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Domination in Berlin, Berlin Mistresses and the Fetish scene.

mistress berlinYes it is a fantastic city and the German Fetish Ball takes place this weekend!

How many times have I said that I love Berlin?! That’s why I keep going there every other month! Of course I have my favourite fetish studio that I work from and  I invite my worshippers to see me there except during the German Fetish Ball. Because that party is usually booked way in advance by those worshippers who love to travel with me and who are in my ‘Exclusive Inner Circle’.

Since I have received numerous emails from you asking about travelling and becoming my regular/personal worshipper, this is a good place for me to explain to you all the rules of my ‘Exclusive Inner Circle’ — who can belong to it and what privileges come with it.

First,  it is open to those worshippers with whom I get on very well and we both click personality wise. You will know whether this is true for you or not.

You must tell me clearly that you want to be more than an ordinary client  and become my personal worshipper.  It must come from the heart,  and you must convince me that you really are open to a new adventure in your life, and that you are eager to be there for me, to serve and worship me. I am more likely to consider those worshippers who have served me regularly for a long time.

You must be able to afford my fees and those other expenses that come with my Goddess lifestyle. I have never allowed anyone to spend more than he can afford simply to be with me, no matter how much he has desired it. Of course, I have always made sure that my worshippers are overwhelmed with what they experience while serving me, so the temptation for them to overspend is there.

Once you are in my inner circle you will be among the first to be invited to accompany me to events, not only public fetish events but also private exclusive happenings that I am invited to.

I will arrange special rates for you to make it fair for both of us, but also exclusively for you.

You will have the chance to travel with me to the official places and events listed on my website promotions page.

You will also have the chance to travel privately with me on holiday and go to private locations not available to my ordinary clients.

Once a year you will be invited to a special BDSM retreat where you will serve me and I will take you to another level of self-discovery.

My ‘Exclusive Inner Circle’ has a limited number of places since it requires much dedication and time from me, so I can take only one more person this year. If you really want to enter this special world of discovery and excitement, apply now and email me here.

Have a fantastic Kinky Weekend!

Greetings from your
Goddess Alexia

Domination Berlin – German Fetish Ball 2013 – My BDSM Academy

Domination Berlin

Domination Berlin, Fetish Photo Session Goddess Alexia & Perla Tiana

It was one eventful weekend with very little sleep and loads of modelling & partying.

I arrived in Berlin straight into a fetish photo session with two great photographers and the beautiful fetish model Perla Tiana.

As always I am an exhibitionist, and I love shooting outdoors dressed in latex, especially kinky fetish scenes. So we did our shoot in a hallway with a glass wall, dressed in blue and black catsuits – you can read more about it in my previous post.

The Glass-Walled Hallway

The Glass-Walled Hallway

The next morning I came up with the idea of shooting by the river with ‘vanilla’ people looking on. I always like to make it into a real life-style scene and it worked amazingly well – I got many new fans and had lots of fun.   😉

The big party – the German Fetish Ball on Sunday – was fab. Our catwalk show was the first to go on and it kick-started the big ball. Here is the link to the video from the show – I am the one with the whip of course, showing them who’s the boss, using it properly and having lots of fun doing it.   😉


The other shows were also fantastic; I especially loved the show by German designer http://www.luellepop-design.de, and indeed what a show! It was simply one of the best I have seen at such events.


Domination Berlin is full on in my calendar. I announced only recently that I now conduct professional domination sessions in Berlin, and I have already seen a few worshippers during my short stay in Berlin.

Berlin Domination, German Fetish Ball 2012, Photo shoot with Perla Tiana

My BDSM Academy is also full on and indeed I saw an amazing couple in Berlin who are just getting started in the  BDSM scene. She wanted to become his Goddess and turn him into her worshipper. They came to my hotel and we went to my suite for their first intro session.

We began by changing into full-on latex outfits which they had brought with them. I was already wearing a red latex dress and boots.

The lady was very beautiful and petite, while her man looked very dominant like a big Viking, so it was a nice combination, although I did wonder whether he would be able to surrender to her and give up his very dominant personality.

She received a full evening of Mind Domination training and became his beloved Goddess. I was absolutely amazed to see how he adored his woman, how devoted to her he was, and how his highest priority was making her happy and feeling beautiful.

She told me that she had never felt that way before, and that he had never been able to express his emotions in that way – she was really touched and impressed. In fact they have signed up for a year of mentoring; we will be meeting once a month for a full weekend of training in different areas of Domination & BDSM.

I absolutely love to see couples bonding in this way and rediscovering themselves again and again, always hungry for each other and always evolving their relationship. I can honestly say that mine is a very rewarding (and lucrative) profession, so much so that all my apprentice girls are eager to learn more and more every day.

Enrol In My BDSM Academy And Take Your Relationship Deeper Even To Kinky Corners Of Your Imagination: /index.php?p=m&idg=mg,7,19

To become my apprentice and Become A Successful Dominatrix With a Fantastic Career, apply here: /index.php?p=m&idg=mg,7,19.

Berlin Domination, German Fetish Ball 2013

Berlin Domination, German Fetish Ball 2013

Fetish German Ball Welcomes Goddess Alexia!

Latex Catsuit, Domination Berlin, Dominatrix Berlin

Latex Catsuit, Domination Berlin, Dominatrix Berlin

Fetish German Ball Welcomes Goddess Alexia!

I arrived yesterday to join one the hottest and kinkiest weekends in the world, yes Berlin rocks!!!
I was picked up by my fantastic Berlin latex worshipper AR with his impressive brand new car. We drove straight to my glamorous hotel where I was waiting for Perla Tiana with whom I arranged a sexy latex photo session. She arrived beautiful and super chic as always;) I changed into my blue latex catsuit and did a big dark make-up, while she put on her black latex catsuits. Both of our photographers were helping us into our costumes as latex can be quite demanding 😉

We were shooting all evening until late hours, the right time to go the fetish party which took place at the KitKat

Tonight is the night!
Tonight is the Main German Fetish Ball with all the fashion shows and performances.

Your Goddess Alexia will be modeling in an amzing outfit from Brigitte More lovely latex.
Just wait for the pics….

I am also pro-sessioning with my clients/worshippers while in Berlin. I even have a Berlin Fantasy Kidnap role-play arranged ;)!!! To book a session with me in Berlin or Dusseldorf contact me here.

Of course, post your comments here too.

Kinky regards
from your latex Goddess Alexia

German Fetish Ball – Goddess Alexia celebrates her birthday in Berlin at the event!

German Fetish Ball 2013

German Fetish Ball & Goddess Alexia Birthday Party ;)

BDSM Berlin and Domination Berlin are special because the German Fetish & BDSM scene is huge.

I am really excited about the German Fetish Ball. This amazing event takes place every year in Berlin and attracts thousands of professional and life-style fetish people who like to live exciting and kinky lives. I am definitely one of them — both because of my profession and very definitely because of my life-style.

As one of the top London Mistresses who is also a  Dominatrix & Fetish Model known throughout the world, you would expect me to have been to all the big BDSM & Fetish events. Surprise, surprise —  I have not! I have been to the London Fetish Ball many times, several times to Kink in the Caribbean & OWK and gone to countless fetish parties around the world — but not yet to the German Fetish Ball.

I am so excited about the German Fetish Ball because:

1 It will be my first time!

2 Another BIG reason to be excited is that my Birthday happens to be during the German Fetish Ball, so I will be celebrating BIG time!!!

3 One more excitement — not only will I be celebrating my birthday, I will also be modelling on the catwalk for the amazing and very creative Dutch latex designer Brigitte More, whose work I like very much. Anyone want to buy something for my birthday from her?!!

4 To top it all, I will be getting into the depths of BDSM Berlin & Domination Berlin, conducting professional domination sessions during and after the German Fetish Ball.

All of you who would like to experience real seduction & domination with the premier London Dominatrix (me!) — book your session here. I will be sessioning in Berlin from 18th-21st May. Book a session now!

Kinky regards

Goddess Alexia