In a constant search for this special Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, Someone…!

goddessHave you ever been searching and searching for your Goddess, Dominatrix, Mistress, this Someone who could really understand you, your fantasies & desires and help you understand yourself? The one who senses your feelings and knows what it is that you truly need, want and desire? The one who can take you further, deeper and fulfill that something that is burning in you so strongly ever since you remember?

You have been searching for a long time. Sometimes you encouraged yourself to go and visit a Dominatrix but it wasn’t really what you were looking for, it might have been good but not really fulfilling and left you a bit empty or maybe even very disappointed. After all who are you kidding, such a Goddess who knows you better than you know yourself and can take you above & beyond your dreams and desires doesn’t exist for real … she is only a fantasy … but you have been hoping, that maybe one day … maybe one day you will find this woman … this Being that you have been dreaming about and seeing in your dreams … and (if you are lucky, if you are very lucky) one day you did book a session, hoping for the best, after all the photos looked, as the English say ‘not too bad’… and the website looked  promising … like many of them in the cyber world! So you decided to give it a try.

The door opened … and you were greeted by her, you couldn’t see clearly as you were very nervous and not sure what you were doing there but your desire was stronger and you kept yourself cool to make a good impression. From the moment you walked in it felt somehow different, you felt it inside and you knew that you had found your Goddess. That session had a big impact on you and your life has been never the same since then…

Share with me your most amazing experience that you have had with the one Goddess Dominatrix, who made or maybe still makes an amazing impact on your life … Share just the experience, things that really matter to you during a session and you don’t have to write any names –  make it anonymous.

If you have not yet met your one and only Goddess, describe a session you would like to have that would give you the most fulfilling & life changing experiences.

I will be very interested what my worshippers dream about and also those who I don’t know because you simply live in the Antarctic and cannot visit London to see me lol 😉

Saying that, I don’t live in lululand and I am well aware that I am not a Goddess for everyone. I may be a dream for one but not for the other. As I am not a heavy-duty Goth-like, black domination, scary BDSM Domme, nor am I a sadist. To me it is all about femininity, the art of seduction and Mind Domination. Novelty and constant discovery of new lands of never-ending new experiences are very important elements of my domination. I have even created a new trend in the BDSM world that many Dommes contact me about, and that is Goddess Worship and lifestyle Domination where I take YOU into my world and we experience it equally, even though you are beneath me and I am on a pedestal, your Goddess to be worshipped, adored, admired, served and pampered!

I have successfully brought together many worshippers and Goddesses from different parts of the world and they are together, happy ever after 😉 … sessioning and otherwise, so you never know, I might be able to find one for you, if you cannot come to Europe. 😉

Now off you go… reply below  describing your most awesome session that had a big impact and focus on the most important elements and what you felt inside.

What is Domination? Who is a Goddess? Why are so many people drawn to it?

London Mistresses

London Mistresses

First of all I don’t perceive Domination as something abnormal, vulgar or deviant, as the mainstream media so often presents it to us. I perceive it as an expression of sensuality, desire, emotions and feelings. One should not and need not be ashamed of expressing these things.

The core of real Domination is Feminity in all its forms — it is a beautiful and special way of discovering and treasuring it. It is far from domination in the usual crude sense of the word — it is a form of submission in which the Goddess shows how and why she can subdue: softly, delicately, charmingly, mysteriously, she reveals her power. It’s not a coercive or brutal power, but something much more subtle that seduces you and introduces you to this fascinating world in which she rules.

Moreover, I think it is a very natural way to experience true Femininity — as a form of art and psychology.  When you have submitted to the Goddess, you can express your real self and your true personality; you can live in the moment of here and now. You also reveal your real self to me, which helps us both to create a deeper relationship.

The psychological aspect is equally important: beyond the sensual surface of my sort of Domination, your mind is also slowly immersed in the game, and this is the most important aspect of all!

Mind release — Mind Real Ease — and the sense of freedom!

Your Goddess is like a doctor who can see and touch your innermost parts; she will guide you gently and explore all your inner universe of feeling.

London Mistresses

London Mistresses

I believe that Domination establishes a deep connection, a flow in both directions: the Goddess does what she enjoys most while discovering how she and her worshipper can connect with each other, instead of playing a predefined role with predefined steps. Her worshipper feels himself being drawn more and more into her special world. Then every session will have its own unique chemistry and result in new discoveries of her worshippers’ own inner world as well. The relationship should be one of mutual give and take; both should enjoy it without having to play artificial roles with fake scenarios of physical domination and submission.

Now, for the practical side of it, I don’t like anything that’s rude, violent or simply negative. It’s all about femininity and that’s what I adore. I can make it impossible for you to resist me — the more you see of me the less you will be able to — of course in a positive way, in a way that allows you to express yourself as you have always wanted to and be the real you.

I’m absolutely crazy about high heels, stockings, sexy latex, transparent lingerie, and more importantly, intuition, mind connection and mutual confidence. All these things are what make a woman a true Goddess — her feminine power and her amazing intuition and ability to make you feel special and free.

So far I’ve said nothing about my dungeon and the marvellous things that I can do with you in our play together — but believe me, everything that happens inside or outside the dungeon will be transformed by the relationship we can create with each other.

Kinky regards,

Goddess Alexia



I am a Goddess and I love it! With a testimonial of appreciation from one of my worshippers…

Central London Mistress

Central London Mistress

I am Goddess Alexia Born That Way! I have created my own unique style of Domination/Femdom. This has made me a world-renowned Top London Dominatrix and brought many fantastic people to me. My style has also been an inspiration for many women, who constantly ask to be my apprentice, which I find both highly inspiring myself and complimentary. I am forever grateful for you my worshippers, for your fantastic opinions, reviews, testimonials and the business that you bring.

I am going to start promoting and teaching my sort of Goddess approach in the Femdom scene, where femininity is the highest priority and your mind is the playground.

Image 1   
Image 4

Here is the latest testimonial I have received at and my reply to it:

London, City of, United Kingdom    (written 3 days ago)

I know I already praised you … but every time I randomly end up on your profile, I can’t get off it because of your amazing gallery. :) I know you get hundreds of messages from subs and slaves that aren’t very original about how perfect you look and how beautiful and dominant you are. So I would just like to say you look different from any other Mistress, who basically look all the same, but you really have your own style and I love it … I can’t even imagine what the lucky slave who gets to be on his knees in front of a Mistress like you really feels like. I know I am a slave and exist only to obey and serve,  and that it’s ironic for me to feel proud as a slave, but I would be one very proud slave if I were to be owned by a Mistress like you. :)

Hello my worshipper

Summer Goddess

Summer Goddess

Thank you for such an uplifting, complimentary and super ‘specially made for Goddess’ message. Yes I often hear great compliments and read very positive reviews about myself and I appreciate them all.  Every time I get them, it is as if they were for the first time, because it feels so special and I am very grateful for all my worshippers. I am also very proud to have such fantastic warmhearted worshippers like you, who wish me well and appreciate my style and my unique approach to the BDSM scene and the whole subject of Domination & Femdom.

For me it is a gift and a special honour to be such a Goddess and have such a strong influence on others, not only men but also women who want to learn from me how to become Goddesses themselves.

I love what I do, and I have been doing it ever since I was a teenager and so have a lot of experience and have seen a great deal. The thing that fascinates me the most and keep me always evolving and reinventing myself is the human mind.

I love mind control, mind domination and complete and total seduction. I love using my powerful positive feminine energy to completely overwhelm and dominate my worshippers in my special, unique Goddess way.

Kinky regards from
Goddess Alexia

ps By all means write your comments below in the comments form…

London Mistresses and London Fetish Weekend

London Mistresses and London Fetish Weekend!

Yes London was very exciting last weekend as Fetish people were enjoying the fantastic London Fetish Weekend. I was most impressed with the great preparation and good publicity carried out by Mistress Absolute — she is amazing!

On Friday the new venue Protocol was very glamorous and definitely worth going to, while the main London Fetish Ball which took place on Saturday was put together not by one but by five!!! fetish clubs, all in collaboration. I love to see such great mutual support and cooperation in the London scene.


I was worshipped and pampered all weekend while wearing my black latex catsuit and my high tight boots.

Here is what one of my worshippers said about the London Fetish Weekend:

My Black Latex Catsuit“It was a huge privilege for me to be with our Goddess during this event. Protocol is a new venue for Femdom Fetish people and an excellent place for the Fetish Weekend. It is situated under several of  the huge brick arches of the London railway viaducts, just like the old Rubber Ball, where I first saw Goddess Alexia, marvellously beautiful and sexy in a long latex dress, surrounded by her many worshippers and hopeful admirers.

I have to say that she is just as beautiful and even sexier when she wears her black latex catsuit. And for me, to see her at a major fetish event, receiving from so many worshippers the recognition and homage due to a real Femdom Goddess, is the most thrilling thing about being with her when she goes to them. Most of the time I  worship her in private – it is good to be in a place where I can show my feelings in public with others who share them.

And I always have a great time when I can watch her dancing!

BDSM ACADEMY: International Academy of Domination – For COUPLES who want to discover & take BDSM to the next level & GIRLS who want to become professional Dominatrix Mistresses.



Couples Domination for an exciting relationship & Girls Domination for girls who want to become a professional Mistress Dominatrix !

Imagine becoming your man’s  Mistress, his Goddess, his heart’s desire, having him at your feet and making him worship you! Imagine the day when you come back home and your woman is waiting for you there as your Dominatrix, your seductive Mistress to dominate you and make you worship her.

Do you want to deepen your relationship, make it more fun and really exciting?

Or maybe you want to become a professional Dominatrix Mistress and enjoy a fantastic life-style?

Either way, I am here to guide you, take you into my BDSM world where you can really experience, see and hear how it is done and become one of the best.

I am a very successful Premier London BDSM Dominatrix Mistress. This is because I LOVE what I do and I am very good at it:  these qualities show in all my sessions, testimonials and independent reviews from clients and in every aspect of my life-style. Domination is my whole way of life as much as it is my business, and perhaps that’s why I have such a great passion for it.

Couples and single girls have both approached me, wanting to master the art of Domination and live the amazing life-style it makes possible.

Others ask me to teach them these powerful skills because they want to become professional Mistresses themselves and start to live the life of their dreams.

So I have decided to go ahead and open my unique Academy of BDSM. It caters both for domination for couples who want to live the life-style, bond more strongly together and bring more fun and excitement into their lives, and also for those who want to become successful professional BDSM Mistresses.

I have designed an exciting and clear program for couples, and an exclusive apprenticeship program for the girls.

Black_SilkWhen I see couples, I introduce them to the whole world of Domination and BDSM. I explore with them their fantasies and their boundaries, discover the motivations that have brought them to me and teach them how to realize their deep desires. Ultimately, it is all about the arts of fascination, seduction and captivation, involving Mind Control at every stage, since every aspect of BDSM originates in the mind and the imagination.

I already have a few London couples who are just getting started. I have made a customised program for each of them, with special extras based on my own ideas and their specific tendencies towards one aspect or another of the world of BDSM.

I also travel internationally and am teaching couples and girls in major cities around the world. So far I have called my courses Domination Berlin, Domination Denver (US), Domination Florida (US), Domination Sydney (Australia). Naturally, I will go elsewhere where there is demand.

When I am dealing with a couple, I first interview them together. We discuss their range of interests, what they want to gain from the course and whether they would prefer a short intensive program or a more extended one. If I travel to your city it usually makes more sense to arrange intensive training, whereas if you live within easy reach of London or can come there on a regular basis, it can be more relaxed. We also agree fees, terms and conditions.

Each subject requires a session on its own. For couples I have prepared an exciting and hands-on experience program consisting of 5 First Level Sessions, 5 Advanced Level Sessions and 5 Platinum Level Sessions.
Apply here

When girls who want to turn professional apply to me, I first interview them to establish their prior experience, their levels of skill and knowledge, and to make sure they know what they are getting into.

DeskBoth programs cover the major areas of Domination & BDSM. These areas include Foot Worship, Tie & Tease, Bondage, The Art of Seduction, Goddess Worship, Objectification, Tools & Toys, Fantasy Role-Plays, with some more advanced sessions customised according to individual progress. I emphasize throughout the crucial importance of Mind Control & Seduction, without which in my opinion every BDSM experience soon becomes shallow, repetitive and dull.

For girls, I have prepared an exclusive apprenticeship program consisting of:
12 Meetings – Graduate Level
6 Meetings – Master Level
6 Meetings – Professional Level.
Apply here

Girls in training will take part in my own professional sessions and successful graduates will be offered the chance of joining me in my team.

Girls who reach Master Level will come to my BDSM RETREAT with hands-on experience and ample rewards.

Girls who reach Professional Level will have priority access to my BDSM RETREATS and International BDSM Travel.

I look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to this new and exciting life-style.

Kinky Regards,
Goddess Alexia of London

London BDSM – Session with Goddess Alexia

Goddess Alexia - Premier London Dominatris

Goddess Alexia – Premier London Dominatrix

London Mistresses meet up to talk about their experiences and I like to share mine with you.

I love having sessions on a  regular basis in my excellent venue in London where I create a mind-blowing experience that one really has to live through to appreciate, as it is difficult to describe.

Here is a testimonial from one of my worshippers who has managed to put something of what he experienced into words.

“I had been meaning to visit Mistress Alexia for some time simply because her pictures were, IMHO, fantastic! But I needed to save my pennies first as she is not the cheapest by a long way . . . still, you do get what you pay for! :-)

The Juicy Details

I turned up to be greeted by Alexia in a stunning figure-hugging leather outfit. Her dungeon is in a very upmarket apartment and is very well equipped.

London Mistress Alexia in the flesh is as her pictures on her web-site – stunning! She has a definite accent (she told me where she was from but the next two hours wiped that from my memory!).

LeatherCatsuitAfter a brief discussion about what I wanted from the session (a light general introductory session) she got down to business. We started with some mild fem/dom and body worship (although I wasn’t allowed to worship quite as high as I would have liked!) and this was followed by some forced CD. Then I was placed in Mistress Alexia’s suspension bondage rig to endure some mild CBT and NT and the threat of her strap-on. We then switched to the flogging bench. Now I have tried mild CP before, but it has always just hurt and never really worked for me. This however was very different, with Mistress Alexia taking her time to warm me up before introducing me to various instruments which I had to rate (strangely, the painful-sounding flogger is not really painful at all and actually quite fun in Alexia’s hands!)

After this we moved to the bed and I was introduced to Electro-stim and Electro-sensory deprivation – a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, quite unlike anything I have tried before – if you haven’t tried it then Alexia’s is the place to give it a go. Shortly after this we finished off with me commanded to wank for her pleasure whilst she clapped her leather bound thighs around my face and buried my nose in her crotch – heavenly!”

I remember this session and it was wonderful to find it on an independent review website.

It is really great to know that my sessions make such an impact and make people happy and inspired! As one of the Premier London Mistresses, I am  completely focused on keeping the quality and creativity of what I do as high as possible!


Sexy Fishnet Catsuit Photos

I’ve just put 36 super-sexy new photos up on my members’ site. I’m in my dungeon, wearing a fishnet catsuit and cincher over black latex, with leather gloves and Jimmy Choo stiletto-heeled sandals. Go and look — and if you haven’t joined yet, go here! Then, if you like, I’ll wear exactly what you see in the photos for your own private session with me …


Your sexy Mistress
Goddess Alexia!


London Mistress – Goddess Alexia is in Geneva!

London Mistress - Goddess AlexiaLondon Mistress – Goddess Alexia in Geneva!

Just as I thought I would be in London this week before I go to Denver, my worshipper surprised me today by inviting me to Geneva!

Now I am in Geneva having a fabulous time, being worshipped and having lots of outdoor exhibitionist activities. We both love it here — we are living it!

You too — do something wild this week, something which will make you feel good and sexy! Maybe invite your own Goddess or London Dominatrix on a kinky trip or take her somewhere special. Of course you must tell me about it by writing here.

The London BDSM world is amazing and I can take it with me everywhere —  it’s all in your MIND!

A Famous London Mistress in Denver, Colorado

Yes!  I really love travelling and this time it’s Welcome America!

SExyI am going to Denver for a couple of “Fantasy Kidnap” sessions. I’m going to team up with a local Denver Dominatrix and use her dungeon as well as my luxurious hotel room. It will be FUN FUN FUN for all of us – especially for the worshipper from LA who has wanted to see me for years but could never make it to London. I have planned everything and he is certain to be overwhelmed – I love it! Doing what you are supremely good at is so satisfying …

If you would like to session with me and can come yourself to Denver in the 1st week of March, there is still time to arrange something amazing. Contact me right now here

Kinkiest regards! Your Goddess

Goddess Alexia in Dubai from 20th Dec 2012-3rd Jan 2013 – Celebrate the end of the year with Goddess Alexia!

Goddess Alexia in Dubai from 20th Dec2012-3rd Jan 2013 – Celebrate the end of the year with Goddess Alexia!

Call to make sure that I will see you and have a fantastic time with you!

Kinky regards

Goddess Alexia