London Mistress – Goddess Alexia is back in London

London Mistresses - leather boots

London Mistresses – leather boots

I am sitting here on my balcony in Central London admiring the views of London; the sun is shining and the trees are colourful, it is a real golden autumn.

It is now the time to take my long tight high-heeled leather boots out and all those beautiful leather outfits. I have a really extensive wardrobe of leather outfits and of course a rainbow of leather gloves that are a perfect completion of every leather outfit.

I met some London Mistresses to catch up and it seems that London was rather quiet over the summer.

I was busy travelling with my worshippers to my BDSM RETREAT in Europe. I especially was inspired when I got a few requests from couples who wanted to learn more about domination. Domination for Couples is very special because it brings them together and deepens their relationships.

I really love to see a new deep relation being born as a result of our amazing and insightful sessions. Domination for Couples is a new way to learn about each other, rejuvenate the relationship and keep that fire. It makes you grow together and stay happy and excited forever. It is really a bliss.

I also had worshippers who travelled there with me to live the lifestyle for a while as this is a unique experience.

To go with me to my BDSM Retreat and have this unique and exciting experience contact me here: /index.php?p=m&idg=mg,7,19

Goddess Alexia in Leather boots

Goddess Alexia in Leather boots

All the Fetish Balls around the world are over and now everyone is getting ready for Halloween.

Where are you going to go this year for Halloween? If you have a chance to take me out on that day where would it be and why?

Keep me posted below and I will certainly announce a winner.

Kinky regards

Goddess Alexia




My First Public Speaking as Goddess Alexia: Domination in London

London Domination MainStream

     London Domination MainStream

London Rocks!!!! as always and London Domination gives an exciting twist to it, making this city the capital of Domination, Fetish & BDSM.

After my wonderful time in Cape Town in June and early this month I am back home to look after my faithful worshippers who missed me so much and long to see me and serve me. I also enjoy the London Domination scene.

I must admit that my amazing worshippers in Cape Town made me feel like home.

I was guided, escorted and looked after all the time like a true Goddess. It was breathtaking and very exciting. I am definitely going back later on this year, maybe for Xmas and New Year, after all I am used to sun and the beach in December 😉 because I spent my previous Xmas season in Dubai which was very exciting too.


Domination Hits the Mainstream!!!!!!

Yes it’s official — I gave a public talk in front of a vanilla audience in a beautiful and exclusive members club in Mayfair! It was awesome, an eye-opener for many and definitely exciting and inspiring for me to see so many people willing to learn and discover the world of domination.

I was talking about ‘Why do people love domination’ which seemed to be a very popular subject.

I was also promoting my first upcoming book which is a hands-on Domination Guide for Couples who want to take their relationship onto another level and really spice it up, and for Women who want a new exciting career as a successful and sophisticated Dominatrix, or simply unleash the Goddess within and use it in everyday life.

I received very good feedback and e-mails keep coming in with many enquiries from the vanilla crowd.

Now I would like to hear from you and learn what you want to learn more about in the world of Domination, Fetish and BDSM. Send me your questions and I will include them in my book too as I am still writing it.

I made two appearances during that evening. First I was announced as the world-renowned dominatrix Goddess Alexia, who was to share insights into the world of domination.


Indeed I was talking how Mind is heavily involved in every fantasy and every role-play and that’s why I put such a big emphasis on Mind Control, Mind Domination, Seduction and Tie & Tease. Those are fundamental elements of the art of domination. Every time I session, I am very involved in getting into my worshipper’s mind and really learning what there is to discover and how I can use it for our mutual pleasure and empowerment.

After a sensual rope bondage demonstration by a wonderful very in-love couple, I made my second appearance where I gave a hands-on experience. For starters I changed into my long black latex dress that everyone loves — it’s the one shown here!

First I exercised Mind Control on the crowd which they really liked; there was even one dominatrix present who said that she was completely gone with my seductive voice and that she was completely mine.

At the end I invited one willing and very attractive man to demo sensory deprivation role-play using my special unit. I also demonstrated a few nipple-tease plays.

Overall, going out there into the mainstream crowd is really fun and makes people aware of what is there to discover. It is really empowering and inspiring.

From now on I am going to make more public appearances, promoting my book, and of course the fantasy world of domination and FemDom.

I am now in London sessioning and enjoying the fabulous weather.

Email me your questions and anything else that you would like to learn about domination. I would like to enrich my book with your feedback and input, because it is written for you, to be used by you.

Kinky regards

Goddess Alexia


London Domination MainStream

London Domination MainStream

Domination Berlin – German Fetish Ball 2013 – My BDSM Academy

Domination Berlin

Domination Berlin, Fetish Photo Session Goddess Alexia & Perla Tiana

It was one eventful weekend with very little sleep and loads of modelling & partying.

I arrived in Berlin straight into a fetish photo session with two great photographers and the beautiful fetish model Perla Tiana.

As always I am an exhibitionist, and I love shooting outdoors dressed in latex, especially kinky fetish scenes. So we did our shoot in a hallway with a glass wall, dressed in blue and black catsuits – you can read more about it in my previous post.

The Glass-Walled Hallway

The Glass-Walled Hallway

The next morning I came up with the idea of shooting by the river with ‘vanilla’ people looking on. I always like to make it into a real life-style scene and it worked amazingly well – I got many new fans and had lots of fun.   😉

The big party – the German Fetish Ball on Sunday – was fab. Our catwalk show was the first to go on and it kick-started the big ball. Here is the link to the video from the show – I am the one with the whip of course, showing them who’s the boss, using it properly and having lots of fun doing it.   😉

The other shows were also fantastic; I especially loved the show by German designer, and indeed what a show! It was simply one of the best I have seen at such events.

Domination Berlin is full on in my calendar. I announced only recently that I now conduct professional domination sessions in Berlin, and I have already seen a few worshippers during my short stay in Berlin.

Berlin Domination, German Fetish Ball 2012, Photo shoot with Perla Tiana

My BDSM Academy is also full on and indeed I saw an amazing couple in Berlin who are just getting started in the  BDSM scene. She wanted to become his Goddess and turn him into her worshipper. They came to my hotel and we went to my suite for their first intro session.

We began by changing into full-on latex outfits which they had brought with them. I was already wearing a red latex dress and boots.

The lady was very beautiful and petite, while her man looked very dominant like a big Viking, so it was a nice combination, although I did wonder whether he would be able to surrender to her and give up his very dominant personality.

She received a full evening of Mind Domination training and became his beloved Goddess. I was absolutely amazed to see how he adored his woman, how devoted to her he was, and how his highest priority was making her happy and feeling beautiful.

She told me that she had never felt that way before, and that he had never been able to express his emotions in that way – she was really touched and impressed. In fact they have signed up for a year of mentoring; we will be meeting once a month for a full weekend of training in different areas of Domination & BDSM.

I absolutely love to see couples bonding in this way and rediscovering themselves again and again, always hungry for each other and always evolving their relationship. I can honestly say that mine is a very rewarding (and lucrative) profession, so much so that all my apprentice girls are eager to learn more and more every day.

Enrol In My BDSM Academy And Take Your Relationship Deeper Even To Kinky Corners Of Your Imagination: /index.php?p=m&idg=mg,7,19

To become my apprentice and Become A Successful Dominatrix With a Fantastic Career, apply here: /index.php?p=m&idg=mg,7,19.

Berlin Domination, German Fetish Ball 2013

Berlin Domination, German Fetish Ball 2013

A Famous London Mistress in Denver, Colorado

Yes!  I really love travelling and this time it’s Welcome America!

SExyI am going to Denver for a couple of “Fantasy Kidnap” sessions. I’m going to team up with a local Denver Dominatrix and use her dungeon as well as my luxurious hotel room. It will be FUN FUN FUN for all of us – especially for the worshipper from LA who has wanted to see me for years but could never make it to London. I have planned everything and he is certain to be overwhelmed – I love it! Doing what you are supremely good at is so satisfying …

If you would like to session with me and can come yourself to Denver in the 1st week of March, there is still time to arrange something amazing. Contact me right now here

Kinkiest regards! Your Goddess

Top London Dominatrix Goddess Alexia is back in town! The Academy of Seduction & Domination is now open for Couples.

Your London Mistress is back!

I am happy to be recognised as one of the best London Mistresses in the world and wherever I go I am so welcomed.

Word of mouth recommendations ripple out so fast that I have created an international circle of domination where I travel on a regular basis just to see pre-booked worshippers and fetish couples who want to learn.

Cape Town was fantastic and gave me a fresh breeze of ideas. I have learnt that there are many open-minded couples that want to learn and play more.

I am focusing on teaching couples the art of domination and how they can become Goddess and worshipper.

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ made many people aware of BDSM and Mind Control but it didn’t really show what it is all about.

When I see couples I give them the whole introduction to the world of Domination and desire, tie & tease, control & sensual role-plays, because it is all about the art of seduction.

I have a few couples who are getting started now in London and we are focused on Foot Fetish, tie & tease, the art of seduction, and Goddess Worship as well as Mind Control. Each subject is a session on its own and I have prepared a clear and exciting program. Each couple has its own customised program and special extras.

I am interviewing couples who are interested in exploring the world of domination and want to join the Academy of Seduction and Domination. It is an international Academy, as I travel around the world and have groups in major cities.

Contact me for more info here.

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