My Interviews

I have often given interviews to magazines and on-line publications. Here are some of them:

Latex fetish magazine “Marquis” Vol. 42

Israeli BDSM Website DomDomina

BeDeSeMe – a Spanish online fetish magazine

A men’s magazine

Discovering the art of Domination

Another men’s magazine (“Loaded”)


Interview with latex fetish magazine “Marquis” Vol. 42

I have gone several times to Düsseldorf to shoot with Peter Czernich the famous latex photographer and the owner of “Marquis” magazine, and he asked me if I would do an interview for him.

Alexia – you describe yourself as a Goddess. Please explain: what is the difference between a Mistress and a Goddess for you? Why are you so special and unique?

A Mistress provides professional BDSM services for her clients who pay her to do what they want – what she does with the client is what defines her for them, and ultimately the client remains in charge no matter what role-play may be involved. A Goddess is a Dominatrix whose effect on her clients is so strong and profound that they no longer think about what they want, but instead wish only to please her – in effect they become her worshippers. Of course, if the Goddess is pleased by them, she may indulge them by doing what she knows they want, but they can never demand it. Why am I unique? It should really be for others to say why, but I have learned by experience that my effect on my clients is always powerful and often overwhelming for them!

Foot fetish in all characteristics is your speciality. Why do you love these games so much?

The relationship between a Goddess and her client that I have just described is very powerfully expressed in foot worship – the Goddess above, the worshipper below, with physical contact limited to just the feet of the Goddess, but hands, lips and tongue of the worshipper. Feet and footwear, especially high stiletto boots, have always symbolized power, and in caressing, kissing and licking my shoes, boots and feet my worshippers are physically acknowledging my power over them. I find this deeply satisfying. Of course, I love the sensual side of it too, particularly when my feet are massaged by someone who knows how to do it properly.

How long have you worked as a Dominatrix and how did you find out that this is your way of life?

I have been working professionally in London since 2002, but I knew from an early age that I am a dominant. And since I love all the other aspects of my work – the focus on feminine beauty, the clothes, the dressing up, the role-playing, the psychology of my clients – I cannot imagine a more attractive way to live than by just doing what I really enjoy!

You offer a lot of different services: from puppy play and pony games to bondage, from deprivation to feminization. Could you tell me if you can observe a “must-have fashion trend” of the wishes of your clients? Or is there more a classical hit list of preferred practices?

Every client is different, and of course they often don’t know at first what they really want. For instance, they may come to me because they have fantasized about being whipped by a beautiful dominant woman, but really they just want to have a submissive relationship with her. Part of my work is to help them find out what their needs are and, if they please me, to satisfy them. I don’t think there is a common thread to these desires, except insofar as the “vanilla” world has a very limited idea of what happens in a BDSM relationship, and so often comes up with the same set of initial ideas.


How should a male or female sub prepare themselves when they have a date with you?

Be ready to be completely open and honest, without embarrassment, about what brings them to me. It should go without saying that they must be clean, polite and respectful as well!

In your work psychology plays an immense role. Do you think that a good Mistress has to be also some kind of a therapist?

A mistress who does not provide therapeutic relief for her clients is not doing her job properly, in fact is not doing it all. All my clients come to me initially because they have something lacking in their life which I can help them to find. Not surprisingly, it is often because they cannot find in their marriage or other close relationship what they need in fantasy, although the relationship may be very successful otherwise. I know from much experience that what I do can be immensely helpful and wholly beneficial for them. I know when I have succeeded with a client because he or she continues to come to me, sometimes for many years.

How deep is your personal fetish for latex clothing, because in front of the camera you seem very satisfied with all this rubber on your body …

I adore everything about latex except getting into it! It makes me intensely aware of my body, and it is tremendously sexy without being too coarsely revealing, although it can sometimes feel more naked than actually being naked. I also admit to being thrilled by the effect that it has on people when they see me wearing it – but then I am an exhibitionist, whether dressed in latex, leather or any other attractive clothing …



Interview with the Israeli BDSM Website DomDomina

Hello Goddess Alexia, and thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Is this the first interview that is not for your own sites?

I have been asked to contribute to quite a few magazines. In particular, you will find an extensive interview with me in Volume 42 of Marquis magazine, and there are also many sexy latex photos of me in that edition!

Where do you live?

In Central London.

When did you get know the BDSM world?

I found out about it in London itself. When I first came here, I already enjoyed playing sexy fantasy games but I did not know it could be a profession.

Why did you choose to be dominant and not to be controlled?

This is not a choice you make – it is what you are. Ever since I was old enough to be aware of it I have known that I have the power to fascinate and control others, and it gives me great pleasure to exercise this control over those who want or need to submit to me. I do not seek to dominate – my submissives seek me out.

When and with whom was your first session ever?

It depends what you mean by “session”. I learned a lot about myself and how enjoyable acting out sexual fantasies could be while I was growing up at home, but my first professional sessions took place after I came to London when I was 21.

How you did you feel during and after that?

I was at ease right from the start. Everything came completely naturally to me and all I needed to do was to be myself – the client was overwhelmed every time!

What kind of Goddess are you?

What an odd question! I am every kind of Goddess, depending on my mood and what my client needs. I can be anything from the fantasy girl-friend whom you desperately desire but do not dare to approach, to the severe and unrelenting BDSM Dominatrix who takes sadistic pleasure in finding your limits and exceeding them. I can be your teacher, your business boss, your jailer … the one constant is that I must find out what you really want and enact it for you in a way that satisfies me as well.

What are your specialities that you like to do?

I take great pleasure in combining sensuality, style and fetish with what happens in the dungeon. So if I wear tight latex or fine lingerie and allow you at first to adore my legs and feet in hopeless worship of my beauty, we are both satisfying some deep need. If you then endure whipping, trampling, nipple torture or CBT at my hands, your feelings will be all the more intense because I will already embody a powerful erotic fantasy for you. So the answer to your question is that my most enjoyable speciality is to get inside your mind, find out what turns you on, and then make you have a mind-blowing experience.

Were you trained?

When I first came to London I benefitted greatly from the help and advice of a leading Dominatrix who has since left the profession.

What are your favorite fetishes?

Leather, latex, lingerie, gloves, boots, elegant shoes and strappy sandals – anything that is stylish and sexy and looks and feels good.

Have you ever dominated women?

Of course. I am bi-sexual and enjoy it a great deal when a female submissive comes to me.

There is a difference between a female slave and a male slave?

Oh yes. With a female submissive I can be much more intimate and sensual without disturbing the Domme/sub relationship.

Have you ever disappointed during a session?

I certainly hope not!

Do you have a personal slave and if so, how did you meet?

I have had many clients who want to become my personal slave, and several who would even pay a great deal for the privilege. I did try one out for a time. But I do not wish to take on such a heavy responsibility – for that is what it is. Instead, I can count on unstinting support from my close friends, and I have some useful regular clients who enjoy helping me out and who do not make the emotional demands on me that a 24/7 personal slave will always be bound to make.

From your point of view, what do you think about BDSM in your own country – is it a taboo?

As far as I know there is no regular scene there, but I might be wrong since I have always been based in London.

How much does a session with you cost?

See my website!

How many videos you have filmed?

Hundreds and hundreds. You can find most of them on my website The Platinum Cage.

Do you have girlfriends that are also dominant?

A few of my friends are also professional Dommes.


Have you made a session together that you can describe?

When I have 1-to-1 sessions with a regular client there is often a strong emotional interplay between us as well as the physical BDSM play. When there are several Dommes the session is almost entirely about the physical play – the whipping and CBT, rack-stretching, bondage or whatever. They are very different.

Did you ever have a unique session that was something you don’t normally do?

Clients can ask for the strangest things, and as long as I feel comfortable with it I will go along with what they want.

Can you please tell us about your Platinum Cage studio?

I started the website in 2005 because I wanted to show more of myself to my clients and prospective clients, and also because I very much enjoy acting and role-playing – I went to drama school for a time. The site has been very successful and has excellent viewing statistics for a site of its kind. Of course, I am not trying to compete with the mega-BDSM sites such as The English Mansion or Men In Pain – nor do I ever wish to. My sort of BDSM is about fantasy role-playing, foot fetish, Goddess worship, style and beauty – not hardcore pornographic BDSM.

What is your favorite music?

I enjoy a wide range of music from classical to pop. London is excellent for opera and ballet and I go quite frequently. I also went to see Madonna’s latest show which she put on in a vast stadium – it was great!

Have you ever been to Israel and if not would you like to come and visit?

I travel widely in my job and often go to the Middle East, but I have never been to Israel. All it would take is for someone to invite me …

Do you have something to say to the Israeli BDSM viewers?

I hope I turn you on! And if I do, be sure to come and see me when you are in London!



A recent interview with BeDeSeMe

The online Spanish fetish magazine BeDeSeMe can be found here.

Who is Mistress Alexia?

She is a Goddess born to be worshipped. She is the woman of your dreams who once seen can never be forgotten. She is a 24/7 life-style Domina who will be your Goddess not only during your sessions with her, but also when you have left her and returned to your ordinary world. She will always be in your thoughts, and whenever you see her she will take you back into her magical fantasy world and give you a total Mind Release.

What gets your attention about BDSM?

I am mostly interested in engaging with my client and/or worshipper in such a way that he is always excited and challenged mentally and physically by me, so that when he enters my world he is in a mental heaven where I make every decision and his fantasies become reality.

Why do you enjoy being a dominant woman?

I love mind/power exchange, where I am admired and idolized by my worshippers, each one of whom is overcome by me and ready to do anything and everything for me, and I rule his world.

How did you decide to become a professional Domina?

It came about very naturally. Ever since I started to be interested in men I was dominant, and having enjoyed very much being a model with all those adoring men around me, it was almost inevitable that I should take the next step. So I became one of the youngest Dommes in the UK – I started 10 years ago !!

If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?

I want just one: every man should find his Goddess !!

What do you do in everyday life?

Being a Domina is my whole life which I enjoy to the full and am completely satisfied by.

How do you feel being in control all the time?

It is a very sexy feeling to have a man at my feet, knowing that I am his ultimate muse. And sometimes I can use my power over him – my energy and my influence – to give him a real zest for living which transforms his life because I am part of it. I know this because my clients tell me so – some have been coming to me ever since I became a Dominatrix.

What technological toy is essential for you?

The mobile phone, of course. But I also need and use all those costumes, tools and toys which symbolize and focus the Domme/sub relationship – my stretching bondage bed, my body sling, my huge collection of stiletto-heeled boots and shoes, my latex and leather dresses and catsuits

Which do you prefer: fetishist or masochistic submissives?

I love them all, especially those worshippers who want to serve me in any way that I wish.

In your opinion, is wearing specific garments a must when dominating?

It depends on the client – for some it is an essential part of the fantasy, for others it makes no difference at all. Of course, I always dress stylishly – for myself!

Do you believe a woman is born a Domina or that she becomes one?

It must be very difficult, perhaps impossible, to be a convincing Domina if it does not come from your essential nature.

Tell us one of your favourite practices.

Total mind control, then travelling with my worshippers where anything and everything is possible!

What can we find in your London studio?

In this business I am very much at the high end; I have two exclusive fully-equipped studios in central London, only for my own use, both very luxurious and discreet.

Could you tell us an anecdote about what happened during a session?

What happens during my sessions remains between me and my clients!

How do you behave in your sessions?

I treat everyone individually and no session is the same. Even when I see someone every week each session is different; after all it is my life too!

What prospective projects do you have?

I am working on an exciting new website which will combine my members’ site with my Mistress site, and I am making new photo galleries and videos for it. I also plan to spend a lot more time in Barcelona as I speak Spanish, really like Spain and Barcelona in particular, and I already session there with Lady Sara. 😉

Cross-hatched BootsBEDESEME QUICK TEST

Favourite practice: Goddess worship
A fetish: Good stockings, usually Wolford
An indispensable element in a session: Mind control
Fetish clothing: Atsuko Kudo
High-heeled boots or shoes: Both
Latex/leather or vinyl: Latex
Something personal: Sashimi
A colour: Fuchsia
A place: The mountains
A book: Venus in Furs
A film: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
A dream: I live it all the time already!



Interview with a men’s magazine

What is your fetish?

I have many, but my chief fetish is to be worshipped by adoring admirers. Of course, they share my love of sexy things – stylish leather and latex in particular. I love elegant shoes and high-heeled boots, and my worshippers love my feet.

When and how did your fetish start?

When I was very young – as soon as I understood my power over others, I began to exercise it.

How often do you indulge your fetish in private life?

My private life and my professional life overlap – I indulge it all the time.

What have you been doing in the fetish scene, exactly; and for how long?

I am a professional Dominatrix and have been one ever since I started to get my own living in this country – more than ten years now.

Has your fetish changed because of this work?

Only to make me understand better what motivates those who become my worshippers – I adore it when I have learned how to make a new worshipper submit completely to me.

In the Vienna hotelWhat gave you the idea for this project or work?

My love of feminine beauty, fashion, exhibitionism, style in general – with an obvious emphasis on their sensual allure.

Do you enjoy your job in the fetish industry?

I do exactly what I want and get paid for it!

Where do you get your inspiration for these products? Where do you draw your motivation to continue the work?

Every relationship I develop is different – many involve fetishes that I also enjoy – I both teach and learn about the psychological needs and responses of my clients, which is a constant stimulus for me.

Do you have idols or does anybody influence your work?

Nobody influences my work directly, but I admire all those, especially women, who have a clear goal in life and work energetically to achieve it.

With whom do you like working the most?

People who are clear about what they want and don’t waste my time, but are also perceptive and considerate, as I hope I am.

What do you like about the fetish scene? What don’t you like?

I like the tolerance and consideration of most of those involved in the scene – I dislike the fact that for many intolerant and moralistic members of the general public it is still a hole-in-the-corner business that they denounce without understanding anything about it.

Describe the defining fetish moments in your life and how they affected your professional choices.

Realizing that sexy is fun, and being sexy is powerful; and that being a Dominatrix Goddess, as I am, is best of all.

What was your dream job? Are you currently doing it? If not, what is your profession?

In the Vienna hotelI am doing my dream job. In the future I will certainly do other things as well, but I will always continue to be what I am now.

What other, non-fetish hobbies, do you have?

I adore challenges of every kind. I swim, scuba dive, climb, ski, but also take academic university courses, learn new languages – perhaps I try to do too much!

Could you describe your private personality?

I think my very honest answers to the questions already put to me show what sort of person I am.

If you were to compare yourself to an animal, which one would it be and why?

I am a composite – I have the feline grace of the cat, the tenacity and loyalty of the dog, the awareness of my beauty of the peacock …

What are your three best and three worst attributes?

I am perceptive, kind and forgiving, but also impatient, imperious and demanding.
Describe a “Day in the Life” of you.

Impossible – every day is too different, but what I can say is that I take good care of myself physically by working out most mornings, usually dress very attractively in several different costumes every day, am complimented extravagantly for them, and behave in ways which my admirers find utterly irresistible.

What are your favorite types of music? What are your favorite bands, albums, songs?

My tastes are very varied. I love techno rock and disco music such as 2 Unlimited or La Bouche, but I also go frequently to classical opera and ballet.

Are you in love, engaged, married, divorced, enslaved? Do you have children?

My love life is private. I have no children.

If we wanted to hang out with you, where would we find you?

In the gym, at a fetish club, up a mountain, on a boat, in the sea.

What is your most embarrassing fetish moment?

I have never been embarrassed by my fetishes.

If you have a website, we’d love to see it. Would you give us the URL? What
is the topic of your site?

My websites promote me both as Dominatrix and fetish model. You can see my photos and videos at and . I also have a Facebook Page.

Are there any good fetish books or films you would like to recommend?

Venus in Furs describes the psychology of the fetishist-masochist as well as or better than anything written more recently.

Do you have a great out-take photo you would be willing to share with us?


What else should we know about you?

I think I’ve told you quite enough about myself!



Discovering the Art of Domination

(This interview was first published at

Very often Goddess Alexia is faced with the same questions about Domination: why, when, where and what for? In the past few years she has given much thought to these questions. I invite you to enter Goddess Alexia’s fantasy world, a world which in her tantalizingly sexy voice she entices you to enter. A world that she reveals to you and through which she guides you, so that under her spell you lose yourself and experience a voyage of discovery towards new and deeper ways of pleasure.

What is domination for you?

Domination is a fantasy world, it is mind release.

For me, Domination is my profession as well as my lifestyle. I enjoy the fetish scene so much that for me it is sheer pleasure to be part of it, to see how I am enriching the life of my worshippers and to share all the excitement that I create for them. It is especially rewarding when my worshippers come to me and thank me for changing their lives, for waking them up and giving them something to look forward to. As one of them told me, I gave him back his zest for life!

Domination is also balance. I restore balance to some of my clients who are very dominant in their normal life and so need to have a mind-relieving change. When they enter my fantasy world of domination it is I who am in charge, and this gives them a more balanced life.

Domination is a form of art. To me every person is unique and to interact with them is to create something completely new, like painting a new picture. My canvas is their mind, and my interaction with their mind is what I am depicting, which is endlessly interesting and exciting both for me and for them.

For me, Domination is also the discovery of new means of pleasure. The pleasure comes from creating different relationships between the Goddess and her worshippers, giving their minds a perfect balance and having a positive influence on them, keeping them excited, alive and I would even say more developed, because their experiences with me will have widened their horizons.

We all have a fetish, what is yours?

My main fetish is Goddess Worship. This has been a continuing fetish for many years. Goddess Worship is what I like and I include it in every professional session and also in my private life, as when I go out partying. I like the whole surrender, being worshipped; keeping a worshipper under my spell and getting into his mind… this is my very special kink. Showing my worshippers my fantasy world where they forget everything but me and adore me has been, and always will be, my strongest fetish.

We are all very curious about your dungeon. Could you give us a glimpse of your dungeon and Fantasy World? 

I have two sets of private premises for sessions in London. They are exclusively for my own use. In the first set I have created a special space specifically designed for Goddess Worship. I have one room for everything to do with submission and worshipping. It is a beautifully glossy, very modern room; I call it my Goddess Worship room. Many of my sessions start here. When a worshipper comes to me I usually take him here first.

My other room is a proper fully-equipped dungeon, a very private and intimate place with equipment from Fetters. The room is immaculate – I pay a great deal of attention to hygiene. I have a professional cleaner who comes every day. Hygiene and high quality equipment are my priorities in a dungeon. I have a bondage bed with a ratcheted stretching rack; there is also a built-in puppy cage with top openings which give me all kinds of access to the occupant! There are many straps, fixing points and NT & CBT devices, all in one marvellous piece. Really, it is so complete that many dungeons have nothing else. It is very large and the most comfortable you can buy. I also have a a proper suspension frame, a body sling which I use when I want my client lying down for medical or intimate strap-on play. I have all the electrics one can imagine, because I am really into electrical scenarios. And of course a big comfortable spanking bench with thick leather straps which completely immobilize my victim …

More recently I have acquired a second property where I also session. There is an elegant and spacious drawing room, very suitable for pony-play and multiple domme sessions, and a secret dungeon with mirrored walls which is packed with every sort of equipment for BDSM. There is another bondage bed with ratcheted stretching-rack and puppy cage, heavy bondage straps and a complex set of cords, pulleys and weights for the most ingenious kinds of nipple torture and CBT. There is also a body sling and another sort of sling which is my favourite – you are compelled to sit upright with thighs apart, a collar keeps you completely immobilized and every part of you is totally exposed. It’s a perfect room for serious play, which my clients are always surprised to find in such an apartment.

What is your favourite Dungeon toy? 

I really like most to use my brain. Mind domination is my speciality, it is what I enjoy the most and it is why people keep on coming back to me. Because I focus on their mind as well as on the physical side, their experience with me is deeper and their memory of it is stronger and lasts longer, so they simply have to come back!

Apart from that there are so many things … I love shoes. I am a shoe fetishist, as are many of my worshippers; I really like stiletto-heeled boots. I also adore classic designers like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and my new favourite, Gianmarco Lorenzi. I like electric nipple clamps and enjoy using my sensory deprivation device. It is difficult to describe, but it can put you in a very special and different state of mind because you cannot hear or see. I would say that is my favourite toy, it is amazing, I love it.

Do you remember your first fetish toy?

I think it may have been a strap-on. Yes, it was a strap-on. I have many and am really fond of them because playing with a strap–on creates an amazing power exchange. The role-playing involved is so profound and intimate that I make a powerful mind connection with my submissive. For me, that strong mind connection and power exchange is a big turn-on, plus of course the physical satisfaction that strap-on play provides.

Where do you find all the kinky stuff that you have in your dungeons?

For the best quality equipment, I would recommend Fetters. It costs more – it is expensive but it is also an investment.

What advice would you give to couples who are starting out in the world of domination and want to create their own dungeon?

First of all I would need to see what turns them on. Which of them is the dominant person? After that I would design a special session to guide them.

In general, my main advice to couples is to invest not in toys, but in knowledge, to come to a Dominatrix who can guide them in the art of domination.

I already have a programme specifically designed for couples. I do one-to-one sessions where I show them a variety of role-plays. It is very rewarding to see how they recover their zest for life together after a couple of sessions, to see their progress, to see them coming back on a regular basis and improving their relationship with each other.

Yes, the best investment for couples starting to learn about the art of domination is to invest in knowledge; then the toys and tools can follow.



Another Men’s Magazine (“Loaded”)

How did you get started?

Since I was a girl, I’ve always been a dominant woman. In my late teens I realised I was a Goddess and that I needed men and women to worship me. I moved to London, came into contact with a few people and opened my own dungeon.

But you’re not really a Goddess, are you?

I’m not a Goddess of the supernatural type. I’m a woman who embodies all the qualities of a Goddess. Obviously, I don’t turn people into stone!

So if I were to visit you, what would happen?

It’s important that I get the psychological aspects right. I need to know what your desires are.

And then you’d beat my balls till they fell off?

Of course not! I don’t emphasize the physical side of dominance. I can if you want and I’m very good at it, but if I want to punish you I’ll do it mentally.


If you like the sound of my voice, I will not speak to you. If you like the way I look, I will blindfold you. If you crave my attention, I will ignore you.

Does it turn you on?

It can be the best turn-on in the world. It’s more than just sexual, it’s a feeling of power that rushes through you. It can be better than any orgasm.

How much cash will this set us back?

This is an exclusive service and everyone who wants to be transferred immediately to my fantasy world and experience excitement and something that will charge them for a long time pays what they feel is fair. Then the client gets to feel the true power of the Goddess.

What does your boyfriend think of it?

He loves the fact that I am a Goddess and I am admired and desired by many. Who wouldn’t?

Can you see yourself doing this when you’re too old to raise a whip?

I’m a Goddess. You don’t stop being a Goddess because you’re old and grey, do you?



4 thoughts on “My Interviews

  1. What more could I say?!?
    I fully agree with Goddess Alexia and I do share her opinions in all aspects.
    From my very own experience I know that You really act the way you described – You don’t pretend anything – You are Goddess Alexia.

  2. Dear Goddess Alexia,

    First I have to say I think You are the ultimate Dominatrix. Plus You truly are a stunning Goddess.

    Also I love Your website, and also reading Your interviews.

    In one of the above interviews You stated; “to the severe and unrelenting BDSM Dominatrix who takes sadistic pleasure in finding your limits and exceeding them”.

    I would love to know if a mildly Masochistic sub was lucky enough to visit You, and reached his limit of say 100 lashes of Your single tail whip – how many more than that would You consider to be an acceptable number, and would please You?

    Wishing You a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Yours submissively
    slave pete

  3. Hello Pete

    Thank you for your nice compliments – I can never have too many! As to your question – there is not a single answer. It depends on so many things – how often we have sessioned, how well we know each other, whether we’re playing with a safe word or not, whether you can be badly marked or not, how you reacted to the first 100 strokes (!). All I can say is that I will always try to do what you really really want me to do – because what turns me on is making you into my worshipper and enslaving you, and I can do this better by finding out what it is you want and making you long for me by doing it, rather than by just hurting you – unless you really want just to be hurt, of course :) . Am I a mind-reader? – no, but I can usually read you pretty well, and you may wonder sometimes if I am …

    Happy Christmas
    Goddess Alexia

  4. Dear Goddess Alexia,

    Thank You so much for Your feedback. Yes, I understand.

    I have sent You an enquiry via Your Contact Form – I did put details in Subject box but not sure if was there when received as it seemed to disappear!

    Have also messaged You on Fetlife.

    Happy Christmas to You too.

    slave pete

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