Fetish Fashion Show in Amsterdam Dominatrix 2015

I am looking forward to this fantastic fashion show and the party. As always, greet & meet with models, special guests and designers on Friday, and then photo sessions.
Saturday is all about the show … rehearsals all day long, a beautiful sit-down dinner prepared for special guests only, where we will be entertained by amazing singers all clad in beautiful and stylish latex.

And then there is the party and the show … yes!  I am performing in the show as one of the models for Sebastian Cauchos … this is the outfit I am going to model on the catwalk:

Amsterdam Domination

Amsterdam Domination

BDSM Holidays

BDSM  Holidays

BDSM Holidays

BDSM  Holidays with London Mistress Goddess Alexia

This year is getting busy for your Goddess, I am planing my calendar carefully and have some fantastic scenarios in my mind for the brave ones who will dare to spend a week long BDSM Holiday with a world-renowned London Mistress 😉

1st very popular option is my London BDSM Retreat in my country house near London; it gets booked up so if you really want to visit me there for a day or a few days book it asap especially since the best months (the warm months) are getting busy.

2nd my other BDSM Retreat in one of the EU cities, my private apartment with a dungeon is getting booked, so call me for details and dates: April is still available.

3rd the event in USA, Fetish Factory, Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  May 21-24 2015 http://www.fetishfactory.com/ is available, it will be a great event as I will get to wear all those amazing sexy latex dresses in the sun and you will be privileged to worship me in all of them 😉 Call me to discuss.


Looking forward to hearing from you my worshippers.

I love travelling,

Kinky regards from your BDSM holiday Goddess Alexia

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Amsterdam Dominatrix Fetish Fashion Show Welcomes Goddess Alexia!

Amsterdam Dominatrix Fetish Fashion Show

Amsterdam Dominatrix Fetish Fashion Show

Many London Mistresses were present at club Pedestal where I went last night. It was indeed a party to remember as I was accompanied by two of my worshippers. One was the latex shiner and champagne boy, the other was the servant. Both were worshiping me very well while i was entertained by Professional Mistresses who played with their worshippers. If you would like to be my worshipper at the next party do email me now as places are filling up quickly.

About my Amsterdam trip. Travel with me – Top London Mistress to Amsterdam MARCH 13-15th 2015.

Yes Goddess Alexia, will be present at the dominatrix.nl – Fetish Fashion Ball, modeling for one of the designers.

I am thrilled as it was a lot of fun back stage last time I was there. I love being surrounded by beautiful models and creative designers putting models into their latex creations.

I know  that apart from me there will be also another beautiful London Mistress Morrigan Hel present and she is a lot of fun too.

This is a last minute decision to go and that’s why I still have a space available for one worshiper to accompany me to the event and stay with me for that weekend MARCH 13-15TH Amsterdam Dominatrix.

Email me here to apply or call now 0044 7912179672.



London Nylon Goddess, Foot Fetish, Mind Control — Themes for January 2015

Happy New Year 2015 to all my worshippers & friends. I am so grateful for the year that has just passed as it was an awesome year and many good things happened.
I am also fired up about New Year 2015 because it started fabulously in the tropics with palm trees and beautiful beaches for your Goddess.

Interestingly enough I have been nylon-worshipped and did foot fetish most days. Mind control and mind domination seem also to be themes of every session. That’s why I dedicate this month to London Nylon Fetish, London Foot Fetish, London Foot Worship, London Mind Control, London Mind Domination!!!

That’s why I have also decided to go to Club Pedestal this month to enjoy some public foot-fetish role-plays and public foot worship. This a great FemDom club where men worship Women and where Women are superior. 😉

Here is another of my many photos at Club Pedestal:

If you would like to accompany me to Club Pedestal or any other great fetish event this year email or call me

Click here to see the events you can choose from.

Kinky Regards,

Goddess Alexia

Goddess Alexia & Her London Mistress Friends Wish You a Merry Xmas

Scene at Club PedestalA Merry Xmas from Goddess Alexia.
For the first time I have invited a couple of London Mistresses to join me for a special Festive Season party at my apartment in central London with their worshippers and mine.

It was amazing as the theme of this party was Goddess Worship, Foot Worship, Nylon Fetish and the dress code was all red.

Guess what I was wearing? Yes my sexy polka dot dress and black stiletto heels.

My guests were just as feminine and sexy.

We had quite a bash especially since our worshippers each had tasks assigned to them accordingly.

All of them were our butlers dressed in black bow ties, white double cuffs and black latex shorts all looking fab and fit.

They prepared our dinner, served it and cleaned up afterwards and of course we had fantastic Goddess Worship, Foot Worship, Nylon Fetish role-plays all evening long.

I am wondering what sort of fantasy role-play you would like to have in the New Year 2015 and how would you like me to be dressed for that occasion?

Tell me about it and we will see what I can do as your Xmas wish!!!

A perfect present for a Goddess?!
What do you think that would be?


Kinky Christmas Wishes
from your Goddess


Foot fetish, Nylon Fetish, Foot Worship

Foot fetish, Nylon Fetish, Foot Worship

BDSM Halloween in London

BDSM Halloween London Party

BDSM Halloween London Party

Happy Halloween my worshippers and friends.

How will you celebrate this fun fun fun evening this year? I am going to my BDSM Halloween Party in this amazing mansion in central London with two of my super sexy tall model sub girls. Yes the party is in the most elegant setting and it is a masked ball so no one is to show their face until midnight. What happens after midnight is only for those present to find out 😉

Of course as a Top London Dominatrix and a world-renowned London Mistress, I Goddess Alexia have prepared a special show with my girls that they don’t know about. It will be a Halloween latex fashion show with my super tall model girls. We have a few Atsuko Kudo latex outfits and others from famous latex designers; it will be a fantastic show. London is indeed the place for the best BDSM parties and the best London Mistresses.

Share your experiences with us and definitely let me know when you are ready to go to a similar party with me soon.

Kinky regards

Your Goddess Alexia

Travel with London Mistress Goddess Alexia, Kinky Holidays or BDSM Retreat in London.

London Mistress This is what came to my mind while I was on holidays, sipping my drink and looking at the beautiful people:

Have you ever thought how great this would be to travel with ME and have your deepest fantasies fulfilled?!

Join me at a world famous fetish event and have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. I have chosen only those top world fetish events that I have been to before and I know they are fantastic. During these events you will be completely controlled and dominated by your favourite Goddess Alexia – Me :) – day in day out for the whole time. Some of these events are in Europe and so we will need 3 days, for example the German Fetish Ball (Friday to Sunday), while others are outside Europe and so we will spend 5-7 days together, for example the Montreal Fetish Week (Wednesday – Monday). So it’s either a weekend away with your Goddess or a kinky week’s holiday. Of course, your best experience will be to stay with me from beginning to end of the event; however I do understand if you can manage only two days, for example Saturday and Sunday. Therefore it is also possible to join me just for part of the time.

What if you cannot do weekends?! If the weekend is not good for you, I have a special BDSM Retreat prepared in the countryside near London UK, where we can go any day we want for as long as we want. It is my private country place where I will create an amazing fetish world for you, enacting whatever kink or fantasy you have in your head.

This option is perfect for people who want to be one-to-one with me and have it all for themselves. 😉

FEES: My Tribute for my time

The fees for such pleasures are less than you might think, because you pay a daily instead of an hourly rate, which is much more cost-efficient.

Of course, if you book a whole week with me, that is even more cost-efficient. :)

Obviously, I can only accept one person per event, so contact me at 00447912179672  as soon as you can, right now.

WEEKENDS WITH ME : 1-3 Days Events

Dominatrix                     Amsterdam             November 7-8  2014 http://www.dominatrix.nl/

Unleash                        Amsterdam             January 3rd 2015   http://unleashedparty.nl/next-unleashed-party-jan-3rd-2015/

Dominatrix                     Amsterdam              March 2015       http://www.dominatrix.nl/

Nuit Demonia                 Paris                     June  2015  http://www.nuitdemonia.com/ 

KINKY WEEK-LONG HOLIDAYS WITH ME : 5 Days Events + 1 Day before and 1 Day after

Fetish Evolution               Essen, Germany          April 3-7 2015

German Fetish Ball           Berlin                May 13-17 2015

DomCom                        Los Angeles, California      May 2015

Fetish Factory                 Fort Lauderdale, Florida     May 21-24 2015

Montreal Fetish Weekend  Montreal      End August 2015

Dominican Domination     Dominican Republic  October 2015
http://dommetrips.com        BOOKED!

Kink In The Caribbean Jamaica October 2015 CANCELLED


This is my newest adventure where we can go any day we want for as long as we want. Everything is customised for you after we have had our conversation.

Of course, if you book a whole week with me, that is even more cost-efficient. :)

Obviously, I can only accept one person or a couple per event, so contact me at 00447912179672  as soon as you can, right now.

London Goddess Alexia 
Travelling Goddess

Goddess Alexia Travels With Her Faithful Servants

London Fetish Weekend

London Fetish Weekend

London Fetish Weekend

It is here!
The biggest London Fetish event of the year!

Many London Mistresses will be going to this event as well as many International & UK Mistresses together with their slaves & worshippers.

Guess who is going to join them?! Yes you are damn right, your London Dominatrix Goddess Alexia  is going there too.

And I have a challenge for all of you who would like to JOIN ME at one of those events. The events are from 4th-7th September and I am going to two of them. The challenge is to advise me what to wear. The one who is the most to my liking will be chosen.

Email me here



Summer with London Mistress Goddess Alexia

Hello my hot summer friends and worshippers!

I have missed you so much and I am very happy to be back in London. Yes you guessed it right — I have been away travelling with my worshippers in Europe and on holiday with my friends.

Trampling my foot-fetish worshippers

Trampling my foot-fetish worshippers

However I finally managed to go to Club Pedestal and as you can see from these photos I had a really good time being served and worshipped — the photos show me having fun in the trampling cage, which has always been a special feature of the club.

If you would like to escort me to the next party in July and take up the Fetish Party Evening with Goddess Alexia contact me here or call +447912179672 to learn about the rates and juicy details.

I have received quite a few questions about my travel sessions. I do love travelling and giving my worshippers a fantastic week-long experience or longer. They love it too! 😉 😉 The best way to learn more about them is to call me — I can tell you a lot about the sort of things we can do. I am also planning to go to some more international fetish events.

If you would like to escort me to any of these events either this year or next,  email or call me. Here is some more info about travelling with me: Travel with Goddess

This summer and autumn I am planning my very exclusive BDSM RETREATS in the UK and in Europe. It is very exclusive as I take only one worshipper or couple with me for each retreat. It is from 3 days up to a week, with different activities and role-plays. Do call me to enquire more about the prices and places. Due to the nature of this particular offer, I have a limited number of places.

Call me to learn more and secure yourself a place at one of my BDSM retreats:  +44 7912179672

Kinky regards,
Goddess Alexia

With Goddess Cleo

With Goddess Cleo

Goddess Alexia at the Fetish Party – Club Pedestal in London.

London Foot Worship

London Foot Worship

Yes it’s official I am going to be at this amazing London Fetish Party — Club Pedestal.

It is taking place in Central London @ Pacha on Thursday 29th May from 9pm to 5am.

I love FemDomGoddess Worship, Foot Fetish, and Foot Worship sessions and as you can guess, Club Pedestal is all about that and more …

I am also looking forward to meeting other London Mistresses and enjoying the London Fetish and BDSM scene. I am fond of public play & outdoor sessions as I am such an exhibitionist, and I love public outdoor domination sessions.

To accompany me as my privileged worshipper to Club Pedestal and have my full attention apply here.

We will meet at my place where we will session for an hour or two (depending on your budget 😉 ) and then we will go together to Club Pedestal to continue the session in public.

I have a question for you — what do you think I should wear?

Waiting for your suggestions …

London Foot Worship

London Foot Worship