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Facebook is great but the silly administrators disapprove of BDSM Mistresses and often disable us when they find out! Here are some of the comments my fans made about me on one of my previous accounts before it was disabled:

Black Magic

An older worshipper paid another sort of tribute to me by sending me this short poem on Valentine’s Day. It pleased me very much, since he has clearly worked hard on it. I have many different kinds of worshipper and I love them all!


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  1. Hello goddess Alexia i love your work and you make my heart skip beats because of your beautiful look, take care from your biggest admirable fan Gerry .

  2. Thank you Gerry! I’m always so pleased when my admirers tell me they like my photos – lots of them look but don’t bother to write.

    Think kinky things about me!

  3. I worshiped you for the first time on Monday and i haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since. It was my first session with you and it wont be the last, you are the 5th Goddess/Mistress that i have visited and none of them come anywhere close to you, you will be the only one that i submit to now, i just wish that i was with you now worshiping your gorgeous feet and serving you however you want me to. The session was unforgettable just like your beauty, if i could i would live under your feet. cant wait till i can come and see you again, you are a true Goddess. sincerely, you know who i am

  4. Goddess Alexia picked me up at the tube station. Just the start of a very sexy couple of hours. We started chatting on the short walk to her dungeon and I was immediately charmed by her looks and the way she good humouredly put me at ease. She has stunning good looks and figure which was emphasized by the clinging latex mini dress she wore. I was absolutely in thrall to her as she put a pony harness on me, rode me and treated me with her strap-on. I really can’t wait to serve the Goddess again. m

  5. Last week the Goddess allowed me to see her again. First she permitted me to buy her a coffee and we chatted as we walked the short distance to her chambers. Such a sexy pleasure to be seen with such a beautiful woman! At the start of the session, she grabbed me by the neck-tie I was wearing, and sexily pulled me towards her! Later, I demonstrated the 9 Positions of Correction and enjoyed my punishment. I must have pleased her in some way, because she did allow me a treat shortly afterwards. We also had a fantastic pony riding game, which I think we both enjoyed – maybe she’ll wear riding gear another time! I’m tingling again with the memory of the thrill of the session as I write this. Thank You, dear Goddess!

  6. My Dear Goddess. It will be a thrill, a pleasure and a delight and no doubt a beautiful agony to see and worship you again in in a few days from now. I will enjoy all of those things. The details are between you and me. Others can guess at what you have in store for me. I can only guess too, because you are the only one in control! Your worshipper, Michael

  7. I love that phrase “beautiful agony” – it expresses so well the complex feelings and sensations that we experience during a session with the marvellous Goddess Alexia

  8. That’s right. Beautiful agony only just does justice to the experience I received at the hands (and feet!) of the gorgeous and commanding and irresistible Goddess a couple of days ago I am practised in the 9 Positions of Correction, and that may have pleased her (I recommend worshipers also practise them), because after torturing and humiliating me, and making me submit to any and every whim she had, the Goddess rewarded me too. She is a truly lovely woman, in every sense, and deserves all the worship we subs and worshipers can offer her. I look forward to it again, of course! M

  9. The Goddess really has got to my mind, as she told me she would. After only three visits her beauty, personality, dress style, smell, exquisite pretty feet! I will perform all the positions of correction for her. She is so bewitching and commanding. Thank you Goddess, I can’t wait to see what you will do to me next time, because I know your imagination has no bounds. Michael

  10. My Dear Goddess Alexia gave me one of the treats of my life so far when she sessioned me in the high street and then in the park., and then in her chambers. To explain, she met me in a shop, looking stunning and almost traffic-stopping in a flattering fuchsia outfit. She tortured my nipples and nether parts while her face was close up to mine. We were in public, but I know she knew what she was doing, and it gave me such a thrill. We walked to a Japanese garden (I’m utterly under her control by now). She was the most fragrant and prettiest of all the blooms in the garden, and I know that mine were not the only eyes that were drawn to her. I am such a lucky and honoured worshiper of London Mistress Alexia!. Thank you! Worshiper Michael.

  11. Thank you, Goddess Alexia for my birthday treat! You saw me at short notice. Looked so glamorous and immaculate as always, marched me arm in arm(!) along the high street to your apartment, and then you changed into yet another figure flattering outfit. Can’t thank you enough. Michael xxx

  12. My Goddess Alexia of London met me at the station. It was a sunny, hot day, and she was dressed in such a pretty outfit! Sky blue, flowing dress and a wide brimmed summer hat, which covered some of the beauty of her face, but none of her charms. She allowed me to pamper and worship her feet and legs in public in the park, before proceeding to her chambers, where she gave me my severe and just desserts! I can never thank you enough, my beautiful and unsurpassable elegant and stylish Goddess! Such a pleasure and privilege to walk in public with you!
    Lots of affection and good luck to you!
    Slave and worshipper
    Michael xx


    Bitch-boy night

    It was bitch boy night at the chambers of Goddess Alexia.
    It happened once per month and the same three boys were always summoned for her amusement.
    These were not pot bellied gimp-masked slaves. These were young, lithe, pretty and muscle toned.
    Each one of them could pull beautiful girls.

    But they were enslaved to the heels of their Goddess.
    The ‘uniform’ was exactly the same every time.
    They arrive on time,
    Into the changing room.
    Then out they trot.
    All three of them.
    Chastity device securely in place.
    See thru knicks.
    High heels
    Handcuffed to the rear
    Posture collar.
    Little necklace with the initials GA
    Bob wig
    There was the routine flogging.
    And then the real fun began.
    “Penelope………… get your sorry red-striped little arse over here”
    “Yes Goddess”
    “Get into THIS”.
    ‘This’ turned out to be an inclined bench…into which Penelope was required to place herself upside down.
    The intention was clear. ‘She’ would get one heel on the cockshaft and the other other in the mouth.
    I hardly need tell you what happened next. Penelope was treated to a proper good heel-gliding.
    She shot, and because she was upside down it trickled down her stomach and chest and collected around her neck, where it split left and right.

    Then she looked over to Natasha.
    “Yes, Goddess?”
    Would you like to get out of your cock cage and enjoy what Penelope just enjoyed?
    “Oh yes please Goddess”

    “And so you shall…………..on one condition……Get your tongue ready and clean up Penelope’s mess”
    “Yes, Goddess” .

  14. Yes I was in search of a true dominatrix, a true goddess in my life.

    Yet I knew that I was not a true masochist therefore I knew that I wanted to be dominated by mind control. I wanted to serve under the feet of a beautiful goddess and I wanted to enjoy the feeling of belonging mentally to her.

    When I planned my visit to London at the end of August, I began my search a couple of months before. Even though this was going to be my first time in my life, I felt like Goddess Alexia was the one whom I have been looking for.

    I contacted her in April and continued to do so until August. She encouraged me to call her and tell her about my dreams, which I did a couple of times.

    Finally the day I was supposed to meet her in front of her apartment my heart seemed to like it was going to burst out my chest.

    I met her, talked to her, went into her apartment and immediately began to tell her about my deepest secrest and desires.

    She listened and listened and suddenly told me to get on my knees and began to worship her beautiful feet. That was when my dream began coming true.

    For the next couple of hours I was her doormat, her personal pedicure slave, her pony and her dog. What was more interesting was that while she was riding me or trampling me or using me as her footstool she continued talking to me and exploring my fantasies.

    I was exhausted at the end of our session but nevertheless I asked her if I could meet her a second time the following day which she kindy accepted.

    This is another post’s story but let me tell you guys one simple truth:

    She is the real goddess she claims to be, she is understanding and kind yet she lets you understand who is in charge from the moment you lay your eyes on her.

    I feel very lucky to met her thru the enormous internet world and to be her personal slave for a couple of hours. I don’t have any more dreams of belonging to a true goddess because I already found her…..

    I wish to be under her feet again very soon.

  15. Yes I was looking for a true dominatrix, a true goddess in my life

    Even though I have never been in the presence of a goddess, I knew that I should meet Goddess Alexia from the first moment I have talked to her on phone.

    When I knew that I was going to be in London at the end of August, I started to go thru the enormous world of internet and the world of domination.

    I first contacted Goddess Alexia in April and she encouraged me to call her by phone to tell her about my fantasies which I did a couple of times.

    Finally the day came and I met her in front of her apartment.

    She was gorgeous and definitley more good looking than her web site.

    She let me in, we talked and I suddenly found myself telling all my deepest fantasies to a total stranger. She listened and listened and then suddenly told me to get on my knees and begin worshipping her beautiful feet.

    From that moment I knew that my dreams were becoming true. For the next couple of hours I was her doormat, her pedicure slave, her pony and her dog.

    But what was more interesting for me was that while she was trampling me, or riding me or was using me as her foot stool she continued to tatlk to me and continued exploring my deepest dreams.

    At the end of our session I was exhausted but nevertheless I asked her If I could meet her the next day which she kindly accepted.

    This is another post’s story but let me tell you this guys:

    She is the real goddess she claims to be and she is going to be your real master of your mind. She is kind and very understanding of your needs yet she really lets you to feel thru your bones who is in charge as soon as you lay your eyes on her.

    I feel very lucky to have met her and served her under her feet. I am really looking forward to be her foot slave very soon.

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