My Sessions

My clients and worshippers often write to me about my sessions with them and I love to read about them too. They are re-living their time with me as they write and I learn more about what turns them on, so both of us get a lot from it and the next time they come to me their experience will be even better! Here are a few of their stories, some with my intros to them:

A Christmas Session With The Goddess

A Very Special Birthday Session

A Weekend With The Goddess: The Meeting

A Weekend With The Goddess: Breakfast At The Hotel

A Weekend With The Goddess: The Session

A Weekend With The Goddess: In The Bathroom

An Unusual Outdoor Session in New York


A Christmas Session With The Goddess

HalterNeckJust before Christmas I went for a session with our Goddess, laden with presents of flowers, Wolford tights and stockings and some super-sexy Italian leggings I longed to see her wear, hoping that she would like them too. She did, and as a reward said that her Christmas present to me was that for this session she would wear my favourite latex dress, allow me to speak to her without permission and, above all, look directly at her while she played with me. Believe me, this last gift was very special. She doesn’t normally let you look at her for more than a few seconds before ordering you to stop staring! It is always very hard to look straight at her — at close quarters she is overwhelmingly attractive — and to watch the play of expression across her face as she performs some exquisitely pleasurable operation on your body is about as erotic as it gets …

So, wearing her super-tight black latex halter-neck dress and stiletto-heeled boots, she strapped me into the ingenious bondage swing that is a big feature of her second dungeon. You sit in it comfortably upright, feet off the ground, with your thighs supported and held apart by broad padded leather straps. Meanwhile your waist, ankles, wrists and neck are tightly belted, cuffed and collared, then attached to the swing so that movement is impossible and every single part of you hangs completely exposed and available to your Mistress. If there is any way in which you can be made to feel more vulnerable than this, I do not know of it.

Paradoxically, it is also very liberating — by the time you are fully strapped in you have totally surrendered your mind and your body to Goddess Alexia; she completely controls them both and they no longer belong to you but to her.

SwingGoddess Alexia drew up a chair and sat close to me. At first she amused herself by making the swing revolve so that she slipped in and out of sight as I turned helplessly round and round. Then she started to whip my nipples, cock and balls, at first very gently, with a succession of increasingly severe little floggers and short riding crops as I revolved slowly before her. Sometimes she stopped the swing and stood behind me, touching and squeezing me sensuously, or played everywhere with one or two of her many Wartenburg pinwheels. Later, she began to use the heels as well as the soles and uppers of her boots … there was no end to the things she could do with me, all the while smiling, sometimes laughing, in her astonishingly sexy way. Often she brought her eyes and mouth tantalisingly close, and yet she remained utterly out of reach. I strained in vain at my bonds and was soon in a state of wild arousal and frustrated desire.

After quite a time she gave me a rest. Then she fixed electric clamps to my cock, balls and nipples, and attached and turned on her Erostek 312, low at first, but soon rather strongly. This machine creates the most amazing effects, sometimes making tickling, tingling, almost soothing sensations, sometimes much stronger.

Making_UpWhen she saw that I was close to my limit she turned the power down slightly, sat down just out of my reach and began to make up her eyes and lips in a leisurely fashion. So I watched her, electricity surging through my body, while she slowly enacted one of the most intimate, sublimely provocative things that a woman can do with a man without actually touching him. By now my desire for her was desperate, almost unbearable, in fact so powerful that it could only happen in a BDSM session — that’s why it’s so special, for otherwise you would have long since assuaged your feelings by holding and embracing the person who had aroused them so strongly.

Latex GlovesMore was to come. She removed the electric nipple clamps but left them attached to my cock and balls and turned up the power. She put on a pair of long black latex gloves and stood close to me, her face now alluring in a new way with perfect red-lipsticked mouth and delicately mascara’d eyes. Then she began to play with me seriously. She pulled, twisted, pinched and squeezed my body, breast and nipples.

The latex gloves gave her fingers an excellent grip and allowed her to use her nails as freely as she wished. I sensed that she was really enjoying using me as her helpless plaything and was herself excited by the ever increasing desire that her actions and her looks provoked in me; she exulted in her beauty and her transcendent power over me. We seemed to be on an increasingly wild ride together. I was soon in a transport of pleasure which carried me completely over the top into that state we call sub-space where sensation becomes completely overwhelming and it is no longer possible to distinguish between pleasure and pain. My desire for her increased until it knew no bounds and I cried out incoherently. Before long I could not take any more, and she switched off the electrics and left me alone to recover.

It was fifteen minutes or more before I felt able to move and ask to be released from the swing.

What a Christmas present!

I have described this session in some detail partly to share it with others less lucky than I have been, but more to show why Goddess Alexia is not like other BDSM Mistresses. Most of them use harsh words and abusive language to assert their superiority. They believe that their role is simply to control and dominate, which they do by punishing, hurting and humiliating their supposedly inferior submissives, who must get some sexual and/or psychological relief from the way they are so badly treated. Goddess Alexia does none of this, although she uses many of the techniques of BDSM. She knows that she is superior and has no need to assert it. She uses her sublime beauty, her extraordinary appeal, her femininity and her commanding personality to overwhelm us and make us want and need to submit to her. Her great pleasure, in fact her passion, is to awaken our deep desires and feed them with the BDSM games she plays with us, so that soon we worship her because we must. It is a kind of adoring and submissive love that she makes us feel, which does not diminish but increases with time and familiarity. The better we know and revere her, the more she gives back to us. This is her truly great gift, which brings so much new experience, life-enhancing pleasure and real joy to those who are privileged to receive and share it with her.

    One of my worshippers sent me this fun photo



A Very Special Birthday Session

A little while ago I granted one of my worshippers the privilege of taking me to dinner at an exclusive London restaurant. It was his birthday and I gave him a very special present which only I could give him:

“Goddess, before last night I was already your devoted worshipper. But now I know that I shall be your worshipper and slave for ever, because I could not bear to live a life of which you are not a part. If I was only dimly aware of this before, last night made it absolutely clear to me.

When I brought you to my flat to entertain you before dinner, I thought it was only to give you that white leather jacket which we had seen together and I knew you liked, and which I had secretly bought for you — partly as a present for myself since you looked so beautiful wearing it!

But you had other ideas – all about spikes of various kinds! First you gave me a sharp-spiked cock ring and told me to strip naked and put it on. The cock ring was very tight. What I found so exciting was that you were so elegantly dressed yourself – by that Italian designer Giambattista Valli, no less. What a contrast – a naked man kneeling before an unbelievably beautiful and sexy fashion icon in a skin-tight ultra-short black couture dress. Your long gloves made it even sexier, and my prick, painfully stimulated by the cock ring, was soon stiff as a rod. But then you took my spiked prick in your hand and used it as a leash to drag me all around my own drawing room! I shall never think of that room in the same way again.

Next, you produced some very severe nipple clamps. Now I had sensations strong enough to distract me from my prick – but not for long, because soon you lay back on my red leather sofa, made me kneel before you and used the stiletto heels of your elegant sandals for some ruthless CBT. What an incredible sight you made, as you lay on the sofa in your beautiful dress and smiled so seductively at me as you dug your heels into my balls. Elegance, beauty, arousal, cruelty, pain – they all combined to create those extraordinarily powerful sensations that only BDSM can provide.

But much more was to follow. First you took off the nipple clamps. Then you put on the most extraordinary gloves I have ever seen – the fingers and palms are covered with innumerable sharp little pin-prick spikes so your hands can both caress and torture your worshippers at the same time. I think they are called “Vampire Gloves”. Now NT and CBT came together. You squeezed and twisted my nipples – your fingers so intimate, the pin-prick spikes so sharply painful. But this was nothing compared to what I felt when you moved to my prick and balls, and then caressed nipples, prick and balls all together. It was unbearably painful, it was unbearably pleasurable, and all the time you were looking closely at me and I was drowning in your eyes. You don’t usually let me look at you like that! You were very near to me, it was astonishingly intimate and yet there was never a clearer distinction between the Domme and her sub.

As you became more and more severe I began to talk incoherently about my feelings for you – probably about how I adored you and could not live without you, I expect. By now I could no longer distinguish between pain and pleasure and I started to hyperventilate and tremble violently. I was completely and utterly overwhelmed by your close presence and by the sensations and feelings you aroused in me. Only a true Goddess, and in my case only you yourself, could have done these things.

But the evening had hardly begun! Almost as if to let me down gently, you whipped my balls quite hard with a beautiful leather flogger, and then your surprise session was over. I wore the spiked cock ring for the rest of the evening to remind me of the session and my servitude to you. We had amazing food at the Sketch Library, a restaurant in Central London, where there were more waiters than tables and every dish arrived looking like a still-life painting. And I could look at you across the table …

Mine was not the only birthday celebration – there was a large and noisy party, fortunately in the next room, and people had tried quite hard to dress smartly for this smart restaurant. Some of the girls were very pretty, but not one of them could compare with you in beauty and elegance, let alone your extraordinary appeal. I was so proud that you had chosen me to take you there!

Thank you, thank you, perfect Goddess, for a perfect evening.”



A Weekend with the Goddess: The Meeting

I was waiting in my hotel room for Goddess Alexia, anticipating a little fearfully the moment she would arrive to try me out and decide whether I was fit to become her worshipper. She had confirmed that she was on her way; I was ready for her, prepared and naked as she had instructed.

When the bell rang I felt my heart pound and my mouth go dry, and when I opened the door I was left breathless at the sight of her. She was astonishingly beautiful. She was wearing a tight black latex dress that emphasized her perfect body, but it was her face and eyes that overwhelmed me. Speechless, I could not utter a word. Nor did she speak to me or smile, but looked at me searchingly as she held out her gloved hand for me to kiss. I knew at once that something important in my life was taking place.

She immediately established the rules I was to follow. I must ask permission to speak to her and when I did I would address her as “Goddess”, but this was a privilege which she would withdraw at once if I did not follow her instructions satisfactorily, or was disobedient or showed ingratitude in any way. I was always to stand in her presence unless she instructed me otherwise. However, I must always hold myself properly, since she disliked a servile appearance. I could look at her, but always discreetly and must never stare.

Then she fixed a tight cock-strap on me and made me kneel before her and grovel. Now I could smell, kiss and caress her feet while she taught me the 10 positions which every worshipper of Goddess Alexia must know and take up at her command. To forget them or fail to obey instantly is disobedience of the worst kind. These lessons learned, she gave me a latex top and shorts to put on.

Next she showed me what a soft session with her could be like. She trampled on me lightly and used her feet on my prick and balls. She tested several nipple clamps on me, then attached a leash to them and made me crawl after her, doggy-style. She allowed me to caress and massage her feet and calves, then showed me how she could reward me for pleasing her – a fantastic face-sitting while I kissed and caressed her wonderful ass. Then she did something which made me feel I must be dreaming: she teased and played with my nipples with fingers, nails and teeth until I almost came with the pleasure of it!

The first meeting with her was almost over, but before going she took me on all fours into the bathroom where I lay face down, unable to see. I heard her letting her golden champagne splash into the toilet bowl, and then, mockingly, she held out her panties for me to smell.

Her parting orders were to keep the cock-strap on all night so that I would be ready for the hard training session which was to come the next day. I spent that night in a fever of anticipation, waiting to be initiated further by Goddess Alexia when she returned in the morning.



A Weekend with the Goddess: Breakfast at the Hotel

The next morning I awoke with my mind full of the fantasies I had had about Goddess Alexia during the night – my tightly-ringed prick was as hard as a rock. In addition, I knew I was to fulfil the orders she had whispered to me as she said good-night the previous evening.

I took some ice-cubes, opened the curtains and stood naked in the window while playing with the ice on my nipples. They responded instantly, stimulated by the memory of what Goddess Alexia had done with them. This new play was immensely pleasurable, and coupled with the memories of the evening before, soon made me extremely horny and excited. But her strict orders had been to toy only gently with my prick, which otherwise would soon have exploded with pleasure. By the time she was due to return I had used up all the ice.

Five minutes before the due time I dressed again in the latex pants and top, which were cleverly designed to let Goddess Alexia inspect my nipples, prick and balls whenever she wished.

Suddenly she was in the room, having entered with a personal key, and took me by surprise. She was wearing a strappy short dress and gloves and said in a friendly voice “Hello my worshipper, I’m glad to see that you have obeyed my orders”. She also wore new stiletto-heeled boots; my first duty was to kneel and kiss them. I felt an enormous thrill of pleasure as I found myself again at her feet.

Soon a waiter arrived with the breakfast that she had rather cruelly ordered for one the night before. While he was in the room I had to hide, but that was the only time we were disturbed while we were there.

While she was eating she ordered me to lick clean the heels and soles of her boots. She then dropped a bit of muffin on the floor, crushed it with the sole of her boot and made me eat it off the floor without using my hands. However, I had forgotten that I was always to thank her at once for what she did. In a cold voice she reprimanded me for my rudeness, saying that she had changed her mind about the coming day and now intended to treat me very severely. This would be both a suitable punishment for me and a test of my willingness and ability to become her worshipper.

I was scared by the change in her manner and cursed myself for forgetting to thank her for anything and everything it pleased her to make me do, but I answered her in the only way I could: “Yes, Goddess”. As she smiled at me, I saw a glint in her eyes which made me even more nervous, but it aroused me as well … as I knelt before her chair she leaned forward so that I could smell her sexy breath, and she whispered hypnotically that after today she would utterly possess my mind and body and that I would truly worship her. Her closeness to me and her scent filled me with ecstasy; I had the strong feeling that she was a real Goddess and that I was a mere worthless man kneeling before her.

Ready to face any test that she could think of, I lay with my head close by her chair. She began to eat her breakfast in silence, and for a few long minutes I waited to see what she intended to do. Eventually, she asked if I was hungry. Relieved by the thought that at least she did not intend me to starve all day, I answered “Yes, Goddess”. She smiled at me with that curious glint in her eyes again, tore off a large chunk of muffin and ordered me to shut my eyes and open my mouth. In a few seconds my mouth was stuffed with a wet, sweet, half-chewed mush which I had to swallow as fast as I could, knowing I must thank her immediately. I dared not open my eyes as she fed the whole muffin to me in this way, telling me I should be proud to taste her saliva and that this was nothing compared to what was coming.

When the muffin was finished she let me open my eyes, but made me keep my mouth wide open. Now she filled her glass with water, drank some and dribbled it from her mouth to mine. Then she spat into my mouth for good measure and told me to swallow it all. In this way I drank a good half-litre of water mixed with her spit, and had to thank her for every mouthful.

When breakfast was finished I followed her again on all fours to the bathroom, this time having to bark like a dog as I crawled. Once more I lay face down while she let out her golden champagne and was made to suffer the frustration of sniffing her panties.

As we left the bathroom, she summoned me to my feet and said “The preliminaries are over: now you will start to learn what it is really like to be my worshipper. Come with me and get ready to enter my dungeon!”



A Weekend with the Goddess: The Session

I was still wearing the tight cock-strap, latex pants and top that Goddess Alexia had made me put on. Now she prepared me further for what I would experience in her realm. She fixed heavy clamps on my nipples and stretched the latex top tightly over them to increase their effect.

I put on casual clothes over my latex second skin to walk to her dungeon, always following behind her like a servant or errant schoolboy. On the way we stopped at a coffee bar where she ordered a large coffee, explaining sarcastically as she did so that worshippers like me needed something special and she was going to give it to me.

At the time I had no idea of what she had in mind, nor what degradation she intended to inflict on me.

As soon as we entered her apartment I had to take off my shoes and casual clothes and kneel before her. I took off her beautiful stiletto-heeled boots, licked them clean as best I could, and then worshipped her warm, damp feet with my lips and tongue.

The door to the room she called her dungeon was half-open and I could see some scary-looking things inside; I was relieved when she said there was still a little time before I would enter it and learn about her sadistic side. She went in herself and brought out a present for me – shoes with 4-inch heels, gloves, stockings and a latex maid dress.

She was going to teach me to be her personal servant and an obedient lady’s maid. I was immediately apprehensive – it was the sort of thing I knew I would not be good at.

Soon I was completely feminized in latex stockings and gloves, almost unable to move in my high-heeled shoes and tight dress. Nonetheless I had to learn to walk like the Goddess, moving my arms, legs and ass like a fashion model. I stumbled and sometimes fell; whereupon she would slap me hard for my clumsiness and make me start again from the beginning of the long corridor which led to the kitchen.

After many falls and slaps I finally reached the kitchen, where I was shown the things I would use to do the washing up and the laundry. During all this time, Goddess Alexia was drinking her coffee …

After she had shown me the bathroom and lavatory, she suddenly said loudly: “The moment has come! Kneel behind me and become my fully degraded worshipper!”. Her next words explained everything: “And now, my worshipper, be smothered by my fart!”

And I was – my nose and lungs were filled with a heady mixture of her perfume and bath oils, the scent of her underwear and skin, and the intensely carnal and intimate odours of her body. Without understanding what was to happen, I knelt behind her and prepared to kiss her divine ass. But she seized my head with both hands and pressed my face into her bum so hard that I could not breathe.

For a full minute she held me there, until I was gasping for breath and inebriated by the perverse effects of what I was sensing. I felt myself losing control; it was as if she had administered a drug to make me better able to bear the pain I was about to experience in her dungeon.

And now we entered the dungeon. I took off my maid costume and was fitted with a leather hood and collar. My ankles were strapped to a spreader bar and my wrists were fastened to a similar bar suspended from the ceiling. She unzipped my pants and fixed the cock-strap on me even more tightly than before. Then she took a many-tailed flogger and began to use it vigorously on my nipples, prick and balls, telling me to thank her for every stroke.

Whenever I failed to thank her at once for the pain she was inflicting, she slapped my face, getting harder every time, and continued. She looked amazingly graceful and sexy as she whipped me but eventually I could bear it no longer and begged her for mercy. As she granted it and untied me, she smiled evilly …

I soon realized why. This time I was strapped doggie-style to a bench and my arms and legs were firmly tied down so I could no longer turn to see her. She unzipped the back of my latex pants to expose my naked ass,  then took a cane and started to beat me mercilessly. Every stroke was nearly unbearable and my ass soon felt as if it was on fire.

I tried not to cry out but soon could not help it, so she stopped once more and asked “Is your ass virgin, by any chance?” I nodded, whereupon she said laughingly  “But not for long, I think!”

Now I was really worried and cried “Please, no, I asked for that not to happen – it was my only hard limit and I don’t want it!”

But even as I cried out I knew she would pay no attention – she already had me in her power and knew that I would allow and even want her to do whatever she liked with me.

Nonetheless, I went on imploring her not to go on, but as I was completely immobilized on the bench she soon had me ball-gagged and unable to protest any further. She showed me her latex-gloved hand and started to penetrate my virgin ass with one finger. As she continued, I realized that she was doing it partly to please herself, but also to symbolize and emphasize her total dominance of me and my total submission to her, and that this was what I wanted and needed.

Having worked her finger in and out until it moved easily, she took it out, inserted two fingers and repeated the process. Then she said “You are no longer a virgin!” and went on until three fingers glided in and out easily without any strain.

When she had finished raping my ass, she warned me that I must thank her most gratefully as soon as she took the gag off. With an enormous effort I managed to do so, whereupon she said: ”Good, my worshipper, I know that was what you really wanted! Next time we will go on until you can take all four fingers and then a strap-on!”



A Weekend with the Goddess: In The Bathroom

After her vigorous play in the dungeon, Goddess Alexia decided that she was a little tired and now wanted to have a restful and relaxing time.

I dressed once more as her latex maid and followed her to her private bathroom. She ordered me to kneel and prepare a warm bubble-bath for her while she got ready. I was excited by the thought that she might allow me to see her naked while she bathed, but knew that all would depend on my pleasing her by getting the bath just right. As the water filled the bath I became more and more nervous, but fortunately she came back at just the right moment, praised me and told me to stay on my knees while I undressed her.

I took off her beautiful boots, licked and kissed her damp and sweaty feet, removed her beautiful fuchsia dress, and saw what amazingly sexy underwear she was wearing! By now I was very horny and clumsily started to unfasten her bra. This was a big mistake – she stopped me at once and said angrily “How dare you touch my body so intimately, bitch!”. She slapped my face very hard and ordered me to lie face-down on the floor for two minutes. So I missed seeing her take off the rest of her clothes, and only heard the splash of the water as she entered the bath. The two minutes I had to stay on the floor seemed very long.

When she finally let me kneel and resume my role as her maid, I saw her perfect breasts and nipples for the first time. Seeing that I was completely distracted, she ordered me to stop staring and concentrate on washing her smooth legs and feet exactly as she showed me. I used a soft sponge on her feet, legs, arms and hands; I was relieved and happy to see her relaxing and enjoying it. But my hopes of seeing her divine pussy were dashed when she stood up and I saw that she was still wearing her sexy panties. She made me turn my back while she washed her intimate parts herself.

Now I towelled and dried her body so far as she allowed me to, then took fresh towels to the living room and placed them ready on the couch where I was to give her a professional massage – if I could! A few minutes later she came into the room wearing only her luxury underwear. She gave me a bottle of perfumed massage oil and lay down on the couch. Then she explained exactly how I should massage her oiled body, which relieved me very much. With her help, I was able to begin with her toes and feet, her calves and thighs, and then to massage her perfect ass, her soft-skinned back, her hands, arms and neck.

I knew that I was immensely privileged to be allowed to perform such a service for her, and I was overjoyed when she told me that my efforts were good enough to relax and please her. However, what really overwhelmed me during these moments was the enormous pleasure I experienced as I moved my hands over and felt her oiled, sensuous, perfect body – the body of a Goddess.



An Unusual Outdoor Session in New York

Some time ago I went to the USA to play with a worshipper who wanted to share his experience of the New York scene with me. One day I may tell you all about our kinky dungeon adventures! For now I want to tell you about the fantastic hotel he found for me and what happened there.

Hotel Gansevoort

The Hotel Gansevoort is modern, trendy, luxurious, cool, sexy — and the best thing is that it has a roof-top open-air swimming pool, with the amazing New York skyline as a backdrop. I had given my worshipper a hard time in a nearby private dungeon, and when he brought me back to the hotel it was very late. When we went to the pool to relax and recover we were the only people there, and I decided to continue the session a little longer.

I sat on the edge of the pool in a silver swimsuit and made him go into the water. At first I let him kiss and suck my toes. Soon he had to suck them all at once while trying to lick the sole of my foot. Then I forced his head under the water and the game became a combination of foot worship and extreme breath control. I let him up to breathe from time to time and pushed him down again as soon as he had gasped for breath. I thought that getting enough air would be his principal problem, but he told me later that the harder thing was to keep the water out of his mouth while my foot was forcing it open. However, he adored being half-drowned by the foot of his Goddess, and it turned into a real in-the-zone BDSM experience for him.


When I decided he had had enough, I revived him with a vigorous face massage using the soles of both my feet , then joined him in the pool. Finally, as a special reward, I allowed him to lift me out of the pool and rub me down with a towel. This was the first time he had touched any part of me except my feet for the whole of our time together!



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  1. My God! My Goddess! That is a weekend to remember. I hope I will be allowed to do the same some time. worshiper michael

  2. My Dear Goddess Alexia gave me one of the treats of my life so far when she sessioned me in the high street and then in the park., and then in her chambers. To explain, she met me in a shop, looking stunning and almost traffic-stopping in a flattering fuchsia outfit. She tortured my nipples and nether parts while her face was close up to mine. We were in public, but I know she knew what she was doing, and it gave me such a thrill. We walked to a Japanese garden (I’m utterly under her control by now). She was the most fragrant and prettiest of all the blooms in the garden, and I know that mine were not the only eyes that were drawn to her. I am such a lucky and honoured worshiper of London Mistress Alexia!. Thank you! Worshiper Michael.

    • A naked butler in a role-play with me or in a multi-domme fetish party that will be fun. Email me.

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