London Dominatrix is calling on London Mistresses! Goddess Alexia is back in London!

London MistressYes it’s true I have been away for a long time because I am a very in demand London Mistress and International Traveling Companion.  London Mistresses and Professional Mistresses around the world have been calling me to join them for double sessions in Central London and I always choose You My Worshipper wherever you are! Because I love to travel with my worshippers giving them the time of their life!

Mind Control, Mind Domination, Foot Worship, Servitude, Role-play, Fantasy Kidnap role-play, these are just but a few of what I enjoy and the most important is that we both enjoy our time together. I really like to get to know my worshipper and spend a long time together – this is real empowerment and excitement.

Because I am a very popular London Mistress I like to be exclusive and extremely discreet therefore I have an exclusive group of my favourite worshippers who travel with me and serve me regularly in London and around the world. Therefore if you would like to be informed about my travelling plans and when I am available in London email me here.

About my latest adventure: I have been traveling in America where I learned about San Francisco Mistresses, Los Angeles Mistresses and California International travelling companions.

I made some fantastic friends, saw beautiful scenery and attended some red carpet VIP parties like Hollywood can deliver.

I am now getting ready for the film festival in Cannes as I am invited to a few amazing VIP parties by my worshippers, who happen to be in the industry, yes I will be the undercover Cannes Mistress. Maybe you can suggest a dress I should wear?

Professional Mistresses

Professional Mistresses


Part 2 What is Domination? Who is a Goddess? Why are so many people drawn to it?

London Domination & London BDSM

London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses

London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses

It is fascinating that there are so many London Mistresses, Professional Worldwide Mistresses and yet there is something about Goddess Alexia that gives a whole new meaning to the world of Domination & BDSM:

My Special Long-Distance Worshipper: his testimonial

“I would like to start my article by introducing myself. I am just an ordinary guy who discovered his inferiority to women, or some people might call it foot fetish, but I’d rather define it as inferiority to women, in his early teen age.

When I first opened my eyes to this world, I saw Goddess Alexia in all her glory. That was almost 13 years ago. I didn’t know what was special about my Goddess, but I knew that there was something about her that I couldn’t resist. After a couple of years I knew that I belonged to this world and more importantly I belonged to Goddess Alexia, even without talking to her. She was like an angel sent from heaven to me.

For most of my daily hours night and day I kept staring at her photos, and I was tortured by her beauty, dominance, sexuality and superiority. Just one look into her eyes and you will know that you are her worshipper.

PC_RubberHearts-027smI tried to fulfill my desire of being owned with another Mistress from the country I live in, but still I couldn’t get Goddess Alexia out of my mind. Till I found one day that she’s coming to where I live. And it was like my dream is finally becoming a reality.

I got the chance to meet her, and all my expectations were not in their place at all. Goddess Alexia smashed all my expectations and showed me a whole new level of superiority and dominance.

When I say that I was in heaven in this session, it wouldn’t describe 10% of what I felt with her.

Goddess Alexia was able to control my mind, soul and body just by her look. I will not describe my session in detail but all I can say that her moves, looks and attitude make you want to throw yourself with all that you have under her precious shoes. She really defined what is meant by Femdom to me. With her I feel my inferiority, and she can touch the very inside of me like no one has done before.

Thank you my Goddess for all that you have made me experience in the last 12 years even if I only met you once,  you still have had a big influence on my life, and for that I would love to thank you and be your worshipper till my last breath.

Your worshipper,


Summer with London Mistress Goddess Alexia

Hello my hot summer friends and worshippers!

I have missed you so much and I am very happy to be back in London. Yes you guessed it right — I have been away travelling with my worshippers in Europe and on holiday with my friends.

Trampling my foot-fetish worshippers

Trampling my foot-fetish worshippers

However I finally managed to go to Club Pedestal and as you can see from these photos I had a really good time being served and worshipped — the photos show me having fun in the trampling cage, which has always been a special feature of the club.

If you would like to escort me to the next party in July and take up the Fetish Party Evening with Goddess Alexia contact me here or call +447912179672 to learn about the rates and juicy details.

I have received quite a few questions about my travel sessions. I do love travelling and giving my worshippers a fantastic week-long experience or longer. They love it too! 😉 😉 The best way to learn more about them is to call me — I can tell you a lot about the sort of things we can do. I am also planning to go to some more international fetish events.

If you would like to escort me to any of these events either this year or next,  email or call me. Here is some more info about travelling with me: Travel with Goddess

This summer and autumn I am planning my very exclusive BDSM RETREATS in the UK and in Europe. It is very exclusive as I take only one worshipper or couple with me for each retreat. It is from 3 days up to a week, with different activities and role-plays. Do call me to enquire more about the prices and places. Due to the nature of this particular offer, I have a limited number of places.

Call me to learn more and secure yourself a place at one of my BDSM retreats:  +44 7912179672

Kinky regards,
Goddess Alexia

With Goddess Cleo

With Goddess Cleo

Goddess Alexia at the Fetish Party – Club Pedestal in London.

London Foot Worship

London Foot Worship

Yes it’s official I am going to be at this amazing London Fetish Party — Club Pedestal.

It is taking place in Central London @ Pacha on Thursday 29th May from 9pm to 5am.

I love FemDomGoddess Worship, Foot Fetish, and Foot Worship sessions and as you can guess, Club Pedestal is all about that and more …

I am also looking forward to meeting other London Mistresses and enjoying the London Fetish and BDSM scene. I am fond of public play & outdoor sessions as I am such an exhibitionist, and I love public outdoor domination sessions.

To accompany me as my privileged worshipper to Club Pedestal and have my full attention apply here.

We will meet at my place where we will session for an hour or two (depending on your budget 😉 ) and then we will go together to Club Pedestal to continue the session in public.

I have a question for you — what do you think I should wear?

Waiting for your suggestions …

London Foot Worship

London Foot Worship

A Christmas Session with Goddess Alexia, plus calendar/travelling update.

Westminster Palace

Hello my beloved worshippers:

Most London Mistresses and UK Mistresses are back in London and your Goddess Alexia is in London too. I must say that the London BDSM scene is really up and running. So many London fetish parties and events are planned for this year it is amazing.

Travelling02My great fantasy kidnap role-play adventures will take me around the world too this year.

How are you all in New Year 2014? Yes it is the new year and January is in full swing. I am planning new trips around the world to inspire my worshippers and fulfil their fantasies and dreams.

My first trip this year is going to be to Berlin in February, yes BDSM Berlin with Goddess Alexia is coming again soon! So if you would like to see me there book now using this form.

My next trip is going to be to Cape Town in March. BDSM Cape Town with Goddess Alexia! I will keep you updated here in my blog about exact dates &c.

I am also planning to visit the USA this year, which cities and when I have not decided yet, but as I said I will keep you posted.

Goddess Alexia Travelling With Her Faithful Servants

         Goddess Alexia Travelling With Her Faithful Servants

SquiggleMeanwhile, here is a testimonial and an account of a recent session in London with one of my faithful worshippers.

HalterNeck“Just before Christmas I went for a session with our Goddess, laden with presents of flowers, Wolford tights and stockings and some super-sexy Italian leggings I longed to see her wear, hoping that she would like them too. She did, and as a reward said that her Christmas present to me was that for this session she would wear my favourite latex dress, allow me to speak to her without permission and, above all, look directly at her while she played with me. Believe me, this last gift was very special. She doesn’t normally let you look at her for more than a few seconds before ordering you to stop staring! It is always very hard to look straight at her — at close quarters she is overwhelmingly attractive — and to watch the play of expression across her face as she performs some exquisitely pleasurable operation on your body is about as erotic as it gets …

So, wearing her super-tight black latex halter-neck dress and stiletto-heeled boots, she strapped me into the ingenious bondage swing that is a big feature of her second dungeon. You sit in it comfortably upright, feet off the ground, with your thighs supported and held apart by broad padded leather straps. Meanwhile your waist, ankles, wrists and neck are tightly belted, cuffed and collared, then attached to the swing so that movement is impossible and every single part of you hangs completely exposed and available to your Mistress. If there is any way in which you can be made to feel more vulnerable than this, I do not know of it.

Paradoxically, it is also very liberating — by the time you are fully strapped in you have totally surrendered your mind and your body to Goddess Alexia; she completely controls them both and they no longer belong to you but to her.

SwingGoddess Alexia drew up a chair and sat close to me. At first she amused herself by making the swing revolve so that she slipped in and out of sight as I turned helplessly round and round. Then she started to whip my nipples, cock and balls, at first very gently, with a succession of increasingly severe little floggers and short riding crops as I revolved slowly before her. Sometimes she stopped the swing and stood behind me, touching and squeezing me sensuously, or played everywhere with one or two of her many Wartenburg pinwheels. Later, she began to use the heels as well as the soles and uppers of her boots … there was no end to the things she could do with me, all the while smiling, sometimes laughing, in her astonishingly sexy way. Often she brought her eyes and mouth tantalisingly close, and yet she remained utterly out of reach. I strained in vain at my bonds and was soon in a state of wild arousal and frustrated desire.

After quite a time she gave me a rest. Then she fixed electric clamps to my cock, balls and nipples, and attached and turned on her Erostek 312, low at first, but soon rather strongly. This machine creates the most amazing effects, sometimes making tickling, tingling, almost soothing sensations, sometimes much stronger.

Making_UpWhen she saw that I was close to my limit she turned the power down slightly, sat down just out of my reach and began to make up her eyes and lips in a leisurely fashion. So I watched her, electricity surging through my body, while she slowly enacted one of the most intimate, sublimely provocative things that a woman can do with a man without actually touching him. By now my desire for her was desperate, almost unbearable, in fact so powerful that it could only happen in a BDSM session — that’s why it’s so special, for otherwise you would have long since assuaged your feelings by holding and embracing the person who had aroused them so strongly.

Latex GlovesMore was to come. She removed the electric nipple clamps but left them attached to my cock and balls and turned up the power. She put on a pair of long black latex gloves and stood close to me, her face now alluring in a new way with perfect red-lipsticked mouth and delicately mascara’d eyes. Then she began to play with me seriously. She pulled, twisted, pinched and squeezed my body, breast and nipples.

The latex gloves gave her fingers an excellent grip and allowed her to use her nails as freely as she wished. I sensed that she was really enjoying using me as her helpless plaything and was herself excited by the ever increasing desire that her actions and her looks provoked in me; she exulted in her beauty and her transcendent power over me. We seemed to be on an increasingly wild ride together. I was soon in a transport of pleasure which carried me completely over the top into that state we call sub-space where sensation becomes completely overwhelming and it is no longer possible to distinguish between pleasure and pain. My desire for her increased until it knew no bounds and I cried out incoherently. Before long I could not take any more, and she switched off the electrics and left me alone to recover.

It was fifteen minutes or more before I felt able to move and ask to be released from the swing.

What a Christmas present!

I have described this session in some detail partly to share it with others less lucky than I have been, but more to show why Goddess Alexia is not like other BDSM Mistresses. Most of them use harsh words and abusive language to assert their superiority. They believe that their role is simply to control and dominate, which they do by punishing, hurting and humiliating their supposedly inferior submissives, who must get some sexual and/or psychological relief from the way they are so badly treated. Goddess Alexia does none of this, although she uses many of the techniques of BDSM. She knows that she is superior and has no need to assert it. She uses her sublime beauty, her extraordinary appeal, her femininity and her commanding personality to overwhelm us and make us want and need to submit to her. Her great pleasure, in fact her passion, is to awaken our deep desires and feed them with the BDSM games she plays with us, so that soon we worship her because we must. It is a kind of adoring and submissive love that she makes us feel, which does not diminish but increases with time and familiarity. The better we know and revere her, the more she gives back to us. This is her truly great gift, which brings so much new experience, life-enhancing pleasure and real joy to those who are privileged to receive and share it with her.”

 One of my worshippers sent me this fun photo

     The worshipper who wrote the testimonial also sent me this fun photo!

Thank you my worshipper for such a great testimonial and I truly love what I do. Being a Goddess is my lifestyle and I was definitely born that way 😉

London Mistress – Goddess Alexia is back in London

London Mistresses - leather boots

London Mistresses – leather boots

I am sitting here on my balcony in Central London admiring the views of London; the sun is shining and the trees are colourful, it is a real golden autumn.

It is now the time to take my long tight high-heeled leather boots out and all those beautiful leather outfits. I have a really extensive wardrobe of leather outfits and of course a rainbow of leather gloves that are a perfect completion of every leather outfit.

I met some London Mistresses to catch up and it seems that London was rather quiet over the summer.

I was busy travelling with my worshippers to my BDSM RETREAT in Europe. I especially was inspired when I got a few requests from couples who wanted to learn more about domination. Domination for Couples is very special because it brings them together and deepens their relationships.

I really love to see a new deep relation being born as a result of our amazing and insightful sessions. Domination for Couples is a new way to learn about each other, rejuvenate the relationship and keep that fire. It makes you grow together and stay happy and excited forever. It is really a bliss.

I also had worshippers who travelled there with me to live the lifestyle for a while as this is a unique experience.

To go with me to my BDSM Retreat and have this unique and exciting experience contact me here: /index.php?p=m&idg=mg,7,19

Goddess Alexia in Leather boots

Goddess Alexia in Leather boots

All the Fetish Balls around the world are over and now everyone is getting ready for Halloween.

Where are you going to go this year for Halloween? If you have a chance to take me out on that day where would it be and why?

Keep me posted below and I will certainly announce a winner.

Kinky regards

Goddess Alexia




Domination in London, London Mistresses

London Dominatrix Goddess Alexia is back to check on her cats LOL!

As I do every summer I went away; this time however I went away with one of my amazing worshippers to visit my BDSM Retreat in a beautiful historical European town just a 2-hour flight from London.

The place was all set up and ready — I even had a beautiful painting hanging on the wall waiting for me as a gift from my worshipper. It was a portrait of my favourite actress Audrey Hepburn, how thoughtful and sexy    :) .

Goddess, BDSM Retreat

Goddess, Audrey Hepburn

We started with an intense session in the dungeon that occupies one of the rooms. We didn’t use even half of the equipment I’ve put there so far — that’s how many toys, bondage straps and bars, electrics and other things are available for me and you to play with at the new place. To cap it all, we had rather intensive and very exciting sessions outdoors every day while sightseeing at the same time!!!

My worshipper’s best friend (he’s called ‘Prick’) was tied up tight with electrified leather straps which were connected to a small box which he kept in his pocket. Guess what — this box has a remote control and who do you think had it?

Erostek_302You bet, it was me!!! It’s an odd box – it can only be turned off by me …

We also did some sexy lingerie shopping and I got some extremely enticing James-Bond-girl underwear which I wore for one of our indoor role-plays.

We even managed to go to a classical concert in a church where I used the remote control rather a lot … he said that it was an unforgettable experience which he is looking forward to repeating soon LOL!!!

We had so much fun indoors and outdoors that I am going back there soon with another worshipper who also wants to live the lifestyle for a while.


To experience this amazing fantasy world yourself with your London Dominatrix Goddess Alexia, and indeed have your most erotic dreams come true, email me here

BDSM ACADEMY: International Academy of Domination – For COUPLES who want to discover & take BDSM to the next level & GIRLS who want to become professional Dominatrix Mistresses.



Couples Domination for an exciting relationship & Girls Domination for girls who want to become a professional Mistress Dominatrix !

Imagine becoming your man’s  Mistress, his Goddess, his heart’s desire, having him at your feet and making him worship you! Imagine the day when you come back home and your woman is waiting for you there as your Dominatrix, your seductive Mistress to dominate you and make you worship her.

Do you want to deepen your relationship, make it more fun and really exciting?

Or maybe you want to become a professional Dominatrix Mistress and enjoy a fantastic life-style?

Either way, I am here to guide you, take you into my BDSM world where you can really experience, see and hear how it is done and become one of the best.

I am a very successful Premier London BDSM Dominatrix Mistress. This is because I LOVE what I do and I am very good at it:  these qualities show in all my sessions, testimonials and independent reviews from clients and in every aspect of my life-style. Domination is my whole way of life as much as it is my business, and perhaps that’s why I have such a great passion for it.

Couples and single girls have both approached me, wanting to master the art of Domination and live the amazing life-style it makes possible.

Others ask me to teach them these powerful skills because they want to become professional Mistresses themselves and start to live the life of their dreams.

So I have decided to go ahead and open my unique Academy of BDSM. It caters both for domination for couples who want to live the life-style, bond more strongly together and bring more fun and excitement into their lives, and also for those who want to become successful professional BDSM Mistresses.

I have designed an exciting and clear program for couples, and an exclusive apprenticeship program for the girls.

Black_SilkWhen I see couples, I introduce them to the whole world of Domination and BDSM. I explore with them their fantasies and their boundaries, discover the motivations that have brought them to me and teach them how to realize their deep desires. Ultimately, it is all about the arts of fascination, seduction and captivation, involving Mind Control at every stage, since every aspect of BDSM originates in the mind and the imagination.

I already have a few London couples who are just getting started. I have made a customised program for each of them, with special extras based on my own ideas and their specific tendencies towards one aspect or another of the world of BDSM.

I also travel internationally and am teaching couples and girls in major cities around the world. So far I have called my courses Domination Berlin, Domination Denver (US), Domination Florida (US), Domination Sydney (Australia). Naturally, I will go elsewhere where there is demand.

When I am dealing with a couple, I first interview them together. We discuss their range of interests, what they want to gain from the course and whether they would prefer a short intensive program or a more extended one. If I travel to your city it usually makes more sense to arrange intensive training, whereas if you live within easy reach of London or can come there on a regular basis, it can be more relaxed. We also agree fees, terms and conditions.

Each subject requires a session on its own. For couples I have prepared an exciting and hands-on experience program consisting of 5 First Level Sessions, 5 Advanced Level Sessions and 5 Platinum Level Sessions.
Apply here

When girls who want to turn professional apply to me, I first interview them to establish their prior experience, their levels of skill and knowledge, and to make sure they know what they are getting into.

DeskBoth programs cover the major areas of Domination & BDSM. These areas include Foot Worship, Tie & Tease, Bondage, The Art of Seduction, Goddess Worship, Objectification, Tools & Toys, Fantasy Role-Plays, with some more advanced sessions customised according to individual progress. I emphasize throughout the crucial importance of Mind Control & Seduction, without which in my opinion every BDSM experience soon becomes shallow, repetitive and dull.

For girls, I have prepared an exclusive apprenticeship program consisting of:
12 Meetings – Graduate Level
6 Meetings – Master Level
6 Meetings – Professional Level.
Apply here

Girls in training will take part in my own professional sessions and successful graduates will be offered the chance of joining me in my team.

Girls who reach Master Level will come to my BDSM RETREAT with hands-on experience and ample rewards.

Girls who reach Professional Level will have priority access to my BDSM RETREATS and International BDSM Travel.

I look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to this new and exciting life-style.

Kinky Regards,
Goddess Alexia of London

‘Fantasy Kidnap Role-Play’ Anywhere in the World by London Mistresses, London BDSM

London BDSM

London BDSM ‘ Fantasy Kidnap’ by London Mistresses

Imagine disappearing for a few hours or a few days from your everyday life and waking up in an unknown place with two powerful and seductive London Mistresses.

Kidnapping brings to life the magical realm of total and absolute domination!

Yes that’s right — I will arrange a real life hands-on kidnapping scenario.You will be captured and taken into this magical fantasy world for a few hours, for a whole day or even for a whole week — if you dare!

I can arrange mind-blowing Kidnap scenarios in London at short notice. However, the world is my playground, and if you wish to be adventurous I will kidnap you anywhere in the world.

The ultimate thrill is awaiting you, an adventure beyond your wildest dreams,
do it in this lifetime because life is too short to wait, isn’t it?

Call me RIGHT NOW on +44 7912179672
or email me at HERE for more details.

Watch the clip London BDSM kidnap role-play

London BDSM – Session with Goddess Alexia

Goddess Alexia - Premier London Dominatris

Goddess Alexia – Premier London Dominatrix

London Mistresses meet up to talk about their experiences and I like to share mine with you.

I love having sessions on a  regular basis in my excellent venue in London where I create a mind-blowing experience that one really has to live through to appreciate, as it is difficult to describe.

Here is a testimonial from one of my worshippers who has managed to put something of what he experienced into words.

“I had been meaning to visit Mistress Alexia for some time simply because her pictures were, IMHO, fantastic! But I needed to save my pennies first as she is not the cheapest by a long way . . . still, you do get what you pay for! :-)

The Juicy Details

I turned up to be greeted by Alexia in a stunning figure-hugging leather outfit. Her dungeon is in a very upmarket apartment and is very well equipped.

London Mistress Alexia in the flesh is as her pictures on her web-site – stunning! She has a definite accent (she told me where she was from but the next two hours wiped that from my memory!).

LeatherCatsuitAfter a brief discussion about what I wanted from the session (a light general introductory session) she got down to business. We started with some mild fem/dom and body worship (although I wasn’t allowed to worship quite as high as I would have liked!) and this was followed by some forced CD. Then I was placed in Mistress Alexia’s suspension bondage rig to endure some mild CBT and NT and the threat of her strap-on. We then switched to the flogging bench. Now I have tried mild CP before, but it has always just hurt and never really worked for me. This however was very different, with Mistress Alexia taking her time to warm me up before introducing me to various instruments which I had to rate (strangely, the painful-sounding flogger is not really painful at all and actually quite fun in Alexia’s hands!)

After this we moved to the bed and I was introduced to Electro-stim and Electro-sensory deprivation – a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, quite unlike anything I have tried before – if you haven’t tried it then Alexia’s is the place to give it a go. Shortly after this we finished off with me commanded to wank for her pleasure whilst she clapped her leather bound thighs around my face and buried my nose in her crotch – heavenly!”

I remember this session and it was wonderful to find it on an independent review website.

It is really great to know that my sessions make such an impact and make people happy and inspired! As one of the Premier London Mistresses, I am  completely focused on keeping the quality and creativity of what I do as high as possible!