Part 2 What is Domination? Who is a Goddess? Why are so many people drawn to it?

London Domination & London BDSM

London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses

London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses

It is fascinating that there are so many London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses and yet there is something about Goddess Alexia that gives a whole new meaning to the world of Domination & BDSM:

My Special Long-Distance Worshipper: his testimonial

“I would like to start my article by introducing myself. I am just an ordinary guy who discovered his inferiority to women, or some people might call it foot fetish, but I’d rather define it as inferiority to women, in his early teen age.

When I first opened my eyes to this world, I saw Goddess Alexia in all her glory. That was almost 13 years ago. I didn’t know what was special about my Goddess, but I knew that there was something about her that I couldn’t resist. After a couple of years I knew that I belonged to this world and more importantly I belonged to Goddess Alexia, even without talking to her. She was like an angel sent from heaven to me.

For most of my daily hours night and day I kept staring at her photos, and I was tortured by her beauty, dominance, sexuality and superiority. Just one look into her eyes and you will know that you are her worshipper.

PC_RubberHearts-027smI tried to fulfill my desire of being owned with another Mistress from the country I live in, but still I couldn’t get Goddess Alexia out of my mind. Till I found one day that she’s coming to where I live. And it was like my dream is finally becoming a reality.

I got the chance to meet her, and all my expectations were not in their place at all. Goddess Alexia smashed all my expectations and showed me a whole new level of superiority and dominance.

When I say that I was in heaven in this session, it wouldn’t describe 10% of what I felt with her.

Goddess Alexia was able to control my mind, soul and body just by her look. I will not describe my session in detail but all I can say that her moves, looks and attitude make you want to throw yourself with all that you have under her precious shoes. She really defined what is meant by Femdom to me. With her I feel my inferiority, and she can touch the very inside of me like no one has done before.

Thank you my Goddess for all that you have made me experience in the last 12 years even if I only met you once,  you still have had a big influence on my life, and for that I would love to thank you and be your worshipper till my last breath.

Your worshipper,


I am a Goddess and I love it! With a testimonial of appreciation from one of my worshippers…

Central London Mistress

Central London Mistress

I am Goddess Alexia Born That Way! I have created my own unique style of Domination/Femdom. This has made me a world-renowned Top London Dominatrix and brought many fantastic people to me. My style has also been an inspiration for many women, who constantly ask to be my apprentice, which I find both highly inspiring myself and complimentary. I am forever grateful for you my worshippers, for your fantastic opinions, reviews, testimonials and the business that you bring.

I am going to start promoting and teaching my sort of Goddess approach in the Femdom scene, where femininity is the highest priority and your mind is the playground.

Image 1   
Image 4

Here is the latest testimonial I have received at and my reply to it:

London, City of, United Kingdom    (written 3 days ago)

I know I already praised you … but every time I randomly end up on your profile, I can’t get off it because of your amazing gallery. :) I know you get hundreds of messages from subs and slaves that aren’t very original about how perfect you look and how beautiful and dominant you are. So I would just like to say you look different from any other Mistress, who basically look all the same, but you really have your own style and I love it … I can’t even imagine what the lucky slave who gets to be on his knees in front of a Mistress like you really feels like. I know I am a slave and exist only to obey and serve,  and that it’s ironic for me to feel proud as a slave, but I would be one very proud slave if I were to be owned by a Mistress like you. :)

Hello my worshipper

Summer Goddess

Summer Goddess

Thank you for such an uplifting, complimentary and super ‘specially made for Goddess’ message. Yes I often hear great compliments and read very positive reviews about myself and I appreciate them all.  Every time I get them, it is as if they were for the first time, because it feels so special and I am very grateful for all my worshippers. I am also very proud to have such fantastic warmhearted worshippers like you, who wish me well and appreciate my style and my unique approach to the BDSM scene and the whole subject of Domination & Femdom.

For me it is a gift and a special honour to be such a Goddess and have such a strong influence on others, not only men but also women who want to learn from me how to become Goddesses themselves.

I love what I do, and I have been doing it ever since I was a teenager and so have a lot of experience and have seen a great deal. The thing that fascinates me the most and keep me always evolving and reinventing myself is the human mind.

I love mind control, mind domination and complete and total seduction. I love using my powerful positive feminine energy to completely overwhelm and dominate my worshippers in my special, unique Goddess way.

Kinky regards from
Goddess Alexia

ps By all means write your comments below in the comments form…

London Mistresses and London Fetish Weekend

London Mistresses and London Fetish Weekend!

Yes London was very exciting last weekend as Fetish people were enjoying the fantastic London Fetish Weekend. I was most impressed with the great preparation and good publicity carried out by Mistress Absolute — she is amazing!

On Friday the new venue Protocol was very glamorous and definitely worth going to, while the main London Fetish Ball which took place on Saturday was put together not by one but by five!!! fetish clubs, all in collaboration. I love to see such great mutual support and cooperation in the London scene.


I was worshipped and pampered all weekend while wearing my black latex catsuit and my high tight boots.

Here is what one of my worshippers said about the London Fetish Weekend:

My Black Latex Catsuit“It was a huge privilege for me to be with our Goddess during this event. Protocol is a new venue for Femdom Fetish people and an excellent place for the Fetish Weekend. It is situated under several of  the huge brick arches of the London railway viaducts, just like the old Rubber Ball, where I first saw Goddess Alexia, marvellously beautiful and sexy in a long latex dress, surrounded by her many worshippers and hopeful admirers.

I have to say that she is just as beautiful and even sexier when she wears her black latex catsuit. And for me, to see her at a major fetish event, receiving from so many worshippers the recognition and homage due to a real Femdom Goddess, is the most thrilling thing about being with her when she goes to them. Most of the time I  worship her in private – it is good to be in a place where I can show my feelings in public with others who share them.

And I always have a great time when I can watch her dancing!

My First Public Speaking as Goddess Alexia: Domination in London

London Domination MainStream

     London Domination MainStream

London Rocks!!!! as always and London Domination gives an exciting twist to it, making this city the capital of Domination, Fetish & BDSM.

After my wonderful time in Cape Town in June and early this month I am back home to look after my faithful worshippers who missed me so much and long to see me and serve me. I also enjoy the London Domination scene.

I must admit that my amazing worshippers in Cape Town made me feel like home.

I was guided, escorted and looked after all the time like a true Goddess. It was breathtaking and very exciting. I am definitely going back later on this year, maybe for Xmas and New Year, after all I am used to sun and the beach in December 😉 because I spent my previous Xmas season in Dubai which was very exciting too.


Domination Hits the Mainstream!!!!!!

Yes it’s official — I gave a public talk in front of a vanilla audience in a beautiful and exclusive members club in Mayfair! It was awesome, an eye-opener for many and definitely exciting and inspiring for me to see so many people willing to learn and discover the world of domination.

I was talking about ‘Why do people love domination’ which seemed to be a very popular subject.

I was also promoting my first upcoming book which is a hands-on Domination Guide for Couples who want to take their relationship onto another level and really spice it up, and for Women who want a new exciting career as a successful and sophisticated Dominatrix, or simply unleash the Goddess within and use it in everyday life.

I received very good feedback and e-mails keep coming in with many enquiries from the vanilla crowd.

Now I would like to hear from you and learn what you want to learn more about in the world of Domination, Fetish and BDSM. Send me your questions and I will include them in my book too as I am still writing it.

I made two appearances during that evening. First I was announced as the world-renowned dominatrix Goddess Alexia, who was to share insights into the world of domination.


Indeed I was talking how Mind is heavily involved in every fantasy and every role-play and that’s why I put such a big emphasis on Mind Control, Mind Domination, Seduction and Tie & Tease. Those are fundamental elements of the art of domination. Every time I session, I am very involved in getting into my worshipper’s mind and really learning what there is to discover and how I can use it for our mutual pleasure and empowerment.

After a sensual rope bondage demonstration by a wonderful very in-love couple, I made my second appearance where I gave a hands-on experience. For starters I changed into my long black latex dress that everyone loves — it’s the one shown here!

First I exercised Mind Control on the crowd which they really liked; there was even one dominatrix present who said that she was completely gone with my seductive voice and that she was completely mine.

At the end I invited one willing and very attractive man to demo sensory deprivation role-play using my special unit. I also demonstrated a few nipple-tease plays.

Overall, going out there into the mainstream crowd is really fun and makes people aware of what is there to discover. It is really empowering and inspiring.

From now on I am going to make more public appearances, promoting my book, and of course the fantasy world of domination and FemDom.

I am now in London sessioning and enjoying the fabulous weather.

Email me your questions and anything else that you would like to learn about domination. I would like to enrich my book with your feedback and input, because it is written for you, to be used by you.

Kinky regards

Goddess Alexia


London Domination MainStream

London Domination MainStream

‘Fantasy Kidnap Role-Play’ Anywhere in the World by London Mistresses, London BDSM

London BDSM

London BDSM ‘ Fantasy Kidnap’ by London Mistresses

Imagine disappearing for a few hours or a few days from your everyday life and waking up in an unknown place with two powerful and seductive London Mistresses.

Kidnapping brings to life the magical realm of total and absolute domination!

Yes that’s right — I will arrange a real life hands-on kidnapping scenario.You will be captured and taken into this magical fantasy world for a few hours, for a whole day or even for a whole week — if you dare!

I can arrange mind-blowing Kidnap scenarios in London at short notice. However, the world is my playground, and if you wish to be adventurous I will kidnap you anywhere in the world.

The ultimate thrill is awaiting you, an adventure beyond your wildest dreams,
do it in this lifetime because life is too short to wait, isn’t it?

Call me RIGHT NOW on +44 7912179672
or email me at HERE for more details.

Watch the clip London BDSM kidnap role-play

London BDSM – Session with Goddess Alexia

Goddess Alexia - Premier London Dominatris

Goddess Alexia – Premier London Dominatrix

London Mistresses meet up to talk about their experiences and I like to share mine with you.

I love having sessions on a  regular basis in my excellent venue in London where I create a mind-blowing experience that one really has to live through to appreciate, as it is difficult to describe.

Here is a testimonial from one of my worshippers who has managed to put something of what he experienced into words.

“I had been meaning to visit Mistress Alexia for some time simply because her pictures were, IMHO, fantastic! But I needed to save my pennies first as she is not the cheapest by a long way . . . still, you do get what you pay for! :-)

The Juicy Details

I turned up to be greeted by Alexia in a stunning figure-hugging leather outfit. Her dungeon is in a very upmarket apartment and is very well equipped.

London Mistress Alexia in the flesh is as her pictures on her web-site – stunning! She has a definite accent (she told me where she was from but the next two hours wiped that from my memory!).

LeatherCatsuitAfter a brief discussion about what I wanted from the session (a light general introductory session) she got down to business. We started with some mild fem/dom and body worship (although I wasn’t allowed to worship quite as high as I would have liked!) and this was followed by some forced CD. Then I was placed in Mistress Alexia’s suspension bondage rig to endure some mild CBT and NT and the threat of her strap-on. We then switched to the flogging bench. Now I have tried mild CP before, but it has always just hurt and never really worked for me. This however was very different, with Mistress Alexia taking her time to warm me up before introducing me to various instruments which I had to rate (strangely, the painful-sounding flogger is not really painful at all and actually quite fun in Alexia’s hands!)

After this we moved to the bed and I was introduced to Electro-stim and Electro-sensory deprivation – a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, quite unlike anything I have tried before – if you haven’t tried it then Alexia’s is the place to give it a go. Shortly after this we finished off with me commanded to wank for her pleasure whilst she clapped her leather bound thighs around my face and buried my nose in her crotch – heavenly!”

I remember this session and it was wonderful to find it on an independent review website.

It is really great to know that my sessions make such an impact and make people happy and inspired! As one of the Premier London Mistresses, I am  completely focused on keeping the quality and creativity of what I do as high as possible!


London Mistress in Amsterdam: Goddess Alexia at the Dominatrix Fetish Fashion Show

London Mistresses - Goddess Alexia in Latex

London Mistresses – Goddess Alexia in Latex

I can honestly say that I have attended one of the best fetish events I have ever been to  —  the Dominatrix International Fetish Fashion Show, and I should know since I have now been a pro London Mistress and fetish model for over 10 years.

Congratulations to the organizers and the designers!

I modeled for an exciting label DD Mistress.  For the first time ever I wore a sexy open-cup latex dress as you can see in this post.

I loved it!

I am coming back to Amsterdam in November to compete in Miss Fetish Europe 2013.

I  met some of the best fetish models in Europe and I will be shooting with some of them.They are very excited about the idea of visiting me here in London. We will shoot sexy & kinky videos and photos especially for you my faithful worshippers and latex lovers.

Photographers who would like to book me for an exciting fetish photo session for a joint project contact me here

London Mistresses Goddess Alexia in Latex

London Mistresses Goddess Alexia in Latex

Goddess Alexia in Dubai from 20th Dec 2012-3rd Jan 2013 – Celebrate the end of the year with Goddess Alexia!

Goddess Alexia in Dubai from 20th Dec2012-3rd Jan 2013 – Celebrate the end of the year with Goddess Alexia!

Call to make sure that I will see you and have a fantastic time with you!

Kinky regards

Goddess Alexia