lighting, perfect models, skilful photographers.

Now about the ‘Exclusive Inner Circle’ 2015: ever since I mentioned it in my last blog I have received masses of your emails. So just to make it clear, the last place was taken on the same day I announced it and the only way to get in is to join my inner circle waiting list. Just email me here to be added.

For my ‘Exclusive Inner Circle’ Worshippers, there are a number of private VIP events I will be attending. Some of them are fetish and some are vanilla high rollers’ happenings. Email me which you prefer to attend so I know how to arrange them.

Also my private BDSM retreat near London is now FULLY BOOKED all summer by ‘Exclusive Inner Circle’ members. If you want to go and you are not a member, email me and I will keep you on a waiting list in case something becomes available.

I have still a few spaces available at my place in the EU, various dates – email me or call me for details.


Kinky two-day Weekend with the Goddess of your Dreams:

I have decided to attend the Fetish Weekend in Paris: Nuit Demonia, Paris, June 12th-13th  2015 . If you would like to accompany me there and be my faithful worshipper all weekend long, email me here.

A whole week, available now: Kinky holiday with the Goddess of your wildest dreams:  Montreal Fetish Weekend: Montreal, September 2nd-7th 2015

This is a very special event. You will get to serve me all week long at this amazing, exciting and very kinky happening.

Email me here to apply NOW, as this is a hot event which will go fast.

Kinky regards,

Goddess Alexia, your exclusive London Dominatrix 😉

ps I like this girl in her hat!
Fetish Party Motreal


London Fetish Fashion with Goddess Alexia & Alexis, London Fashion Photographer

It was a fabulous day today; I love modelling and photo shooting with creative photographers and Alexis is amazing and super fun.

I was shooting for a spread in the great fashion and art magazine Hedonism. There will be a portrait of my persona there, with an interview together with superb photos.

The whole project aims to show Goddess as a powerful, confident and strong woman.

Here are a few snaps taken by my assistant:

London Fetish Fashion

London Fetish Fashion

London Fetish Fashion

London Fetish Fashion

London Fetish Fashion

London Fetish Fashion

London Fetish Fashion

London Fetish Fashion

London Nylon Goddess, Foot Fetish, Mind Control — Themes for January 2015

Happy New Year 2015 to all my worshippers & friends. I am so grateful for the year that has just passed as it was an awesome year and many good things happened.
I am also fired up about New Year 2015 because it started fabulously in the tropics with palm trees and beautiful beaches for your Goddess.

Interestingly enough I have been nylon-worshipped and did foot fetish most days. Mind control and mind domination seem also to be themes of every session. That’s why I dedicate this month to London Nylon Fetish, London Foot Fetish, London Foot Worship, London Mind Control, London Mind Domination!!!

That’s why I have also decided to go to Club Pedestal this month to enjoy some public foot-fetish role-plays and public foot worship. This a great FemDom club where men worship Women and where Women are superior. 😉

Here is another of my many photos at Club Pedestal:

If you would like to accompany me to Club Pedestal or any other great fetish event this year email or call me

Click here to see the events you can choose from.

Kinky Regards,

Goddess Alexia

BDSM Halloween in London

BDSM Halloween London Party

BDSM Halloween London Party

Happy Halloween my worshippers and friends.

How will you celebrate this fun fun fun evening this year? I am going to my BDSM Halloween Party in this amazing mansion in central London with two of my super sexy tall model sub girls. Yes the party is in the most elegant setting and it is a masked ball so no one is to show their face until midnight. What happens after midnight is only for those present to find out 😉

Of course as a Top London Dominatrix and a world-renowned London Mistress, I Goddess Alexia have prepared a special show with my girls that they don’t know about. It will be a Halloween latex fashion show with my super tall model girls. We have a few Atsuko Kudo latex outfits and others from famous latex designers; it will be a fantastic show. London is indeed the place for the best BDSM parties and the best London Mistresses.

Share your experiences with us and definitely let me know when you are ready to go to a similar party with me soon.

Kinky regards

Your Goddess Alexia

London Fetish Weekend

London Fetish Weekend

London Fetish Weekend

It is here!
The biggest London Fetish event of the year!

Many London Mistresses will be going to this event as well as many International & UK Mistresses together with their slaves & worshippers.

Guess who is going to join them?! Yes you are damn right, your London Dominatrix Goddess Alexia  is going there too.

And I have a challenge for all of you who would like to JOIN ME at one of those events. The events are from 4th-7th September and I am going to two of them. The challenge is to advise me what to wear. The one who is the most to my liking will be chosen.

Email me here



Summer with London Mistress Goddess Alexia

Hello my hot summer friends and worshippers!

I have missed you so much and I am very happy to be back in London. Yes you guessed it right — I have been away travelling with my worshippers in Europe and on holiday with my friends.

Trampling my foot-fetish worshippers

Trampling my foot-fetish worshippers

However I finally managed to go to Club Pedestal and as you can see from these photos I had a really good time being served and worshipped — the photos show me having fun in the trampling cage, which has always been a special feature of the club.

If you would like to escort me to the next party in July and take up the Fetish Party Evening with Goddess Alexia contact me here or call +447912179672 to learn about the rates and juicy details.

I have received quite a few questions about my travel sessions. I do love travelling and giving my worshippers a fantastic week-long experience or longer. They love it too! 😉 😉 The best way to learn more about them is to call me — I can tell you a lot about the sort of things we can do. I am also planning to go to some more international fetish events.

If you would like to escort me to any of these events either this year or next,  email or call me. Here is some more info about travelling with me: Travel with Goddess

This summer and autumn I am planning my very exclusive BDSM RETREATS in the UK and in Europe. It is very exclusive as I take only one worshipper or couple with me for each retreat. It is from 3 days up to a week, with different activities and role-plays. Do call me to enquire more about the prices and places. Due to the nature of this particular offer, I have a limited number of places.

Call me to learn more and secure yourself a place at one of my BDSM retreats:  +44 7912179672

Kinky regards,
Goddess Alexia

With Goddess Cleo

With Goddess Cleo

Goddess Alexia at the Fetish Party – Club Pedestal in London.

London Foot Worship

London Foot Worship

Yes it’s official I am going to be at this amazing London Fetish Party — Club Pedestal.

It is taking place in Central London @ Pacha on Thursday 29th May from 9pm to 5am.

I love FemDomGoddess Worship, Foot Fetish, and Foot Worship sessions and as you can guess, Club Pedestal is all about that and more …

I am also looking forward to meeting other London Mistresses and enjoying the London Fetish and BDSM scene. I am fond of public play & outdoor sessions as I am such an exhibitionist, and I love public outdoor domination sessions.

To accompany me as my privileged worshipper to Club Pedestal and have my full attention apply here.

We will meet at my place where we will session for an hour or two (depending on your budget 😉 ) and then we will go together to Club Pedestal to continue the session in public.

I have a question for you — what do you think I should wear?

Waiting for your suggestions …

London Foot Worship

London Foot Worship