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Comment on In a constant search for this special Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, Someone…! by a worshipper /blog/2015/09/02/constant-search/#comment-38687 Sun, 13 Sep 2015 17:00:36 +0000 /blog/?p=1726#comment-38687 In a constant search for this special Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, Someone…?

Good question. Here is a brief story about my very own personal experiences:
Some years ago I was at home alone on a lazy Sunday when I saw the pop-up in Facebook that I was contacted by someone.
I opened the message – and saw that I was contacted by a mysterious but extraordinary beautiful woman. She wrote that she will be in my town soon and that she would like to meet me. We chatted for an hour and found out that we have a lot of mutual interest and that we have many things in common. So I agreed to meet with her – and she only replied that she likes it hard, harsh and cruel…

Some weeks later we had our first meeting which was just outstanding. From the very first moment I had the deep feeling that I have found my true soul-mate. And so it was – we totally harmonized. I adored and worshipped her for so many reasons like her cleverness, her intellect, her education and her perfect behaviour, her style, her long black hair, her perfect body, her voice, her silken skin, her amazing fragrance, her diabolic smile, her deep eyes, her innocence, her great sense of humour, her independence, her strictness and not at least for her passion…
We met many times and played our games – every time with increasing passion and on a higher level of pain. She made me her obedient servant and my deepest pleasure and satisfaction was to suffer for her and to endure the pain she provided to me.
She is the absolute star of roleplays and we performed wicked and wild games – full of passion and pain. She abused my nipples till the moment when a simple squeeze made my blood pour out of them. Never before I got such passionate whippings, spankings, canings and floggings like the ones she gave me. She loved to see my blood falling in drops to the floor – so no whipping ever stopped before I had really deep bloody traces. It was a pleasure and honour for me to endure the pain she provided to me – and to accept it as a wonderful gift from the Goddess to her slave.
Brandings of her initials marked me as her slave.
Full of heat and passion aroused by her severe and painful treatments I worshipped her with such intense passion that I didn’t ever think that I would be able to do so. She lit my flame! Giving her a passionate and intense massage was the biggest honour for me – licking and kissing her feet and armpits the biggest pleasure, smothering under her perfect bottom a wonderful privilege – especially when such moments were accompanied by intense electric impulses… With big pleasure she liked to increase the intensity of the merciless impulses ploughing through my body.
With incomparable passion and intensity I usually found relief…
Yes, we were the perfect match and I realized how positively she influenced my life. All sorrows, all grief, all troubles and problems were swept away in her presence and the moments with her filled my batteries, providing me now power and a smile on my lips.
Our friendship reached a new level of trust and the more I knew about her – the more I adored her, the deeper I fell in love with her.
Then, from one moment to the other she wrote me that everything is over – finish – done! That she never wants to see me again and that she never wants to get any message from me again.

This was such a shock for me that I still have deep wounds and traces in my heart, my soul and my mind – much deeper than any whiplash or branding could ever have been.
I completely lost interest in BDSM – and even in women. I have withdrawn from friends I had in the BDSM community – just because of that. My libido has gone – and I even don’t miss it. Of course I still feel attracted by a beautiful woman – but I definitely have no intension to have a new relationship anymore. I have also completely withdrawn from everything that reminds me on her – so I never visited the city she lives in.
I am still very grateful for the unique wonderful experience I made with her, for all the moments of passion and positive feelings – and I still meet her often in my dreams at night. She was the best – and the worst that ever happened to me.
Somehow I am still destroyed – but also released in some way. My “feu sacré” has been extinguished and somehow I lost quite a lot of my motivation for life. The bright Sun of my life has gone – my memories are just small torches – unable to lighten my life…

Meeting YOUR perfect soul-mate Goddess will change your life – hopefully for good and not for bad.

Comment on In a constant search for this special Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, Someone…! by Dan /blog/2015/09/02/constant-search/#comment-38675 Sat, 05 Sep 2015 23:18:03 +0000 /blog/?p=1726#comment-38675 It all starts with vague echoes in your mind, coming from the subconscious fragments of dreams and fantasies that make your intimate personality.
Then, these echoes slowly take the form of an hesitating thought: “what if …? can this be possible… ? what if I try for real, what’s going to happen to me, would I enjoy it, would I suffer or be hurt, would I be ashamed of myself?” and myriads of other questions that arise from the clash of your diurnal personality with the real, inner you.
And as the thought take shape, you see the Goddess as the brightest light in your mind and life, a projection in a single person of everything you seek and see scattered in small pieces in other women. She is the archetype of that superior being that can see through and in you, She can understand you and give you the ultimate freedom you crave for: the freedom of mind.
As the day you will finally meet the Goddess approaches, a storm of emotions takes over until the climax in the moment you see Her for real, when you feel that your heart got up in your throat allowing you to barely articulate words, when the shape of reality in becoming vague, evanescent, dream-like and you feel you might faint.
There She is!, clad in in black lace, nylons and breath-taking high heels, the purest incarnation of femininity, beauty, elegance and confidence.
You feel you should kiss the ground She is walking on.
She is sitting on a pedestal or a throne and you are amazed: you expected her to be cold as the Goddess of ice, but instead she is warm and gentle, her voice is soft and you can find understanding without words in Her eyes.
The graceful movements of Her marble hands draw spells in the air and Her presence emanates an ethereal vibration you can feel in every inch of your body.
You then get down on your knees and kiss Her hands and delicate wrists and adore each and every finger while your mind escapes reality’s cage.
Then you enter heavens when She allows you to kiss Her divine feet and while She rests Her feet on your face, gently massaging it and looks straight into the bottom of your soul, then you are released and feel like a supernova has exploded in your mind.

Comment on In a constant search for this special Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, Someone…! by Benedict /blog/2015/09/02/constant-search/#comment-38674 Sat, 05 Sep 2015 18:30:24 +0000 /blog/?p=1726#comment-38674 Such a thoughtful post Goddess Alexia. It’d be so tough to pick that one single moment of connection and inner discovery. Being in the life style for years, I could probably list so many of those moments… From live in person experiences to those purely virtual. It’s the beauty of domination that the feeling may be really strong and lasting regardless of how it started.

I still recall that feeling inside me when watching some of your domination clips years ago (at theplatinumcage). Yes, a long time ago but still fresh in my mind. When you would ask your slave to take off your golden shoes and have him first kiss inside it before getting a chance to get anywhere close to your divine feet. That moment when you teach a slave the right positions in front of you. That moment when you would walk around and have your worshipper follow your foot steps and worship. That moment when you train your toy how to be a puppy to fetch, lick and do what it’s told to. That moment when you’d spit cocktails into bartenders’ mouths to teach them a good lesson. That moment when you teach your slave how to dress up and walk like a true sissy. That moment when you allow your worshipper to wash your divine feet in tube and worship…

You’re such a divine and true Goddess! So many moments which last in my mind forever! Looking forward to experience these moments in person soon!

At your feet,

Comment on What you write about me by melih /blog/what-you-write/#comment-38671 Thu, 03 Sep 2015 19:35:27 +0000 /blog/?page_id=62#comment-38671 Yes I was looking for a true dominatrix, a true goddess in my life

Even though I have never been in the presence of a goddess, I knew that I should meet Goddess Alexia from the first moment I have talked to her on phone.

When I knew that I was going to be in London at the end of August, I started to go thru the enormous world of internet and the world of domination.

I first contacted Goddess Alexia in April and she encouraged me to call her by phone to tell her about my fantasies which I did a couple of times.

Finally the day came and I met her in front of her apartment.

She was gorgeous and definitley more good looking than her web site.

She let me in, we talked and I suddenly found myself telling all my deepest fantasies to a total stranger. She listened and listened and then suddenly told me to get on my knees and begin worshipping her beautiful feet.

From that moment I knew that my dreams were becoming true. For the next couple of hours I was her doormat, her pedicure slave, her pony and her dog.

But what was more interesting for me was that while she was trampling me, or riding me or was using me as her foot stool she continued to tatlk to me and continued exploring my deepest dreams.

At the end of our session I was exhausted but nevertheless I asked her If I could meet her the next day which she kindly accepted.

This is another post’s story but let me tell you this guys:

She is the real goddess she claims to be and she is going to be your real master of your mind. She is kind and very understanding of your needs yet she really lets you to feel thru your bones who is in charge as soon as you lay your eyes on her.

I feel very lucky to have met her and served her under her feet. I am really looking forward to be her foot slave very soon.

Comment on What you write about me by melih /blog/what-you-write/#comment-38670 Thu, 03 Sep 2015 19:15:16 +0000 /blog/?page_id=62#comment-38670 Yes I was in search of a true dominatrix, a true goddess in my life.

Yet I knew that I was not a true masochist therefore I knew that I wanted to be dominated by mind control. I wanted to serve under the feet of a beautiful goddess and I wanted to enjoy the feeling of belonging mentally to her.

When I planned my visit to London at the end of August, I began my search a couple of months before. Even though this was going to be my first time in my life, I felt like Goddess Alexia was the one whom I have been looking for.

I contacted her in April and continued to do so until August. She encouraged me to call her and tell her about my dreams, which I did a couple of times.

Finally the day I was supposed to meet her in front of her apartment my heart seemed to like it was going to burst out my chest.

I met her, talked to her, went into her apartment and immediately began to tell her about my deepest secrest and desires.

She listened and listened and suddenly told me to get on my knees and began to worship her beautiful feet. That was when my dream began coming true.

For the next couple of hours I was her doormat, her personal pedicure slave, her pony and her dog. What was more interesting was that while she was riding me or trampling me or using me as her footstool she continued talking to me and exploring my fantasies.

I was exhausted at the end of our session but nevertheless I asked her if I could meet her a second time the following day which she kindy accepted.

This is another post’s story but let me tell you guys one simple truth:

She is the real goddess she claims to be, she is understanding and kind yet she lets you understand who is in charge from the moment you lay your eyes on her.

I feel very lucky to met her thru the enormous internet world and to be her personal slave for a couple of hours. I don’t have any more dreams of belonging to a true goddess because I already found her…..

I wish to be under her feet again very soon.

Comment on In a constant search for this special Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, Someone…! by James H /blog/2015/09/02/constant-search/#comment-38669 Thu, 03 Sep 2015 13:10:06 +0000 /blog/?p=1726#comment-38669 I have had several very rewarding sessions, or moments during sessions, which have been among the most intense experiences in my life. While outwardly different from each other, they have all had elements in common which seem to work especially well for me. First, I have always been in bondage of some kind – not necessarily strict bondage (although I love it to be strict), but always making it impossible for me to stop what is happening, so that I am completely at the mercy of my Mistress. For the same reason, I have usually been so thoroughly gagged that I cannot utter a word.

Next, my Mistress is in a taunting and provocative mood in which she takes great pleasure in first stimulating and then frustrating my desire for her. This can be either in her play or her attitude or both – for instance, when she plays I find her mild CBT and NT wildly erotic, while severe CBT will quickly put paid to my excitement. As for her attitude, sometimes she will bring me to the edge of no return by what she does, then suddenly fix her most severe nipple clamps on me and leave me alone and suffering for long minutes while she takes a call or makes herself a coffee. Of course, the longer this contrasting behaviour goes on, the more intense are the sensations it provokes.

Finally, and most importantly, during these amazing sessions I am aware that my Mistress has tuned in so closely to my responses to her that she can almost feel what I am feeling, knows what I am thinking, and takes great pleasure herself from knowing that I so ardently desire her. For myself, I never feel more intimately connected to my Mistress than when she is playing intensely with me and I reach that state where I can no longer distinguish pleasure from pain.

Comment on In a constant search for this special Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, Someone…! by Charles M /blog/2015/09/02/constant-search/#comment-38668 Thu, 03 Sep 2015 10:02:25 +0000 /blog/?p=1726#comment-38668 Some time ago my life had become dull and boring. I had friends and family but somehow my zest for living was gone. I was idly surfing the internet when I came across a new Mistress website. This Mistress wrote a diary which fascinated me. Among other things, she told her worshippers how to behave and for this day she had written “Today you must do something you have never done before” – and so I did. I surprised myself greatly and went to see her.

When she opened her door she was so much more striking than I expected that I was immediately overcome. She was astonishingly beautiful, stylish, sexy and, as I soon found out, extremely accomplished. Her voice was incredibly seductive, her eyes hypnotized me, the way she moved entranced me. She understood my secret needs and desires better than I did, so that even our first session together taught me things about myself that I did not know. Just being with her filled me with joy, renewed vigour and appetite for life.

I knew at once that something important had happened to me and that I would be seeing her again as often as my circumstances permitted and she allowed. And so I have, and every time I have felt again the excitement of anticipation, the enormous pleasure and the renewed energy that I sensed when I first went to her. Somehow she is able to make every encounter fresh and new. If I am feeling low and things start to get me down, I just think of my Mistress. My next visit may be weeks or months away, but knowing that she is now part of my life and that I will see her soon makes me happy again.

Comment on In a constant search for this special Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, Someone…! by Peter /blog/2015/09/02/constant-search/#comment-38666 Wed, 02 Sep 2015 20:36:03 +0000 /blog/?p=1726#comment-38666 I am new to your words, Goddess, but once again you strike a huge chord. “lifestyle Domination where I take YOU into my world and we experience it equally, even though you are beneath me and I am on a pedestal.” That is so inspiring, so much more appealing than the “let’s talk about what you like and then I’ll do it for you” approach that so many seem to favour.

My awesome bdsm moment was a look, a simple, momentary glance. Walking back from a restaurant, I can’t remember what we were talking about, probably plans for what was to happen next. I looked up at her briefly and found her eyes on me. It’s hard to describe the look because it changed the moment she realised I’d seen her. To start with, I felt she was like a cat eyeing its prey, knowing it couldn’t escape, knowing it was there to be toyed with. It quickly morphed into a slight bashfulness at having been found out, before hardening into a look that told me I had to acknowledge her. You’re beautiful Mistress, I said, and she paused and relaxed.

At that moment she was indeed incredibly beautiful. It was perfect, because she made me feel – just for an instant – that I was something she really, really wanted. There was no emotion in her glance, but a different sort of desire. And it was incredibly motivating, because what could be better than feeling you’re wanted by the Goddess?

Comment on In a constant search for this special Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, Someone…! by J /blog/2015/09/02/constant-search/#comment-38665 Wed, 02 Sep 2015 19:35:29 +0000 /blog/?p=1726#comment-38665 I have had the pleasure of worshipping Goddess 3 times so far and I hope it won’t be long until I can do so again. It’s simply impossible to say that one part was the best however some things remain etched on my soul and will be forever.

The first thing is from early in my very first session, I had wanted to visit Goddess for a long time and I couldn’t believe that I was there. Even though I had read that Goddess really enjoyed foot fetish I had thought that it was something I would not be very interested in. However the moment I was kneeling naked before Goddess and she pointed down at her feet and told me to lick them is a moment I will never forget, I instantly knew that I was under the spell of a goddess and I would do anything to try to please her. This moment often comes to my memory.

I will also never be able to keep the vision of her beautiful red lips from my mind or her seductive voice, especially with the thought of the time she rewarded me by spitting water into my mouth and allowing me to swallow it, which was WOW such a pleasure.

These are many things that come to my mind almost daily and I could just as easily think of the times she has gagged and punished me.

I am yours forever Goddess!